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Archive | 2018


Homework was handed on Friday 14th December.

It is due back on Wednesday 19th.


Task 1: Continue to practise the spellings sent home. We suggest a little each day.


Task 2:  Make a 1 page poster showing what you know about Earth and space (our Spring topic). There is no need to complete any research. Just show what you already know through writing and pictures. Include 1 question which you would like to learn the answer to during our topic.

It’s behind you!

This week, we are revisiting biographies; practising our vocabulary and language skills; and completing research. Some of us have become fictional astronauts; some of us are writing about superheros; and some of us are choosing a famous or inspirational person. Next week, we will write the biographies showing off our new writing skills.


In maths we have been learning about fractions. Do you remember what proper, improper and mixed number fractions are? We have been use bar models to help us convert between them and find equivalent fractions.


We enjoyed our tips to the church and Alban arena. Our behaviour was fantastic!


Remember, next week our biscuit companies will be selling their creations on the playground after school.


Homework was handed on Friday 7th December.

It is due back on Wednesday 12th.


Task 1: Continue to practise the spellings sent home. We suggest a little each day.


Task 2:  Complete the grammar task.

You’re Hired!

Just like Father Christmas, our biscuit companies are ready to go. The lists have been written and everything has been checked twice! In the final week, our companies will be on the playground selling what they’ve created.


In maths, we have been finishing learning about the final operation: division. At first, we reminded ourselves about how to use short division. By the end of the week, we were able to leave any remainders as fractions or decimals.


Did you ever wonder how honey was made? This week we learnt about how bee’s made honey then used our knowledge of causal conjunctions to write explanations.


Next week is very busy. We have volunteers coming from Natwest to help us with another business problem. We also have a trip to the church for the Carol service on Wednesday. Finally, on Thursday, we have our trip to pantomime.


Homework was sent: 30/11/2018

Hand back: 05/12/2018


Task 1: Practise your spellings every day.


Task 2: Complete your Viking art work.


Task 3: Practise using the formal multiplication methods practised in class this week.

Writing from different perspectives

This week we continued writing from the SSE Maya advert. We became other characters from the advert who saw Maya on her journey through London and wrote recounts from their perspectives.


Although we found it difficult at times, we were learning about the formal multiplication methods. We started with short multiplication before beginning to learn long multiplication (expanded and contracted).


Our biscuit companies now have names and logos. They even have a target audience and final designs to be made soon!


Next week we will be completing an independent piece of writing and a reading comprehension in small groups across the week. Support and guidance will still be given. If you have any worries, please speak to your class teacher.

Homework 23/11/2018

Homework was handed out: 23/11/2018

Homework is due back: 28/11/2018


Task 1: continue to practise spellings sent home. We suggest completing the spelling sheet a task a day to help consolidate the learning.


Task 2: Complete the maths questions using formal addition and subtraction methods.


Task 3: How do Christians celebrate christmas? Share your understanding through any method. e.g. writing, art, poster.

Maya the Orangutan

This week in Literacy, we used an advert created by SSE as inspiration for our recount writing. It was all about an orangutan exploring London. You can see the advert here.

As well as introducing the use of a colon and semi-colon, we were having to develop our descriptive skills as Maya wouldn’t have known what all these wonders would have been called.


In maths, the children have been extending their knowledge about formal addition and subtraction to large, different sized and decimal numbers. They also developed their reasoning abilities by trying to solve some formal addition and subtraction questions where digits has been removed.


Homework was given out today.

It is to be handed in on Wednesday 21st.


Task 1: Spelling

New spellings have been sent home this week. Your child needs to practise them and they will be tested next week.


Task 2: ICT

This half term, the children will turn a news story into a newsroom video. This week, spend some time looking at different news stories (local, national, global) that interest you. Come with an idea ready for your ICT lesson.


Task 3: Literacy

Find a newspaper article and create a poem by deleting the text. This is called blackout poetry.

Image result for blackout poetryImage result for blackout poetry



In maths, we have been practising different mental strategies to help us add and subtract.


We’ve taken our first steps towards our biscuit companies by learning about some key vocabulary and making a glossary.


In literacy, we have continued learning about poems, however this week we have learnt about free verse poetry. Today we practised writing poetry on a topic of our choice and focused on using one or two different poetic devices (metaphors, similes, personification, repetition and rhyme).


Next week, we are looking at developing our descriptive skills to develop characterisation and formal strategies for addition and subtraction in maths.