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Archive | 2019

Super symmetry!

This week we have been identifying and creating symmetrical shapes including finding ways of checking how many lines of symmetry a particular shape has.  Did you know that a regular polygon has the same number of sides as it does lines of symmetry?

In literacy, we have continued to explore persuasive techniques and are building towards writing our own persuasive letters about the environment next week.


Welcome back!

Happy New Year and Happy 2019! We have been busy this week and are excited about starting our new topic “Light and Sound!” In Science today, we went around the school searching for electrical appliances and then sorted our findings into a Venn diagram depending on whether the appliance used the mains supply or was battery powered!

We also explored the school during Maths this week as we searched for parallel and perpendicular lines. We have talked about the properties of shapes and used lots of technical vocabulary.

In Literacy, we have started our topic of persuasion and have started looking at climate change and how it affects our world. Next week we will start to use more persuasive language to write letters about our thoughts on climate change.