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Archive | November, 2015

Autumn (term 2) homework – Year 2

Homework will be posted on the blog every half term showing you the day it will be discussed with the children and the task. Each task will relate to an objective covered during the week.


Friday 6th November 2015: Practise writing these words; oh, looked, Mrs, called, Mr, people, their, could, asked, putting them into a sentence when you feel confident. Remember to join some of your letter.


Friday 13th November 2015: We have started to find out about Grace Daring and children used the internet to help them complete their own research. What else can you find out? You can use the internet or non-fiction books.


Friday 20th November 2015: In Science and Technology we have started to look at pushes and pulls. Find some objects around your home and show the direction of the force.


Friday 27th November 2015: This week in English we have been looking at using commas in lists. We have been looking at how we can extend our lists using noun phrases e.g. I went to the zoo and saw a cheeky monkey, a baby elephant, three fierce lions and dad hiding from the crawling spiders. Write your own detailed lists.


Friday 4th December 2015: Next week in Maths we will be looking at time. To prepare for this practise writing the days of the week thinking about spelling and making sure it starts with a capital letter. You could extend further by writing a sentence about each day of the week.


Please bring the homework books back on Friday 11th December 2015 to be marked.


Thank you