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Train spotting!

On Tuesday the children went on a trip to watch the trains at Clarence park . They were delighted when the train drivers beeped their horns and waved at them! While they were there they used their senses and wrote down ideas for a poem, which they came back to school to write.


On Wednesday the children wore their Christmas hats that they made, when they had Christmas dinner.


In French the children have been learning Christmas vocabulary and today they practised listening and saying words and phrases as they  pretended to decorate a Christmas tree.

Thank you so much for all the kind words, cards and gifts that the year 2 team have received.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas. See you in the new year!

A trip to the pantomime!

It has been a busy week. Some of the Year 2 children took part in the crib service at St Peter’s Church by putting characters into the nativity scene or reading parts of the nativity story.


Yesterday, the children had a great time at the pantomime watching Cinderella.


Our maths lessons have involved, using money to find amounts, which they have enjoyed.


Our literacy this week has been developing our skills for reading comprehension.

Newspaper Reporters!

The children have been newspaper reporters and have been writing about Grace Darling and how she became famous. They used the computers to type up their report.

In Maths they have been using the inverse to find missing numbers in addition and subtraction number sentences.

As a joint PE and Science lesson they investigated the effects of exercise on their bodies.


Why is Grace Darling famous?

This week in place and time we have been discovering why Grace Darling is famous and in English we have been learning about the past tense and planning a newspaper report about Grace Darling.


In Maths we have been subtracting on a blank number line and using the inverse to find the missing number.


As part of our computer work we have been using excel to enter data and make a pie chart.


Please can all spelling folders be kept in book bags and brought to school each day, so that when there are new spellings they can be put straight into the folder.

Home work is due in by Friday 7th December.


Life in Grace Darling’s time!

In English we have been learning about apostrophes for contractions and possession. e.g.  Do not – don’t    /  Charlie’s pencil


We have been using Cuisenaire rods to find parts of a whole.


In computing we have been collecting data using a tally chart, which was a lot of fun!


As part of our topic on Grace Darling, the children acted out a typical day for her and her family so that they could compare the difference between girls and boys jobs. Through discussion they also compared the way of life in Grace’s time to our life today.

New spelling homework

The school has started using a new spelling programme. Spelling activities will be sent home weekly, in addition to their other homework, and will be linked to each individual child’s needs. Each child will need to practise their spellings for a week and then spell the words correctly in a spelling test, in order to progress onto the next set of spellings.

Do children get quicker as they get older?

As part of our Science topic, we designed an investigation to find out if children get quicker as they get older. Then we borrowed some children from reception and year 5 and timed them building a tower. We found out that the Year 5 children were much quicker than the reception children at this activity.


This week we have begun to find out about Grace Darling in place and time, looking at how her life was different to ours.


In Faith and belief we have been asking big questions, which involved finding out what Christians believe about creation. Next week we will be finding out what Muslims believe.


We have been planning and writing an ending of a story in English and in maths we have been finding the difference and using number facts to add.

How animals change over time

This week in maths the children have been doubling numbers and finding the nearest multiple of ten.


In English they have been describing a character and setting.


This half term in Science they are learning about animals, including humans and have started to look at how animals change over time.

Well done to Crimson class, who shared some of the things that they have been learning to the children in phase 2 and their parents, in their sharing assembly on Thursday.

Diary writing

This week in English the children have been writing a diary from Christopher Columbus’ perspective, which included using their 5 senses and writing in the first person.


In maths they have been regrouping numbers to find number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. They have used a variety of practical resources which have helped them to gain a better understanding.


The children have had a very busy first half term so we hope you all have a restful and enjoyable holiday.


In D&T, the vehicles have now been made and the children are pleased with their creations.


In maths the children have been finding totals of 20, re-balancing a number sentence and subtracting using a blank number line.



In Literacy they have been finding the features of  a diary.


We are continuing to introduce Year 2 common exception words that the children need to learn to spell by the end of the year. The words this week were; every, everyone and even.


Well done to Scarlet class who confidently presented their work to their parents in their sharing assembly.