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Divine decimals!

This week we have been learning about decimal numbers in maths involving regrouping, comparing and ordering.  In literacy we have been using our powers of effective description to describe different religious settings in preparation for our stories next week.

We have planned our pop up books and created mini stories based on electricity for younger children which we have been typing up.  We look forward to completing these next week.



Busy Bees!

The past two weeks have involved multiplication and division strategies in maths (which you will find at the back of the homework book).  We have combined our literacy and geography topics to write persuasive letters about the environment some of which you will find in our class rooms.  In Science last week, we predicted whether a circuit was complete or not and problem solved.


Super symmetry!

This week we have been identifying and creating symmetrical shapes including finding ways of checking how many lines of symmetry a particular shape has.  Did you know that a regular polygon has the same number of sides as it does lines of symmetry?

In literacy, we have continued to explore persuasive techniques and are building towards writing our own persuasive letters about the environment next week.


Welcome back!

Happy New Year and Happy 2019! We have been busy this week and are excited about starting our new topic “Light and Sound!” In Science today, we went around the school searching for electrical appliances and then sorted our findings into a Venn diagram depending on whether the appliance used the mains supply or was battery powered!

We also explored the school during Maths this week as we searched for parallel and perpendicular lines. We have talked about the properties of shapes and used lots of technical vocabulary.

In Literacy, we have started our topic of persuasion and have started looking at climate change and how it affects our world. Next week we will start to use more persuasive language to write letters about our thoughts on climate change.


A Roman Banquet

Today the children took part in a Roman banquet. This involved lounging on cushions and beanbags and being served olives, grapes, bread and sausages by the helpful slaves (the teachers!) In between each course we had some wonderful entertainment in the form of singing, dancing, poem reading and clowning around! We have packed a lot into our last week on our Roman topic, including drawing Roman towns and creating power points on the Chromebooks!

We have still been working hard in Maths this week and have solved some tricky problems involving perimeter. The carol concert and pantomime were also a success last week. We’ve had such a busy time.

Have a lovely Christmas break. Homework will go out today and please ensure that the spelling sheets are kept in the separate spelling folders.

The mystery continues…

I am sure that you have all heard about the mystery of Mrs Goddard’s missing cup by now! The children have been busy gathering facts and opinions in order for them to write a newspaper report about the missing cup. Today we will look at gathering quotes from teachers and selecting the best facts and opinions to go into our reports. In Maths, we have been looking at converting different units of length, mass, capacity and time.

The new spelling sheets are given to children every week so please ensure that these go into the folder that each child has been given.

Next week, we will be talking about Christmas around the world. If anyone has any knowledge of traditions in different countries, could you write a short letter to year 4 explaining any special or unusual traditions? This would really help us as we look at this topic in Faith and Belief next week.

Taking over…

Last Friday Gold class took part in  ‘Kids takeover day’ at the new St Albans Museum. Over the past few weeks they had been creating activities to carry out with Little Robins based on artefacts from the museum. We had some storytelling, board game playing, mosaic making and coin creating and Little Robins had a wonderful time. Well done Gold class!

So far this week, we have been starting our new Literacy topic about writing news reports. We have identified facts and opinions and have found the key features in a news report. Maths has been testing our multiplication and division skills as we have seen what effect x and ÷ by 10 and 100 has on a number.

Here are some useful websites that you can use to practise your times tables at home!




18 thousand steps!

Wow what a busy week we have had so far. Yesterday we had a visitor from Dina who talked to us about Hinduism and Diwali. She brought lots of interesting items with her that we had a look at.

Today we walked 18 thousand steps to the Verulamium museum and had a great time. We visited the Amphitheatre, did some sketching, saw the amazing hypocaust mosaic and took part in a marketplace workshop and explored the museum. Thank you so much to the parent helpers that came along! The weather stayed dry and the children did Alban City School Proud!

Just to clarify about the spelling sheets – Every week the children will receive a spellings sheet to complete and should practise those spellings. Every week the children will then be tested on those spellings and need to get a certain amount right in order to move onto the next group of spelling. Please keep spelling sheets in the homework books for now until spelling folders arrive. Thank you for your support with this.


P.S. Please ignore the previous post about homework. This was put on the wrong year group’s blog

Riddle me this…

We have had great fun writing our own riddles this week, ensuring that we include lots of excellent grammar and descriptive language. Can you solve Gold class’ class riddle?

In maths we have been investigating data. We collected some data and drew bar graphs and pictograms to present the data. Next week we will continue our graph drawing to present our science data which we are collecting today!

There is lots to look forward to next week as we have a Hindu speaker coming in to teach us about Diwali and our trip to the Verulamium museum on Wednesday (don’t forget a packed lunch!).

Spelling sheets have gone home this week and the children will be having weekly spelling tests. Every week the children will then get another sheet linked to their progress to bring home and practise.

Making history!

What an action packed first week back at school! We have been having fun problem solving in maths and putting our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills to the test when completing word problems and bar models!

We have enjoyed solving and performing riddles in literacy and had some very expressive performances! In Place and Time we have started to look at the Roman Numerals and look forward to working with them in maths very soon!

Gold class worked with St Albans Museum this week as they gave them ideas about what to put in the Time Capsule discovered in the old museum building. 5 enthusiastic members of Gold class were lucky enough to help bury the time capsule – they did Alban City School proud and made history!