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Archive | 2015

Oh No It’s Not!

What an exciting week! Christmas activities, Winter paintings, Christmas cards, Christmas lunch and the Pantomime today. The children have been fantastic and really enjoyed the pantomime.

We hope you all have a wonderful break and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

DSC07419 DSC07427 DSC07432

All Singing, All Dancing!

This week has seen the children working hard to identify and use nouns in our Literacy lessons. In Maths the children have been reading word problems and deciding what they need to do to solve them. They have used a hundred square very well to do this.

Miss Mawhood and Miss Hesketh are so proud of all the hard work the children put into their Christmas production! We hope you enjoyed watching it as much as they enjoyed performing it.

DSC07365 DSC07370 DSC07368 DSC07378 DSC07380 DSC07386 DSC07373

To Find Half

In Literacy we have been identifying verbs. Children have been practising using them in sentences. In Maths we have been finding ½ and ¼ of different shapes. We are so proud of how hard the children have been working on our Christmas Production. The children are excited to get into their costumes to show you all their hard work.

DSC07345 DSC07361


Whistle While You Work!

This week has been Sustainable St Albans week. We used recycled newspapers to make a paper maché sculpture of our classes’ symbols; a hot air balloon and a fish. In Maths we have been problem solving using addition and subtraction. In Literacy we watched a clip of a bird who could not whistle. We mind mapped key language and created a story map to support writing a narrative for the video clip.



Terrific Time Telling!

In Maths we have been exploring time and using the clocks. We have been looking at ‘o’clock’ and ‘half past’ times. In Literacy we have been gathering adjectives to support our writing for ‘What I want to be when I grow up’. The children all came to school dressed in a variety of job outfits. We won’t be short of a Doctor or two!

My beautiful picture

Shop ‘til’ You Drop!

Wow, what a busy week! In Maths we have been investigating, estimating and recording the weight of different objects. In Literacy we retold the story of the events of ‘The Gunpowder Plot’. We went on an outing to the High Street to do a shop survey; we found that St Albans has a lot of cafés! Thank you to the parents who helped us and well done to the children for fantastic behaviour!

DSC07119 DSC07125 DSC07130


The Long and Short of It…

This week we have been investigating the length of objects using a ruler and recording in centimetres. We planned and wrote a recount of what we did in the half term. We created Picasso style self-portraits using oil pastels.

DSC07098 DSC07102My beautiful pictureMy beautiful picture


Funny Bones!

In Maths we have been using cubes to measure and record length. The children have been investigating the length of classroom items. In Literacy the children have been focussing on using capital letters and full stops. They really enjoyed making their dancing skeletons using scissors and split pins during our Science lesson.

We hope you have a restful break!


DSC07074 DSC07072




Wonderful Words!

We have been using thesauruses to find more interesting words and make our sentences more exciting. We used the words to do a piece of creative writing. In Maths we solved word problems that included addition and subtraction. The children made sure they found the numbers they needed and decided what symbol to use before solving the problem.

DSC07064 DSC07065

My beautiful picture

Ship Shape!

This week we have been identifying shapes and their properties. The children have enjoyed learning new shapes such as hexagon, heptagon and octagon. In Literacy we have been writing acrostic poems for ourselves and Harvest, using a dictionary to discover new words.

DSC06999 DSC07001