18 thousand steps!

Wow what a busy week we have had so far. Yesterday we had a visitor from Dina who talked to us about Hinduism and Diwali. She brought lots of interesting items with her that we had a look at.

Today we walked 18 thousand steps to the Verulamium museum and had a great time. We visited the Amphitheatre, did some sketching, saw the amazing hypocaust mosaic and took part in a marketplace workshop and explored the museum. Thank you so much to the parent helpers that came along! The weather stayed dry and the children did Alban City School Proud!

Just to clarify about the spelling sheets – Every week the children will receive a spellings sheet to complete and should practise those spellings. Every week the children will then be tested on those spellings and need to get a certain amount right in order to move onto the next group of spelling. Please keep spelling sheets in the homework books for now until spelling folders arrive. Thank you for your support with this.


P.S. Please ignore the previous post about homework. This was put on the wrong year group’s blog