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Archive | 2013


We were delighted this week to perform our Christmas Play. We all looked amazing and sang so beautifully. We remembered to say our words clearly so that you could hear the story of Mary’s Knitting. Thank you all for coming. We also enjoyed a visit from Fiona who works at the Museum. She dressed some of us in old clothes and talked about what sort of toys children would have played with one hundred years ago. We liked the Wax Doll and the Clockwork Policeman. We enjoyed drawing the Knitivity that came from St. Albans Abbey.


























Busy Busy!

Well what an exciting week we have had. Our Toy Museum opened on Wednesday and it was lovely to welcome so many people to view all of our hard work. We hope that you liked our pictures, drawings and bags that we made. We have enjoyed making and creating during our child led activities. Apple Class enjoyed sharing their Assembly.




Apple and Lime have got talent!

We have been very impressed with how quickly the children have been learning the songs and words for our Christmas production.

During the week we have been creating number stories to support our knowledge of addition, learning to read and write our tricky words and have been using and applying our phonics to support our reading and writing. Wow!

Many Many Momentous Magic Moments

We have been practising all the sounds that we have learnt so far this term and it is a lot! We have been amazingly adventurous to learn so many sounds. We have been teaming up to sing our Christmas songs which has enabled friendships to flourish amongst the two classes. In Maths we have looked at measuring our toys, matching the quantity to the number and counting forwards and backwards using the 100 square and ordering numbers 1-30. We were very excited about the new library opening and enjoyed the stories shared with the storyteller.



This week we have been learning the sounds sh, th, qu, ou and oi. We brought in our favourite toys to introduce to the class; we did some observational drawings and wrote a sentence ready for our Toy Museum. We have been enjoying all the sports activities for Children in Need, especially when we had a visit from Mooie the mascot from MK Dons FC! We enjoy reading to Mrs Goddard and sharing our lovely work. We have had fantastic fun inside and outside.

Action packed learning after the holiday.

We have enjoyed reflecting on our learning from the last half term and have been proud to share our own Learning Journey with friends. This encouraged lots of memories and allowed us to think about how much we have been learning and what we would like to improve. Our story for the next few weeks is Kipper’s Toybox.


This week we have been learning the sounds w, ng, v and  oo oo. We went on a van drive around the school and practised our sounds along the way. We have been using the pasta, water and sand to explore capacity. We filled the cups and learned the new vocabulary full, empty and half. We used the pumpkin to do some observational drawings, imaginative discussion and described what we could see inside and out.

Blog Friday 18th October, 2013.


We have been telling the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff using puppets, masks and props. We have also been using the animals to show our understanding of positional language.

This week in phonics, we have been having fun learning the sounds for: oa, ie, z and ee, or. Whilst pretending to have a donkey ride we said the sounds and did the actions for all the letters that we have been learning so far.

Baking and bulbs

We have been storytellers this week using actions to help us tell the story of The Little Red Hen. Ask your child to teach you the actions so that you can join in with the fun of storytelling. We have enjoyed baking the bread but unlike The Little Red Hen’s friends we all helped each other to mix, roll, knead and shape our bread. Baking the bread and planting the bulbs with Mrs Goddard linked well with our ‘b’ sound. We have also been learning the sounds f, ai, j and oa.

The Little Red Hen and Harvest

The Little Red Hen story linked well with our harvest celebrations and gave us the opportunity to draw, write and paint pictures. We have been learning the letter sounds and formation for: d,g,o,u,l and had great fun exploring the contents of the glittering gold and green tray. We have been very creative making some amazing models and pictures. Look at this fantastic moon with thirteen different rockets all around.