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Happy New Year!

Welcome back and happy new year!


In Literacy we have been excitedly talking about our Christmas holidays and writing  recounts of a memorable time.  We have been thinking about using adjectives, conjunctions and time words in our writing.


In Maths we have started looking at days of the week, months timetables and seasons.


In art, we have have been talking about Andy Goldsworthy and his natural artwork.  We have found it very interesting to think that his artwork might only last for a day in the outside world.  We are looking forward to creating our own pieces soon.


In PE we are starting to learn skills for playing tag rugby and hockey.

Happy Christmas!

We’ve had fun this week with lots of Christmas activities, but still managed to fit some curriculum learning in too!


In literacy we have been using pronouns in our sentences, and trying to recognise verbs and nouns as well.


In Maths we have enjoyed exploring 2-d shapes, and thinking about the properties of each one.


We had great fun making our Christmas hats and wearing them at the tasty Christmas lunch.   Thank you so much for all our very generous gifts.  All the Year 1 staff really appreciate them.


We have had such a great first term in Year 1, are all ready for a rest now but look forward to seeing you back at school on Tuesday 8th January 2019.


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Only 9 sleeps…

Well, the last week of the Autumn term is nearly here (only 9 sleeps!), and what a great week we have had.  The highlight for most of us was the whole school trip to the pantomime, Cinderella, which really got us into the Christmas spirit.   “Oh no it didn’t.”  “Oh yes it did!”  Year 1 behaved brilliantly and all the adults were really proud of them.


The hard work continued in the classroom though and in Literacy we retold the story of a little orange bird, called Whistleless, who couldn’t whistle.  We tried to use lots of adjectives and time words in our stories, and produced some amazing writing at the end of the week.  We still need reminding to to use capital letters and full stops in our sentences, sometimes.


In Maths we explored numbers up to 20 and recorded as much as we could about each number (wrote it in words, digits, said if it was odd/even, thought of a number sentence and cherry model for it).  It turns out we can remember a lot of what we have learnt throughout the term, which is great!


In Faith and Belief we enjoyed making Christingles and learning about what they represent.


Sky class first week of spelling tests has gone really well and it is obvious that the children have worked hard on learning them.  Remember to bring your spelling folder in on your spelling day.  Aqua will start getting their spellings soon.




Odd, even, odd, even!

This week in Literacy we have been learning about common nouns and proper nouns.  We know that proper nouns always start with a capital letter and we are trying to remember this in our writing.


We have spent the week exploring odd and even numbers, and know that even numbers end in 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 and odd numbers end in 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.  We have an odd and even number line up on the board, and are using it to count how many sleeps we have until Christmas (only 19 on the last count, but it is going down very quickly!).


In Art we created beautiful pastel drawings of winter trees, which we have proudly on display and in Technology we talked about on-line safety.  We designed posters to make people aware of the dangers of the internet.


We really enjoyed watching the Reception Nativity dress rehearsal and it reminded us of when we did ours last year.  We are looking forward to our Winter play in January.


Sky Class spelling folders went home on Friday.  Hopefully you will find them a good focus for practising spellings together.


We can’t wait for the pantomine visit next week, and to continue counting down the days to Christmas!



Guess the baby photo!

In Literacy we have been learning about verbs and using them to write interesting sentences. We have been miming different actions and guessing the verb.


In Maths we have found out about halving and doubling numbers.  We know that only even numbers can be halved.


In Science we have learnt the parts of a plant.


In dance we are enjoying a dance about the water cycle, and have been dancing in pairs and small groups, imagining we are water, rivers and wind.


Lots of fun and learning throughout the week, but the the highlight has got to be looking at our baby photos, guessing who the photo was of and discussing how we have changed over the last few years.  The children were all so proud of their photos – thank you for all hunting them out and remembering to bring them in!


Sky class will will be getting spellings to learn this week, so please look out for the folder and activity sheet in book bags.  Children will have individual spellings and on different days of the week, depending on their group. Aqua class will get theirs when Mr Wanless returns from his paternity leave.

