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New spelling homework

The school has started using a new spelling programme. Spelling activities will be sent home weekly, in addition to their other homework, and will be linked to each individual child’s needs. Each child will need to practise their spellings for a week and then spell the words correctly in a spelling test, in order to progress onto the next set of spellings.

Do children get quicker as they get older?

As part of our Science topic, we designed an investigation to find out if children get quicker as they get older. Then we borrowed some children from reception and year 5 and timed them building a tower. We found out that the Year 5 children were much quicker than the reception children at this activity.


This week we have begun to find out about Grace Darling in place and time, looking at how her life was different to ours.


In Faith and belief we have been asking big questions, which involved finding out what Christians believe about creation. Next week we will be finding out what Muslims believe.


We have been planning and writing an ending of a story in English and in maths we have been finding the difference and using number facts to add.

How animals change over time

This week in maths the children have been doubling numbers and finding the nearest multiple of ten.


In English they have been describing a character and setting.


This half term in Science they are learning about animals, including humans and have started to look at how animals change over time.

Well done to Crimson class, who shared some of the things that they have been learning to the children in phase 2 and their parents, in their sharing assembly on Thursday.

Diary writing

This week in English the children have been writing a diary from Christopher Columbus’ perspective, which included using their 5 senses and writing in the first person.


In maths they have been regrouping numbers to find number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. They have used a variety of practical resources which have helped them to gain a better understanding.


The children have had a very busy first half term so we hope you all have a restful and enjoyable holiday.


In D&T, the vehicles have now been made and the children are pleased with their creations.


In maths the children have been finding totals of 20, re-balancing a number sentence and subtracting using a blank number line.



In Literacy they have been finding the features of  a diary.


We are continuing to introduce Year 2 common exception words that the children need to learn to spell by the end of the year. The words this week were; every, everyone and even.


Well done to Scarlet class who confidently presented their work to their parents in their sharing assembly.

Addition and Subtraction

In maths the children have been solving addition and subtraction number sentences using practical resources and pictorial representations.

In Literacy they have been writing out their pirate stories for display, which you’ll be able to see in the classrooms. They have also been answering questions, in full sentences, about Christopher Columbus.

We are continuing to introduce Year 2 common exception words that the children need to learn to spell by the end of the year. The words this week were; old, cold, gold, hold and told.

In place and time they were asking questions about artifacts linked to Christopher Columbus.

Homework should have arrived home on Friday in the children’s book bags so please can that be completed and returned to school in time for new homework to be set on Friday 26th October, thank you.

Pirate Adventures

This week in English the children having been writing a pirate adventure, using the pirate quest from the previous week for ideas.


In maths they have been using the greater and less than signs  (> < ) to compare numbers. They have learnt that the crocodile eats the biggest number.


They plotted a possible route Christopher Columbus could have taken on map and used some directional language.


In Science they have been learning about plants. They are  closely observing the seeds and bulbs growing in the classroom.

Welcome to Year 2

It was good to see a number of parents on Monday evening for the curriculum talk. We hope you found it useful.


PE is on Monday and Thursday for Scarlet class and Thursday and Friday for Crimson class. Please can the children come prepared on Monday (Scarlet class) and Friday (Crimson class) for outside PE. They will need trainers and dark coloured jogging bottoms. Children with earrings need to either, take them out or come with them taped over and long hair needs to be tied back.


This week in literacy the children have been on a pirate adventure and they have made puppets to help them tell their own pirate story.



In maths they have been identifying the value of digits and counting on and back in tens.


They have been planning a design for a vehicle that they are going to be making next week. Please can they bring in small cardboard boxes and any other bits and bobs that they might want to use in a named bag. We will be providing wheels and axles.

Thank you

Thank you so much for all the kind words, cards and gifts from the Year 3 team. We have had a great year! We wish you all a great holiday. All the best in Year 4.

Home work for the summer from the Year 4 teachers

Over the holidays we would like you to practise your times tables up to 12×12. We look forward to seeing your strategies and speed in September.

Please also bring along a picture or postcard of somewhere you visited or something you did during the summer. We look forward to getting to know you all in September!

From year 4.