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Archive | 2016

Christmas fun

The children have had an exciting week in the run up to Christmas. They enjoyed singing carols at the church and our visit to the pantomime, which had plenty of audience participation!


In class, we have been investigating tangrams, as well as exploring some artefacts to finish off our Roman topic.


Homework was sent home today. There are two pieces. The first is a times table challenge that we are suggesting the children work on in 3 separate short sessions. The second is to write a winter poem, using the planning sheet in their homework book to help. Homework is due back in school by Wednesday the 11th of January. Have a wonderful Christmas!



Super Stories

In literacy this week, the children have been writing stories set in Pompeii. They have worked hard to create some fantastic descriptive writing, which has been a pleasure for the teachers to read.


In maths, we have continued to work on time, including converting between different ways of recording time, as well as solving problems that involve time.


In our art lessons, the children have all completed their sculptures inspired by ‘A Roman Triumph’ by Peter Paul Rubens. They look fantastic and the children are very proud of them. They will be able to take these home for Christmas.


Finally, a quick reminder that homework is due back in school by Wednesday the 14th of December. We will be using our homework books in class next week to complete and submit their fantastic 100 word stories, so please try to ensure your child’s book is in school on time. Thank you.

All Roads Lead to Rome

The children had their Roman day out this week. They spent time exploring the museum, looking at the large mosaic in the park, as well as clambering over the ruins of the Roman theatre. It was a very busy day with a lot of walking, so I’m sure they were all quite tired by the end of it.


In addition, the children began creating sculptures this week and they are all excited to finish them, so that they can bring them home to show off.


Homework is being sent home today and there are two pieces. One is related to the use of apostrophes, the other is to practise telling the time on an analogue clock. Both pieces are due back in school by Wednesday the 14th of December.



Sustainability Week

As part of St. Alban’s sustainability week, we were lucky enough to have staff from our local Tesco store come and talk to the children about food miles. The children thoroughly enjoying tasting a range of fruit, and were shown on a map where each item originated. They especially enjoyed finding out how coconuts are harvested. Ask them about it!


In addition, visitors came to the school from the Marine Stewardship Council and talked to the children about sustainable fishing.  They now know to look for the MSC logo on seafood, to be sure that it comes from a sustainable source.


Thank you for your support during this week.  There were many fruit donations that the children used to create an amazing fruit salad.


Finally, a quick reminder that Year 4 are on a trip on Tuesday next week (the 29th of November) to Verulamium museum.  If you have not yet returned your permission slip, please do so on Monday.  The children will need a packed lunch, coat and outdoor shoes on Tuesday, as they are walking to the museum and back.

Divide and conquer

The children have continued their work on division this week. We have encouraged them to try a range of different methods and use whichever they feel most confident with when solving problems.


In literacy, the children have begun to explore a story set in Pompeii. They have thoroughly enjoyed reading and discussing it and are looking forward to writing their own Pompeii based stories over the next few weeks.


Homework was sent out today and is due back in school by Wednesday the 30th of November. The children have been given two pieces to complete. One is a maths puzzle related to their times tables. The other piece is to complete a story that they have planned in school. The story is a mini saga for this year’s Young Writers competition. The children have already worked on their plan in class and just need to complete their 100 word story at home. Rules and examples have been provided to help them. We will collate their stories and submit their entries together. If you wish to find out more about the competition, go to:


Have a great weekend.


Hot and Cold

It has been another busy week in Year 4. As well as reading and performing riddles, the children have investigated Roman numerals and carried out a science experiment regarding temperature changes over time. A number of the children also completed a life saving award in their swimming lesson and will receive a certificate for this next week. Well done Year 4!


Gold Class homework was sent home today and is due back in school by Wednesday the 16th of November 2016.   Saffron class homework will be sent out on Monday.  There is a spelling piece related to the prefixes we have looked at in class, as well as a maths piece with some addition and subtraction word problems to solve.

Happy Half Term

It has been a busy but rewarding week for Year 4. This children have written reports about animals and worked hard on some interesting maths problems.  Both classes also earned their reward for this half term and got to enjoy it on Friday, after an exciting Halloween Disco on Thursday night.


Homework was sent out today.  There are two short pieces; one on homophones and one practising times tables.  Homework is due back in school on Wednesday the 2nd of November.  One or two homework books have not come in, so some children were unable to take the new homework home.  Please can all homework books be brought into school on time, so that work can be marked and new work set.


Thanks, and happy half term!


Research and Reports

The children have been doing quite a lot of research this week, using textbooks from our library, as well as the internet. They have researched an animal to write a report about in English, and explored Roman entertainment in history.


During our maths lessons this week, we have focused on multiplication. The children have practised using the grid method for larger numbers, which has been very successful.  They have also completed a number of times table speed challenges.


Please can all children remember that their homework, set last week, is due back in school by Wednesday the 19th of October.



Delicious Dishes

This week, the children have had a great time making Roman style vegetable soup and taking part in a Roman banquet in class.
In addition, they have spent time making graphs and looking at problem solving in maths, as well as making notes and writing reports on our new playground in English.


Homework was sent home today. For maths, the children are looking at graphs and interpreting data. For English, they are writing a short report on a book, film or T.V. show of their choice. It is due back in class by Wednesday the 19th of October.

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Sun and Science

The children have had a challenging but fun week, using money in maths and exploring solids, liquids and gases in science.

We also had our first P.E. lesson on the new playground.  The children really enjoyed playing hockey outdoors.

Lots of children have already brought their homework in, which is great.  Please make sure that all homework is in class by Wednesday the 5th of October.  The new homework will be set on Friday the 7th.

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