A Day of the Dead Introduction

Last week we started reading our new class book, The Dead Family Diaz. This tells the story of a young boy who befriends a living skeleton without realising. Our aim will be to write our own Day of the Dead themed stories by the end of the half-term.

In Maths we have been calculating percentages of a number using the bubble method. By the end of the week we were solving real-life problems with great accuracy.

In Art we have been working on painting and learning new terms such as tint, shade, harmonious colours and complementary colours. We will be using this learning to create our Day of the Dead themed artwork later in the half-term. As well as that, we have discussed the responsible use of mobile phones and complete a series of Science experiments all about our reflexes. It’s fair to say that the children had a bit of a shock with test 1!

Quick reminder about our SATs style busters:

  • Maths – Due back on a Wednesday
  • SPAG – Due back on a Friday

These books are marked within the session so it is really important the children remember to bring them back.