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Archive | February, 2015

Homework Spring 2

WB 23rd February 2015

This week we would like the children to practise writing these words using joined handwriting. You will need to draw some lines in their homework diary.

When, what, went, would, could, should.

We will start this with the children at school so they can show you at home.


WB 2nd  March 2015

Over the next two weeks we are learning to write character descriptions. Using one of the children’s reading books, pick a character and list words to describe their appearance (what they look like) and their personality (how they behave).


WB 9th March 2015

Using the words from the last piece of homework create sentences that describe that character. Your child may choose to put the information into paragraphs using subheadings.


WB 16th March 2015

This week we are telling the time. At home, practise telling the time with your child. Use a clock or watch to plan your day.


WB 23rd March 2015

This week is Eco Week. Homework for this week will be given nearer to the time. This homework is a whole school activity.


WB 30th March 2015

Please hand in your homework on Tuesday 31st March 2015.