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Who Let the Gods Out?

This week, the children have been working hard learning and creating their Greek mythical playlets.

Some children helped design and create the props needed whilst others were busy rehearsing their lines and performance. It has come together really well! The children are very excited to share their hard work with the school and parents on Monday and Tuesday mornings.


In Literacy we have been learning the myth ‘Perseus and the Gorgan Medusa’. To help them learn and re-tell it, they created podcasts and picture mapped the story. Next week, the children will edit the details of this myth to help them created their own.

International Week

It has been a very busy week indeed!


The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed learning about North American history and an American artist.


We looked at the work and style of Helen Frankenthaler (an American abstract painter) to inspire our body abstract work.


A fantastic talk about Canada helped us understand how, who and why totem poles were made. The children thought of an animal to represent them and their story.


We also enjoyed talks and workshops about other artists, buildings around the world and a messy time with felt!


If you didn’t manage to see our work at the exhibition, here is a glimpse.


Maths – Do you know your multiplication facts up to 12×12? Do you know your division facts? Choose a times tables to practice. Use pictures, objects and play games to help you learn them.


Literacy – We’ve been looking at including extra information in our writing using subordination. Here are some subordinate conjunctions: whereas, although, if, though, because, until, since. Write a new introduction to a story you know. Remember to include subordination. Challenge: Can you use any of the sentence models we tried out in class?

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Elsa has been very busy this week!


Despite not getting out of the classroom much, the children have behaved very well.


In maths, we have been combining our co-ordinates skills with reflection and translation.


In literacy, we have explored creating sentences using different patterns like: ‘The more, the more’; ‘If, if, if then’; ‘Outside (Inside)’; and 2 pairs. Along with learning about subordination, the children wrote a new introduction to the Greek myth Theseus and the Minotaur. Some children even created introductions that showed the Minotaur as the good character he could be.


Homework this week will be posted over the weekend.

Big Greek Quiz of the Year

Year 5 used their reading and investigating skills to find the answers to some very tricky Ancient Greek questions.


What was your favourite fact?

Greek Maths: Great Minds

Can you solve the 14 piece puzzle said to be created by the Greek mathematician Archimedes?

Year 5 could with great success!



We’ve started our first day back with a Greek workshop.


The children listened to the horrendous child eating myth of Cronus and Rhea! With some help from volunteers, we saw the gruesome myth come to life.

Our Fantastic Handwriting

Here are some examples of our handwriting.

Can you see how we’ve used different joins?


Our Investigating Minds

26th February

After researching a little more about places to visit in Athens and where Sparta would have been, we made persuasive leaflets to advertise our chosen city.


We used bar models to help us multiply fractions. We also looked at different ways to multiply mixed number and improper fractions.


After learning about Galileo and his crazy experiments, we had a go at making parachutes to see the effect of air resistance. Some worked really well, however some failed when we changed the size of the parachute too much.

I am Sparta

19th February

This week we have been learning to use bar models and RUCSAC to help us solve multistep word problems in maths. Although we found it hard at the beginning, by the end of the week we were able to break down problems into smaller steps.


We explored and investigated features of a good persuasive leaflet. We practiced making leaflets about India.


To help us understand the differences between the two city states Athens and Sparta, we watched the Horrible Histories wife swap video. Men and women were treated very differently in each city.