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Archive | 2017


What a wonderful week it has been!


It has been exceptionally seasonal this week with the snow, Carol Service and pantomime. Even our learning this week has been seasonal with the theme of Monty the penguin.

You can watch it here: https://www.literacyshed.com/montythepenguin.html

The children made their own comprehension questions about the TV advert before writing in role as the little boy or Monty. Finally the children made posters about how best to care for Monty.


In maths, the children have been learning about adding and subtracting fractions.


Homework was sent today with the addition of a link to a Padlet page. Over the holidays we would like the children to write a short entry about a memory, event or feelings.

To do this, you’ll need to download the free QRcode reader and the free padlet app which are both easily downloaded on a mobile device from the App or Play store.

Once downloaded, use the QRcode reader to scan the code on the homework sheet. This will take you directly to the Year 5 padlet page. For safety, all posts be will moderated before appearing live on the page and only Year 5 students will be able to access and view the page with the password printed on the homework letter.

Thor’sday Thursday

We would like to thank all the parents and carers for supporting the Year 5 biscuit sale and attending Forest and Sage sharing assemblies. The children used the biscuit company experience to help them understand income, expenditure and profit. The children have been suggesting ideas about how to spend the year group’s profit. We will update on this soon.


Usually, the term fraction sends shivers down children’s (and some adults) spines. However this week, the children have approached fractions fantastically and used their prior knowledge of equivalent fractions to help them compare, order and find fractions of amounts. Ask your child to show you their approach. Some have been using their abstract thinking and mathematical skills whilst others used bar models to help structure the calculations.


In literacy the children have written imaginative recounts about their involvement in a Thor’sday Thursday celebration we read about in ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. They have also begun recording themselves reading their recounts. During soft start, why not ask your child to show you their writing with accompanying reading using the Aurasma app on the I-pads.


With the cold weather drawing in, please ensure your child is dressed appropriately to go outside at break and lunch and for PE which may be outside on a Friday.

The Water Tower…

SHARING ASSEMBLY: Forest Class will be having their sharing assembly on Thursday 30th November.

BISCUIT SALE: All next week, the Year 5 children will be preparing and selling their biscuits on the playground after school. They have spent this half term developing their business skills and overcoming challenges to reach this milestone. Please show your support by coming and purchasing a biscuit or two.


“Should I stop? My heart pounded. Slowly and uncertainly, I turned…”

Year 5’s word of the week has been SUSPENSE.


We began the week by watching the book trailer for ‘The Water Tower’ by Gary Crew. After discussing what this story could be about, we read the first few pages to learn a little bit more. The children made predictions about how this unconventional story might end. Next week, some of their writing will be going on display. Why not come in during soft start and read some?


In maths, the children have been developing their problem solving skills through playing different games and completing different challenges.


Next week: Welcome to the Thor’sday Thursday Celebration and Final Initiation Test. Do you have what it takes to train a dragon? Will you be sent into exile?

Crazy Hair Day

We have had great fun today with our crazy hair. The class rooms were full of colour and glitter.


This has been another week packed full of learning. We have been learning about how authors create cohesion across and within paragraphs, this involves using adverbials and conjunctions that take the reader on a journey through the text. In mathematics we have been studying short division, as well as developing our fluency skills. We are designing games in computing and musical instruments in DT.


In order to make our musical instruments we need junk modelling materials. The children have designed their instrument and have been encouraged to think about what they will need to make it. We will be starting next week, so if we could have your recycling that would be very helpful.


Have a great weekend.

Dance for the stars!

Year 5 have been very busy learners this week!


In PE, each class has begun to learn a class dance that they will slowly adapt. As part of our citizenship and continuing business enterprise skills, the children this week developed their understanding of the terms ‘loan’, ‘income’ and ‘expenditure’. They used their loan money to decide which toppings they should buy. The children were also extending their scientific vocabulary to describe the properties of materials.


In maths, we have noticed how the children have progressed greatly this week with developing their understanding of short and long multiplication.


In literacy, the children retold chapter two of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ through a diary entry. The children sequenced events and practiced their grammar and vocabulary skills before writing.


Alan Sugar and Dragons!

During this half term we may find ourselves a developing mini Alan Sugar. In teams, the children began the process of designing a new biscuit business. So far, they’ve created a name, a logo and target audience for their new biscuit. This is to help the children learn about the terms loan, interest, income and expenditure. Each week the businesses will face a new challenge to overcome and will have to make some difficult decisions. Watch out McVitie’s!

Image result for decorating rich tea

This week, the classes have begun reading How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell, who has also recently written the terrific and magical ‘The Wizards of Once’. They’ve analysed the changing perception of the main character Hiccup and described their own dragon. Finally, the children summarised the story through pictures.

In maths, the children have been developing their confidence of using and talking about decimals. We have played games to help us: become fluent in using the vocabulary (tenths, hundredths and thousandths); order numbers up to 3 decimal places and compare them.

Homework was sent home today and should be returned for Thursday 16th November.

Dragons, Trolls and Unicorns

This week, the children have continued studying discussion texts. Together we wrote ‘Should Trolls be kept as Pets?’ and the children used this to help them write about a creature or animal of their own. Most decided that it would be reasonable to keep a unicorn or sea monster as a pet; maybe something for the Christmas list?


Within maths, we have explored different strategies to help us with mental multiplication and division such as partitioning and using our existing times tables knowledge to help us calculate the product for those we don’t know.


Next half term will bring some dragons, business enterprise, mysteries, dance and cooking!


For the first week back, please could your child bring in an item that demonstrates a texture (e.g. smooth, rough, fuzzy).


Today the children were given their homework (to be handed back on Thursday 2nd November) which includes 2 maths tasks and to write a diary entry.

Should dragons be kept as pets?

This week the children have been playing games and learning (by drawing pictures) the discussion  text ‘ Should dragons be kept as pets?’ They played games to help them understand some of the new vocabulary. Next, they will use their text maps to re-write the discussion. In maths, they have been learning about the properties of numbers including factors, multiples and prime. Homework was sent last Friday and will need to be in next Thursday 19th October.

Literacy and lamps

This week in literacy we have been enjoying reading a selection of poems about school from the book Please Mrs Butler and creating our own versions. In maths, we have been working on solving word problems involving all of the operations.

On Thursday, Transition Day, the children thoroughly enjoyed meeting their new teachers and spending time in their new Year 5 classrooms.

The children finally completed their Egyptian lamps this week and have now taken them home. They’ve been highly enthusiastic throughout this topic and should all be proud of their work!

Have a good weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

Poetry and PE

This week in literacy the children have been reading the poem ‘Please Mrs Butler’ by Allan Ahlberg and taking part in various performing and writing activities which they have really enjoyed. In maths, we have been working on both mental and written strategies for solving calculations involving multiplication and division.

It’s been glorious weather and the children have been practising their athletics skills in PE in preparation for our Sports Day which takes place on Tuesday 18th July.

School reports were passed to your child to take home today.
Have a lovely weekend.