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Half term comers to a close…

Brilliant ‘Bikeability’ – during the week, some Year 6 have had the opportunity to participate in this course where they put into practice all the skills needed to be road safe on their bikes. The 4 instructors were very pleased with each group; their listening skills and teamwork.

Across literacy we have been editing  and consolidating our understanding of the various structures and features of non-chronological report writing. The children learnt all about the hard work which the NHS carry out each week, including how it has developed over the last 70 years. They were able to successfully use semi-colons, colons, modal verbs and use of the passive voice.

In Maths, we have been developing our knowledge of multiplication and division using some extremely large numbers. It’s fair to say it’s been pretty tricky, but we’re getting there.

It was great to meet with so many of you this week during parent/carer consultations to discuss your children’s progress so far.

A quick reminder that designs/models of Mayan masks are due back that first week back.

We hope you all have a wonderful half term break and look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 6th November!


The Year 6 Team

Pollination Success

This week in Science we have been learning about the pollination process. Did you know 84% of flowers are pollinated by insects in the UK? The children created fantastic information posters explaining the different stages, and even included a labelled diagram of the inside of a plant.

In Literacy the children have been writing up their explanation texts with some great success. This linked nicely into Science as they explained different life cycle processes. There has also been some great improvements in presentation across the week.

In Maths we used our knowledge of factors and multiples from last week to support us when learning about prime factors and composite numbers. It’s fair to say it’s been a little tricky but the children have really persevered and done themselves proud.

A chocolate delight

This week has been another action packed week for Year 6.

On Thursday, we enjoyed our Mayan day. Here we became expert chocolate connoisseurs as we learnt how to eat chocolate “the real way”. We indulged our taste buds in chocolate all the way from Venezuela before having the opportunity to make some chocolate candies to take home. We hope you managed to try a few at home! We also made Mayan hot chocolate with one not-so-secret ingredient – chilli! We promise it wasn’t too spicy.

In Maths we have been continuing to develop our knowledge of fractions and have been working hard to identify common multiples and denominators. We will be building on this knowledge after half-term.

In Literacy we have brought together our writing skills and Science knowledge to write a fact page about the very talented William Harvey. In case you didn’t already know, he was the first person to identify the circulatory system and how the heart pumped blood around the body.

Hopefully the children have been singing our Mayan song we have been learning in Music as it has some really useful information about their history. This week we have moved onto identifying the chords of the song and how they are used repeatedly to form the basis of the tune.

Finally, in P.E. we have applied our knowledge of basketball to create some rather interesting games which we taught to the other children in the class.

Year 5 Update

Last week was an incredibly busy week. We have been exploring and planning our own explanation texts in Literacy based around the life cycles we have been learning about in Science. Some of us even had the opportunity to design our own weird and wonderful creatures.

In Maths we have been learning about the relationship between factors and multiples. We drew our own factor bugs and some of the numbers had lots and lots of different factors.

We were fortunate enough to have a visit from a Rabbi this week. The children came up with some fantastic questions and learnt lots when listening to the responses.

An inspirational week

Greetings from Year 6!

We really enjoyed learning T.S Eliot’s Macavity poem and exploring the different poetic devices he utilised. We were then challenged to create a Wanted poster as well as a Haiku, Cinquain and Acrostic poem of our own.

In maths we have been developing our mathematical vocabulary to describe numbers in a range of different ways.

We had great fun drawing an image from the Mayan creation story, inspired by Dan Fenelon – his use of colours really make his artwork pop!

We have made some great improvements in our Science knowledge over the last few weeks. We now know how the blood travels around the body and all of the useful components inside of our blood.

Year 5 so far…

We have had a fantastic start to the term!

In Literacy, we have been looking at biographies. We have had great fun researching David Attenborough’s life and finding some fun facts about him and his work. We have even found out that a parent in Sage class has met the man in person!

In Maths,  we have been looking at place value, decimals and negative numbers.

During Topic, we have spent time researching Scandinavia and their links to the Vikings. What were the Viking homelands? Where did they settle? What type of Viking settlement is Derby (think about the ending)?

 That’s all for now but we’ll keep you posted.


Welcome back!

What a super start to the new term!
We have been reading ‘Pig Heart Boy’ as part of our literacy, creating informative writing and discussing the moral dilemmas around xenotransplantation. We had great fun putting our debating skills to the test.
In Maths, we have been developing our knowledge of mental strategies and place value. This is really important to help us with our other areas of Maths.
During Topic, we have begun to learn about the Mayan civilisation. We were able to retell the story of The Hero Twins through a comic strip and even use their number system.
We are in the early stages of Science, however we have been able to learn about the circulatory system and the role the heart plays in keeping us alive. We have combined our Science knowledge with our artistic talents to complete a scientific drawing which was painted using water colours.

That’s all for now but we’ll keep you posted.

Maybe I should…? Or Maybe I should…?

This week the children have been challenging themselves in maths with two step word problems that have addition and subtraction in them. They have spoken about the language and solved them in groups. In literacy they thought of some brilliant for and against arguments for a dilemma when reading Horrid Henry. They took part in a conscious alley and used the information to write the ending of a story.

The children loved book day, especially the DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) part!

A Call From an Inspector and a Trip to Kew Gardens!

What a busy week in Year 2!

Thank you so much for coming to our fantastic production of An Inspector Calls and for all the time spent learning lines and song lyrics. We are so impressed with the children who worked so hard and did a brilliant job.

Our trip to Kew gardens saw us up in the trees and climbing over logs with a lovely picnic in between. The children behaved brilliantly and enjoyed walking around the beautiful gardens.



And Action!

In Literacy the children have been writing explanation texts about why people go on holiday. They have used a range of sentences including, exclamations, statements and questions. In maths they have been using number facts, such as think 10 and number bonds, to estimate if a calculation is correct or incorrect.

Well done to all the children for learning their lines and all of our songs this week, our play is looking brilliant!

Thank you to the Eco Reps for our lovely class plants!