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Ahoy there!

Welcome back!

Thank you to the families that supported reading at home over the Easter holidays. We hope you had a good Easter break. This week the children went on a hunt to find clues. The clues formed a sentence that led them to some hidden treasure. Who left it there?! The children are now very excited about our new topic; Adventures. In Numeracy we have been halving shapes and quantities. This week we have also been revising identifying words that rhyme and creating ‘rhyming strings’. We have been focusing on words with digraphs and/or clusters and longer words, for example words with more than one syllable.


Sharing is Caring!

This week the children have been exploring the concept of sharing practically in Maths. They have also begun to record their workings when solving different division number sentences. This included drawing models to represent how they had been sharing practically. In Literacy we have had small groups of children reading an interactive story about ‘Paula the Vet.’ We focused on the children’s comprehension and rhyming skills. Tomorrow they will watch a video clip about a Veterinarian being interviewed. They will then write a sentence about something they learnt.


We did it again!

We are pleased to announce that the netball team won their match by 3-2 this afternoon against St.Peter’s School.

St.Peter’s hosted the match and we were impressed by their good sportsmanship. They also chose Scarlett as our player of the match, who plays goal attack. Thank you so much to the parents, aka paparazzi! – what a great turn out! Your support means a lot to the children.

Netball Match Result

We are pleased to share that we had our first non-league netball match this afternoon against Maple Primary School. Both teams played really well, with Alban City School winning 7-5.  Well done to all who played and thank you to our spectators.

International Week

Thank you to those of you who attended the Art Exhibition in the hall Friday after school and this morning.

International Week was really successful. Reception focussed on Mali, in Africa. They made clay replicas of the Djenné Mosque and reproduced a piece of artwork called ‘Les Marcheurs’ (The Walkers), by Malian textile based artist Abdoulaye Konaté. We were also wowed by their artwork produced during the parent workshops, including Pablo Picasso inspired portraits and Panda enclosures.

Busy Bees…

This week the children completed some unaided writing. They were given a picture linked to our topic; 999 Emergency and then responded independently. We are really proud of their application of phonics and developing sentence writing. In Maths we have linked learning to ICT (information, communication and technology) and CAL (communication and language). We have been extending the children’s positional vocabulary and language. They used coding skills to set instructions for directions using software. The iPad application we used is called Beebots. Next week the children will be programming bee robots. This will allow them to apply their skills using hardware.

Please continue to practise Phonics using the sound cards and high frequency word list sent home during parent consultations. Thank you for your continued support with hearing your children read as much as possible at home. As we have said before it really shows when they get the extra practice in. The writing this week is a wonderful example.

Wonderful Writing!

The children have really impressed us this week with their writing skills. As you will know from the feedback at parents evening we are working on the use of digraphs when reading and writing. The children have already began to apply the use of digraphs in their writing. They are developing their independence by segmenting words for spelling verbally first and then using a ‘sound mat’ to find the corresponding digraphs. The children created sentences in a response to a story called ‘Flood’. You can read this story online at the Oxford Owl Reading Website.


Clever Caterpillars!

Recently we have been focusing on the formation of letters. We are encouraging; the correct pencil grip, ‘starting letters from the top’,  retracing vertical lines (‘not taking the pencil off the page’), sitting the letters on the line and clear letter distinction (size).

We have also introduced letter families to the children. You will receive a handout about these at parents evening next week. The children are most familiar with ‘curly caterpillar letters’. These are displayed in the photo below from one of our pupils.


Welcome back!

Thank you to everyone who found time to hear their children read over Christmas. We really see the impact in class.

This week the children had their first French lesson. They were very excited! In Maths we have been solving simple subtraction practically using dice and counters. The children have also began to record their number sentences. In Literacy we listened to a sound clip of an emergency. The children then had to think about what they had heard. They made responses through drawings and discussion. This has introduced our new topic; 999 Emergency! We have noticed that the children need a push with handwriting and letter formation. We will be focusing more on this as we continue to deliver the curriculum.

Digraphs: ch/chick, sh/sheep, th/thumb, ng/strong, qu/queen, ai/rain, ee/tree, ie/pie, oa/goat, oo/oo book/boot, ar/star, or/fork, ur/turnip, ow/cow, oi/boil, er/pepper

Trigraphs: igh/ light, ear/ hear, air/ hair, ure/ pure

Tricky words: I, no, the, to, go, into, he, she, we, me, be, you, are, her, was, all, they, my


Oh no it’s not…

Christmas is upon us… oh yes it is…. this term has flown by! The children really enjoyed the school trip to the panto. They were so well behaved that the staff at Alban Arena complimented us all. This week the children made some lovely paintings during their Child Initiated Learning using watercolour paints and some beautiful tree decorations that we hope are currently hanging on your trees at home. We have also spent time with the children teaching them to play in teams, for example using board games. This helps with many learning opportunities, but also developing friendships.

We have collected their reading books (Friday), ready to send new books, alongside some suggested learning activities (that you may wish to do), to take home over the holidays. The information also shows you what we have covered in Phonics. Everything will be sent home Monday. Please remember that Reception classes will be dismissed at 1.25pm on Tuesday.

Thank you for all your continued support.