Brace your ‘elfs’ for our Nativity….

This week the children have explored height in Numeracy and sentences in Literacy. The children have been keeping a close eye on their growing beanstalks. The children have also thought about the meaning behind the Christmas tradition of giving gifts. They thought about what the best gifts would be for a child in need. We were really impressed by their compassion and ideas. We have also practised our Nativity Play; Humph the Camel. The children are very excited about their performance next Tuesday morning.

Consonant digraphs taught so far: ch, sh, th, ng, qu

Next week we will begin the vowel digraphs.

Tricky words: I, no, the, to, go, into, he, she, we, me, be, you,

Tricky words to follow: are, her, was, all, they, my

Our story next week: Goldilocks and the Three Bears