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Once Upon a Time…

In Literacy we have been planning a story. We then focussed on writing the beginning of our story; using adjectives to describe the setting and the characters. In Maths we have been finding equivalent totals using the dominos. In Science we looked at Esafety and how to keep personal information safe.


It’s Electrifying!

In Literacy we have been reflecting on our year and what we have achieved. In Maths we have been problem solving using division. We have been predicting, experimenting and evaluating with the electrical circuits.

I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff…

We had a visit from The Big Bad Wolf but our school was too strong to blow down! We have been reading ‘The True Story of The Three Little Pigs’; we became the wolf to write diary entries. We have been investigating scaling using repeated addition and multiplication. . We did observational drawings from the window.     




‘Not by the Hair on My Chinny, Chinny Chin!’

In Maths we have been solving problems using multiplication and scaling. We have been ordering and retelling the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. In Science we identified different types of electrical items. We thought about what type of electricity we use the most and why.



Home Is…

We have been writing acrostic poems for our home. In Maths we have been exploring multiplication arrays; focussing on key language and different ways of recording. In Art we recreated artwork by Van Gogh. In Phonics we have been looking at adding ‘ed’. ‘ing’ and ‘es’ to words.



Happy Homes!

In Maths we have been looking at multiplication through repeated addition. In Literacy we have been writing rhyming poems about our homes. We used charcoal to create different buildings from around the world. We have been preparing for the Phonics Screener; the sounds/spellings we focussed on this week: aw, air, ie, ue and split digraphs.




Planting Power!

As it is Sustainable Week we have been planting beans, tomatoes and peas in recycled pots. In Maths we have been sharing equal and unequal amounts. In Literacy we have been gathering language in preparation for writing our stories. We created our bedrooms in the style of Van Gogh. We used the laptops to present data using tally charts, bar charts and pictograms.


Balancing Act

In Maths we have been exploring different ways of measuring. We used a ruler to measure the length of objects. We used the scales to measure with non-standard and standard units of measure. In Literacy we have been preparing to write our own stories; we gathered language and created story maps. Our topic this term is Houses and Homes.

Next week is Sustainable St Albans Week! Please bring in plastic pots (e.g. yogurt pots, plastic tubs) for us to plant with.

Splash Splosh!

In Maths we have been learning about volume and capacity. We enjoyed investigating how much water different containers can hold. In Literacy we have been writing stories. We will be making chocolate nests for our treat this week. Sport Relief was a success and we completed many challenges.



Read All About It!

In Maths we have been investigating different coins to use to make an amount. We used Cuisenaire rods to show the total. In Literacy we have been writing newspaper reports for ‘The Great Paper Caper’. We identified symbols of Easter and what they represent.