When I grow up, I want to be….

What a great week we have had talking and writing about what we want to be when we grow up.  We have some very ambitious children in Year 1 with jobs ranging from an astronaut to doctor, an art teacher to archaeologist and a vet to zoologist (with a few footballers, of course!).  The week was perfectly rounded off with the children coming in dressed up on Thursday as their chosen career.  Thank you to you all for making so much effort for this.


In Maths we have been looking at a group of objects and estimating the number and also working out ‘1 more and 1 less’ than a number.


In Science we have been thinking about the various environments that animals live in – sea, land and air and sorting them appropriately.


The week has ended with Crazy Socks Day and the fabulous Christmas Fair.  What a great start to the countdown to Christmas.

Please remember to bring in a photo of your child as a baby or toddler for Tuesday.   Thank you!


Remember, remember the fifth of November!

Remember, remember the fifth of November… After all the fireworks last weekend, how could we forget?  In Literacy we have spent time planning and writing a recount of the Gunpowder Plot.  We have been trying to remember our capital letters and full stops and have used a variety of time words to add interest to our writing.


In Maths we have been exploring numbers beyond 20, writing number sentences and drawing cherry and bar models.


We have really enjoyed hearing all about the story of Alban in Place and Time.  We all agree he was a very kind to his friend!


In Art we made skeleton puppets, which can be seen dancing around the display board in Sky class.  We needed very good scissor skills as they were very fiddly.


It was a colourful change to all come to school wearing spots on Friday, in support of Children in Need.  Next Thursday (22nd), please come dressed up as something you want to be when you are older and on Friday (23rd) wear your craziest socks!  It’s going to be a busy week!



Welcome back!

Hope you had a great half term (it went too quickly, didn’t it?).  I’m sure you’ve heard the news that Mrs Boothby had baby Ivy on Tuesday.  Mum, Dad and Ivy are very happy and we send them congratulations!

In Year 1 we are back and raring to go, with so much to do before Christmas (and the countdown begins!).

In Literacy we have been hearing what you all got up to last week, when everyone planned and wrote a recount of their half term.  It was lovely to hear the children talk and write enthusiastically about what they did. In Maths we have been making equivalent values. using lots of different visual resources.  In Place and Time, the children thoroughly enjoyed hearing the story of St Alban and drawing the six main parts and in PE we have started learning an African dance which is very energetic and tired us all out.  It was great fun though and we look forward to learning more of it next week.

You should all have received your child’s individual Christmas card design order form.  Year 1’s angel’s are so cute!  Please get your order forms and money back in the yellow PTA box by Tuesday (it’s a very quick turn around).

At school we love to learn – We always wait for our turn!

What a busy week we’ve had!  In literacy we have been writing rhyming couplets about school.  This was a challenge, but we all did really well. In maths we have been working out the difference between two numbers, using lots of different resources.  We had a fantastic time walking to the Cathedral through town, and drawing the detail of the beautiful building.  We were very well-behaved and our teachers were proud of us!  Thank you to all of the adults who came along and helped.

After half term, the school will be using a new spelling programme. Spelling activities will be sent home and these will be linked to each child’s needs.

We hope you all have a great half term break, and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 6th November. 

The Cat in the Hat. How about that?

We said ‘au revoir’ to Mrs Boothby this week, wish her lots of luck and will miss her.  We hope she gets a well-deserved rest in before Baby Boothby arrives! But the work in Sky and Aqua must go on, and in Literacy we have been poets by creating rhyming ladders and reading lots of Dr Seuss stories.  In Maths we have been using the bar-model to visualise our addition and subtraction number sentences.  In Faith and Belief we have been considering how to care for our world and what the best thing about our world is.  Look out for our for our amazing, colourful Picasso style portraits.  We loved creating these and are very proud of them.  We can’t wait for our visit to the Cathedral next Tuesday to do some observational drawings.  Thank you to all the parents who have offered to help.