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Homework was given today.

It is due back on Wednesday 14th.


*NEW* Task 1: This week your child completed a spelling diagnostic. This helped us identify gaps in their spelling knowledge.

Each week, your child will receive a spelling list and activity to complete and practise at home. The following week, they will be tested at school. If this test identifies they need more practise, they will continue with the same words for another week. However if this gap has now been addressed, they will move on to the next rule.

This is in addition to Year 5 spelling lessons at school throughout the week. We hope you agree that this more personalised approach will help improve your child’s spelling by targeting their gaps.


Task 2: To help us create inspiring biscuit companies, we need you to look at some biscuit designs. You can use the internet, look in shops or even find ones at home. Draw them. Photograph them. Record why you would buy them.


Task 3: Research an animal and how it has adapted to living in its habitat.

For example: camels in the desert; sloths in the rainforest; or sharks in the ocean.



Where did Vikings Live? What did they wear?

This week we have been looking at how the Vikings built their homes and what they would have been like inside.

We’ve also discussed which jobs Viking males and females would have had and how roles have changed over time.


In maths, we’ve been exploring different problems and how to find a starting point.


Linked to Remembrance Sunday, we have discovered the patterns within a Cinquain (san-cane) and are developing our own poems linked to WW1.


Next week, we will begin the process of creating our own biscuit companies!

October Half Term Homework

Sent Home: Friday 26th October

Due Back: Wednesday 7th November


Task 1: Family Time

Please take a photo or draw a picture of something you did over the half term. Write a paragraph about what happened and use brackets, dashes and commas to help create relative clauses.

e.g. After I had my tea, I went out knocking on stranger’s doors with a tap, tap, tap. One door (which was covered in cob-webs) opened with a creak.


Task 2: Reading

Continue to read everyday. Create a book review about what you’ve read.


Task 3: Art

Before our art unit next half term, we would like you to research about Norse art. How you present this, is up to you (for example: a mood board, a piece of art or a poster).

How to…

This week we have been learning about 4 and 6-digit grid references. In geography, we used maps to write grid references for places and found places using grid references given to us. We used this knowledge to create instructions about how to read them. Our writing included time and prepositional phrases, adverbs and some of us even included relative clauses and semi-colons in a list.


In maths, we’ve been developing our knowledge about prime and composite numbers. We also learnt about how to tell if a large number was a multiple of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10.


Three homework tasks were sent today and is due back on Wednesday 7th November.



After half term, we will be sending home spellings weekly. Spellings (which are based on rules), will be matched to your child’s spelling ability. Each week, a set will be sent home then tested a week later. When they are ready, your child will move on to the next stage. Year 5 spelling rules will continue to be taught in class across the week. If you have any worries or questions, please speak to your child’s class teacher.


Have a great half-term break.

My Summer Holiday Bucket List Challenge

How many can you complete over the summer holidays?

Please bring in a photo of you completing one of these activities on the first day back. This will be placed on display in the classroom. Be prepared to talk about your photo and the activities you completed.


  1. Build a sandcastle.
  2. Read a book in a unique and interesting place.
  3. Have a picnic.
  4. Have a water fight.
  5. Make lunch for someone else.
  6. Make your own ice lolly.
  7. Visit a museum.
  8. Complete the Summer Reading Challenge.
  9. Build something as tall as you.
  10. Make your own ice-cream sundae.

Sports Day

We would like to thank all the staff who helped  set up and run the events so smoothly. The children were amazing with their participation and achievements. Thank you to all the parents and families who came to support the children also.


This year, Phase Three were earning points for their colour team through participation and achievement in each event.


Year 4 earned:

Blue 386 points; Red 425 points and Yellow 451 points.


Year 5 earned:

Blue 427 points; Red 458 points and Yellow 371 points.


Phase Three champions are the RED TEAM.

(1st Red 883 points; 2nd Yellow 822 points; 3rd Blue 813 points)


Year 5 have been working hard with the new Spelling Shed! It is so pleasing to see the children excited.


The spelling rule -cious has been our focus this week. When the root word ends in ‘ce’ like ‘space’, we usually drop the ‘e’ and put ‘ious’. Some children have also been given extra lists to practice based on errors seen in their writing.


Maths homework was given today. The children will need to use their fraction equivalence knowledge to help add and subtract within these problems. This is due back on Wednesday 18th July.


Remember, the Summer Reading Challenge starts tomorrow! If you are not yet a member of a library, you can join for free. They have books, audiobooks and e-books ready for downloading to help you get started.

Summer Reading Challenge

Today, Year 4 and 5 enjoyed an assembly from St Albans central library introducing this year’s Summer Reading Challenge which starts tomorrow! The children have until the 8th of September to read or listen to 6 books from the library.


In literacy, the children wrote their explanations of why dinosaurs became extinct.


Continuing with the theme of fractions, this week the children consolidated and extended their learning about adding and subtracting fractions. The adults in year 5 have been extremely pleased with the confidence and progress seen in the children.


Remember, sports day is on Tuesday next week!


On Friday, Year 5 children were given their Spelling Shed usernames and passwords.


Spelling Shed is an interactive spelling tool that encourages the children to practise their spellings. Teachers can set homework as well as spelling lists that are personal to your child. Year 5 are trialling this tool for the next 2 weeks.


Spelling Shed can be accessed via a PC, laptop or tablet for free. Visit hub.spellingshed.com to play. If your child has lost their username or password, please speak to your child’s class teacher who can remind you.


This week’s homework is to practise the words given on Spelling Shed (the -ious rule and causal conjunctions).


It would be great to have some child and parent feedback about the Spelling Shed tool.

It’s Coming Home

Incase you hadn’t heard, football is coming home.


Amid the excitement of the football, Year 5 have been rehearsing a footballing explanation of how dragons became extinct. They will use the structure and language of the text to help write their own about another animal.


In maths we continued our theme of fractions by linking them to decimals and percentages.


We also began our study of a Victorian criminal! Is he guilty?