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Maybe I should…? Or Maybe I should…?

This week the children have been challenging themselves in maths with two step word problems that have addition and subtraction in them. They have spoken about the language and solved them in groups. In literacy they thought of some brilliant for and against arguments for a dilemma when reading Horrid Henry. They took part in a conscious alley and used the information to write the ending of a story.

The children loved book day, especially the DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) part!

A Call From an Inspector and a Trip to Kew Gardens!

What a busy week in Year 2!

Thank you so much for coming to our fantastic production of An Inspector Calls and for all the time spent learning lines and song lyrics. We are so impressed with the children who worked so hard and did a brilliant job.

Our trip to Kew gardens saw us up in the trees and climbing over logs with a lovely picnic in between. The children behaved brilliantly and enjoyed walking around the beautiful gardens.



And Action!

In Literacy the children have been writing explanation texts about why people go on holiday. They have used a range of sentences including, exclamations, statements and questions. In maths they have been using number facts, such as think 10 and number bonds, to estimate if a calculation is correct or incorrect.

Well done to all the children for learning their lines and all of our songs this week, our play is looking brilliant!

Thank you to the Eco Reps for our lovely class plants!

Song lyrics

So Much is Happening!

Team Building


What a great day!


A full day of activities has taken its toll and everyone is worn out.


Lights are now out and everyone is starting to settle for the night.



When waking up at 7am isn’t the same as playing outside at 7am!

Day 1

Had a great first day! Adults are very tired and children are excited.

Some of us have had raft building, aeroball and Jacob’s ladder.

This evening, we enjoyed songs and stories around a camp fire.

Reading and Thinking

The children have been working hard this week to improve their comprehension skills. They have read non- fiction and fiction passages and answered questions that included retrieving information, ordering events and inferring the text. They have been building a deeper understanding of fractions in maths and perfecting methods to solve them. They have been looking at finding 2/3, 2/4, 3/4 and challenging themselves to apply their methods to fifths and tenths.