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Archive | 2018


Homework was handed out today.


Task 1: Maths and multiplication

Please complete the missing digits homework about multiplication.

This is due to Wednesday 20th June.


Task 2: World Cup

This week, your child randomly picked a world cup country.

Using a double page in your homework book, please complete at least 3 of these suggested tasks (although, this is not an endless list).

This homework will be shared every week but is due on Wednesday 4th July 2018.

Ideally, your child will complete their world cup homework about their chosen country, however they may chose any country to base their work on.



a short recount of a football match;

football kit design;

a short biography about a footballer or famous person from their country;

pictures of building or stadiums from their country;

a report about their country;

recipe of traditional dishes (food) from their country,

the list is endless and these are just suggestions.


Please complete at least 1 task per week and be creative with how you record your work across your double page.

“Name that body part…”

This week, both Sage and Forest had a fantastic workshop about puberty.


Although the children were a little embarrassed at the beginning, both classes quickly settled, learnt a lot about the changes boys and girls will go through and were able to use appropriate vocabulary.


The children discussed and learnt about the scientific names of our private body parts as well as the changes that happen boys, girls and both.


Congratulations to Forest Class on your comic sharing assembly. Good luck to Sage Class with yours next week.


This week the children have been learning about short and long multiplication (multiplying 4 digit numbers by a 2 digit number). In literacy, the children have finished writing their biographies about a famous person.


Homework has given today.

It is due next Wednesday (13th June).


Task 1: Create a life cycle about a fictional creature.

How does it physically change? Does it grow larger or change its shape completely?


Task 2: Complete the maths sheet given out.

Mr Bushell’s maths group: (A) Circle the correct calculation; (B) Calculate the answer

Mrs Warner’s maths group: Work out the missing digits from your column subtraction sheet.

Mrs Parmer’s maths group: Work out the missing digits from your column subtraction sheet.

In the beginning…

This week, Year 5 have looked at biographies of William Shakespeare and Usain Bolt. We’ve studied the language and how those biographies were constructed.

Today, some of us used the structure of those biographies to help us research facts about someone interesting.

Next week, we will use our writing skills to create a new biography.


In maths we have been testing how much we really understand about column addition and subtraction.

We’ve practised questions, solved word problems and tried to reason with missing digits in our questions.


Remember! On Tuesday in science, we have a workshop about ‘puberty and human development’.

Here is some of the vocabulary we may use over the next couple of weeks:

puberty      hormones      conception       reproduction

testicles     penis             vagina              masturbation

mood         feelings         breasts             menstruation

erection     period            wet dreams      pubic hair

The Circle of Life

In groups, we matched Who? with What? and When? to make a lifecycle that shows how humans develop.

Bump, Baby and Beyond

This month, Year 5 are building on their learning in science about reproduction in plants and life cycles by learning about reproduction and development in humans.


This is some of the vocabulary we will be using this week:

gestation                      womb

conception                   foetus

birth                              baby

offspring                       embryo


So Much is Happening!

Team Building


What a great day!


A full day of activities has taken its toll and everyone is worn out.


Lights are now out and everyone is starting to settle for the night.



When waking up at 7am isn’t the same as playing outside at 7am!