Planning application submitted for Multi-Use Games Area

We can confirm that Alban City School has submitted a planning application for a multi-use games area to increase outdoor learning and play space for the school’s pupils, which will enable the school to deliver its outdoor sports curriculum as well as allow all children to play together during playtime. This will include the demolition of the disused Pemberton Building, which is located in the playground.


The school has undertaken a thorough appraisal of alternative site strategies, including the retention and re-use of the Pemberton Building, which established that the Pemberton Building is not suitable for today’s educational needs, therefore cannot be retained at reasonable expense and that the public benefit of demolition significantly outweighs the loss. Furthermore, a Heritage Report commissioned by the school states that the Pemberton Building is a poor example of a building from its era ​and in relative terms a building of low heritage significance​. To preserve some of the heritage of the site, it is proposed to re-use ​materials​ from the Pemberton Building to construct various features in the playground including an outdoor ​classroom.​ The proposal also includes a significant amount of planting to provide a high quality playground.


The school has consulted with neighbouring residents, Hertfordshire County Council, St Albans District Council, governors and other community stakeholders and their feedback and suggestions has been taken on board. Overall the majority of people consulted over the proposals were in full support and we remain optimistic about our plans.


The planning application can be found on reference number 5/2015/2423


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