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Dynamic diaries

This week in maths we have been exploring subtraction with regrouping.  The children have worked on a variety of problems including some missing digits problems!  Today we wrote some fantastic diary entries about the life of a Roman soldier using some specific key vocabulary as well as emotive language.

We have been busy completing our Roman mosaics this week using coloured paper.

Marvellous Myths

Welcome to the new term!  We are very excited about our new topic, the Romans, and we are just finishing putting together our class book of myths.  Come in and read them sometime!

Maths has involved lots of addition problems and methods this week.  Do have a look at the back of your homework book to check the column and regrouping method we have been learning.

Here are some pictures of our mosaics which we created using glass tiles.

Reminder: Homework was issued today and is due back on Wednesday 10th October.


Sports day!

Year 4 had a fantastic sports day yesterday! Great sportsmanship was shown all round and the children had a thoroughly enjoyable morning.

We are making good progress with our Ancient Egyptian lamps and will finish them this week! In pairs, the children made factual, entertaining and technically amazing information movies about an Ancient Egyptian topic of their choice! We really enjoyed watching them.

St Albans Museum

Yesterday,  Year 4 enjoyed a trip to the recently refurbished City Museum. Each class took part in a workshop where they were able to explore Ancient Egyptian artefacts and have some fun. Then we looked around the rest of the museum with a quiz to help us discover more! Many thanks to all of the parent helpers.


Drop Everything and Read! We had a wonderful time last Thursday celebrating book day. Our text as a year group was ‘The Great Kapok Tree’  by Lynne Cherry. It really made us think about the effects of deforestation and we each produced a descriptive mini-book retelling the story/ writing our own version. We also painted stones as animals from the story or representing our favourite author/book.

Some of the children have started sawing wood for the base of their Ancient Egyptian lamp, which we hope to complete in the next few weeks.

In Maths, we have interpreted and presented data in a number of ways, including bar charts, line graphs and distance-time graphs. Today, the children wrote fabulous descriptive stories about a woolly mammoth emerging from a melting glacier!

Sound, fractions and origami

Year 4 made a wonderful sound on Friday as they experimented with pitch and volume using different instruments. We had fun drawing some sound waves. In Maths we have been linking fractions to decimals and finding fractions of amounts. The children have shown great determination. In Faith and Belief this week we are looking at stories from Sikhism and how they link to our theme of ‘right, wrong, just and fair’.

Please remember that tomorrow is Book day. Please bring in chapter book and large, smooth pebble if you can.

Dynamic decimals

In Science, we have started to learn about sound and how it travels from the source to our ears. We made telephones using cups and strings and had fun experimenting.

We finished our Literacy explanation texts, which explained how different machines, processes and inventions work.

In Maths we have been adding, subtracting and partitioning decimals to solve different problems, using maths apparatus to help us.

Multiplication explanation

In maths we have been revisiting multiplication and division and looking at some new methods in preparation for year 5. We have almost completed our explanation texts to describe how different inventions and contraptions work and are becoming experts in using subordinating conjunctions! Did you know that the Nile is the longest river in the world? On Tuesday, we explored atlas’ found out the importance of the river Nile.

Ancient Egyptian Fun!

Year 4 made the whole of the school smell of delightful cinnamon yesterday! We hope you enjoyed the Ancient biscuits. We discovered more about how the pyramids were built and had a go at creating some of our own out of different materials. In the afternoon, we got even more creative and made Scarab Beetles, jewellery, dancing paper-chains and did some junk modelling. We even completed some pyramid maths! We hope you all had a lovely half-term and welcome back to the last half-term of year 4.

Mummifying cats!

After finding out all about the mummification process in Place and Time, we’ve created beautifully decorated cat mummies.  Come in and see them on display.  In maths, we have been calculating with negative numbers and looking at where we would encounter negative numbers in everyday life.

Homework will be set on Thursday and is due back on 13th June.

Have a lovely half term break!