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Archive | October, 2015

Autumn (term 1) homework – Year 2

Homework will be posted on the blog every half term showing you the day it will be discussed with the children. Each task will relate to an objective covered during the week.

Friday 25th September 2015: In English we have been looking at the tense of verbs used in sentences. Write about something you did at the weekend, thinking about the tense you will use.

Friday 2nd October 2015: In maths we have been looking at capacity using non-standard and standard units of measure (rice, ml, l). Find different containers in your home and measure how much water they can hold. You can measure using cups of water or standard measures (ml,l).

Friday 9th October 2015: In place and time we have been looking at different symbols that can be used on a map. Create your own map of a room in your home.

Please bring the homework books back on Friday 16th October 2015 to be marked.
Thank you