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Archive | April, 2015

Homework Summer 1

WB 20th April 2015:

Write about your favourite book. What is your favourite part? Why do you like it? Where is the story set? What is the main character called? Would you recommend the book to a friend?

WB 27th April 2015:

This week we are learning about symmetry. Go on a symmetry hunt. Can you find any objects or patterns in your home which are symmetrical?

WB 4th May 2015:

Write an adventure story. Make sure you include a main character and an imaginative setting? Maybe your story will be about pirates, monsters or even mermaids.

WB 11th May 2015:

Next week we are learning about capacity. At home practise measuring different liquids using jugs. Read and record the amount of liquid in ml and l.

Homework to be handed in on Thursday 21st May 2015.