“2 + 2 is 4 minus 1 that’s 3. Quick maths.”

Congratulations to Sage class with this week’s sharing assembly.


In maths, the children have been finishing extending their knowledge of the 4 operations. This week has been focused on division (4 digit numbers divided by 1 and sometimes 2 digit numbers). As usual, the week began with ensuring understanding and developing fluency before transitioning to those favourite missing digits and multi-step  problems.


Author Gary Crew (The Water Tower) is back but this time with another suspense filled picture book, The Viewer. Year 5 have been learning the story and different techniques to build suspense in their writing. Next week, the children will use those skills to write various versions of ‘The Viewer’.


There is no maths homework this week. Last week’s world cup homework continues. The children should aim to complete at least one task each week.


Across this week, the children have been completing reading comprehensions in small groups. On Monday and Tuesday next week,¬† Year 5 will complete two maths assessment papers. These newly created diagnostic papers (created by the Herts maths team) will examine the children’s understanding of place value, number and the 4 operations. Each question has multiple choice answers to select. Please reassure your child during this time.