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Final week

This week has been very busy in Year 6, welcoming the rest of the school yesterday afternoon as we hosted an Art Exhibition inspired by the artist, Antony Gormley. We later evaluated our designs and models, outlining what went well and what we could change to make them better.

Earlier in the week we also had a great opportunity to work in small groups problem solving and building up our resilience. We made a giant 3×3 cube from different shapes and towers of 2 digit numbers.

It was lovely to see you all at parents’ consultation this week. The children will be coming home with three tasks, one of which is a fantastic online resource to develop times tables.

We hope you enjoy your week off


From the Year 6 Team

Lots of learning across the curriculum

In literacy this week we have been reading and responding to a poem all about Jasper O’Leary, a boy who had an unhealthy desire for eating ‘junk’.

It was all about angles in maths: acute, obtuse, right angle and reflex. We learnt how to use a protractor correctly and measure angles accurately. It wasn’t as easy as we thought.

We researched and tested out Newton’s theory of light with our colour wheels with interesting results.

We learnt about different types of weathering that affect our landscapes. Did you know one of the types of weathering is called ‘Onion skin weathering’?

Our Gormley inspired sculptures were finally finished and we look forward to setting up our exhibition next week.


Have a good week end

The Year 6 Team


We’re getting all arty in Year 6

From farm to fork – we have been working across our curriculum this week and created informative posters explaining the processes of growing and picking different fruit and vegetables around the world, packaging and transporting them to supermarkets in the UK to be sold to us, the consumer. It has been an interesting topic and we’ve used our writing features to share what we have learnt.

In Maths we have investigated area and perimeter of different shapes, remembering that area is the space inside whereas perimeter is the outside edge.

We finally got round to starting our Antony Gormley inspired D&T with some very messy results! We’re looking forward to continue these masterpieces and showing them off in our very own mini exhibition.



Read all about it! Read all about it!

This week we have written our own newspaper article, informing readers of the recent crash investigation on Alban City School premises.

In maths we have developed our understanding of Algebra from simple equations to picture puzzles and more advanced worded questions.

In groups, we created 30 second clips for a ‘Science Show’ explaining with scientific vocabulary, how the light helps us see.

This afternoon both classes participated in a workshop held in Alban City Cathedral where we reinacted the story of St Alban and Amphibalus. The guides and group leaders at the Cathedral praised both classes for their enthusiasm and conduct throughout. We are very proud!

Home work this week is to design a poster about Fairtrade in preparation for our lessons next week.

See you all next week!

The Year 6 Team


Welcome back!


First of all, the Year 6 team would like to thank you for your kind gifts and cards at the end of last year. We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas break and a great start to 2019.


What a start we’ve had! On Tuesday the children returned to a crime scene on Alban City School premises. Electrical debris and a mysterious blue liquid were discovered, hidden under branches and foliage. The children were asked to write up a forensic report, detailing the surrounding scene and any evidence recovered. An appeal was made and a witness did come forward, Mrs Smith, giving the children an account of what she saw that morning. Today we were visited by Bill Wyoming from the FBI who performed an autopsy of the supernatural being which had been discovered in St Albans town centre. Year 6 were given the opportunity to take notes and ask questions relevant regarding the alien.


In Maths we consolidated our understanding of BODMAS and began applying algebraic equations to number problems. This will continue next week.


CGP books have not been marked this week to allow the children to settle back in – the Maths will be expected back on Wednesday and SPaG on Friday. It is really important that these are completed and brought in as it allows the children to review any misconceptions they may have. We thank you for your support in this.


Year 6 Team

Year 6 Update

What a festive week we’ve had! As Year 6, we participated in our last Carol Service held in St Peter’s Church Wednesday afternoon which was followed by Cinderella at the Alban Arena. There were definitely lots of memories to be treasured.

Our stories are really beginning to take shape! This week we have been focusing on the opening paragraph and build up to our problem – we’ve been setting the scene and introducing our characters through dialogue and using lots of ‘show don’t tell’.

In Maths we have been investigating 3D shapes. We have used specific language such as vertex and vertices, edges and faces to describe various 3D shapes for our learning partners to guess.

Staying with the ‘Day of the Dead’ theme in our art work, we have been inspired by some original art and developed our own pieces using our knowledge of the colour wheel and experimenting with various shades and tints of watercolour paints.

We are all looking forward to the Post-box arriving on Monday to send all our cards and we can’t forget Christmas lunch on Wednesday next week!

Have a lovely week end.

Year 6 Update

This past week we have continued to develop our understanding of Day of the Dead. In Literacy we have been planning our own stories using ideas from Disney’s Coco for inspiration. Next week will see our story writing finally begin after lots of exploration of the work of an author.

In Art we have experimented with Pointillism, creating papel picado using this intricate technique. The colours we have selected have built on our knowledge of harmonious and complementary colours and look absolutely fantastic.

Our knowledge of shape has improved over the past week. We have been learning a range of new words which we have then used to describe 2-D shapes such as parallel lines, perpendicular lines, opposite and adjacent. We have also sorted shapes using a variety of different sorting diagrams.

Finally, in Topic we have continued to look at how the Amazon was explored by a range of individuals, including gold miners, causing unrest to the Yanomami tribe. The children have had the opportunity to write a postcard building on their knowledge of informal language to describe the impact.

Day of the Dead continues

This week we have continued our South American topic exploring Day of the Dead in more detail.

In Literacy we have been learning how to correctly use inverted commas complete with all the very tricky punctuation that is also needed. Over the week, we have written conversations, used formal and informal language and tried to integrate both story and speech together.

We have also been completing our design sheets in Art, using the same styles as Day of the Dead. Our additional criteria was to try and incorporate harmonious colours – these are colours next to each other on the colour wheel.

Area has been our focus in Maths. We have learnt the formulas required to calculate the area of a rectangle, triangle and parallelogram (it’s easier than it sounds)! We have had the opportunity to complete some investigation work and then solve real life problems requiring area.

Finally in R.E. we have been learning about objects used by Christians and Buddhists. We completed some detailed drawings and then wrote a couple of sentences explaining each one.


Just a quick reminder:

  • Maths SATs Buster is due in on Wednesday
  • SPAG SATs Buster is due in on Friday

It’s really important that the books are brought in on these days as we mark the books as a whole class and discuss how each question is solved. This will help to address any misconceptions which the children have.

A Day of the Dead Introduction

Last week we started reading our new class book, The Dead Family Diaz. This tells the story of a young boy who befriends a living skeleton without realising. Our aim will be to write our own Day of the Dead themed stories by the end of the half-term.

In Maths we have been calculating percentages of a number using the bubble method. By the end of the week we were solving real-life problems with great accuracy.

In Art we have been working on painting and learning new terms such as tint, shade, harmonious colours and complementary colours. We will be using this learning to create our Day of the Dead themed artwork later in the half-term. As well as that, we have discussed the responsible use of mobile phones and complete a series of Science experiments all about our reflexes. It’s fair to say that the children had a bit of a shock with test 1!

Quick reminder about our SATs style busters:

  • Maths – Due back on a Wednesday
  • SPAG – Due back on a Friday

These books are marked within the session so it is really important the children remember to bring them back.

Puppets and Playscripts

This week both classes have had a visitor who introduced a project around two playscripts – ‘The Crossing Place’ and ‘A Grim Day Out’, which will be revisited throughout the year, culminating in a final performance to be held in the St Albans Cathedral. We even had a go at writing our own plays.
In Maths our focus has been on fraction, decimal and percentage equivalence.
Using Google Chrome Books, we researched and compared different countries in South America.
Next week will take more of a sinister turn as we investigate ‘The day of the dead’…