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Write, Write, Write

This week the children have been focusing on punctuation, writing sentences with capital letters and full stops. In maths they have been making pictograms.

The children looked great today and were extremly happy to meet Pudsey and the Rickshaw Challenge Riders.

PTDC0188 PTDC0183

Welcome Back!

This week the children have been busy telling the time. In literacy they have been sequencing stories and using time words. Both Crimson and Scarlet class had lots of fun on Friday at Samuel Ryder School. Finding out about how the ‘Stunt Bunny’ books came about and hearing about Tamsyns real life pets was great.


Year 2 Homework Autumn term 2

WB 3rd  November 2014

Draw or write about four routines that happen every day, include the time that they happen and measure the time it takes from start to finish. E.G, I brush my teeth at 6:30am for 3 minutes.

WB 10th November  2014

Collect data. Think of a question. What is your favourite? Create a tally table and record the data using tally marks. Identify the most and least popular.

WB 17th November  2014

This week we are looking at speech marks. Choose a character from a story. Create speech for them and yourself. What would you say to the character and what might they say back? Use speech marks to show when someone is speaking.

WB 24th November 2014

Using real coins, find different ways of making an amount. The amount could be 10p, 20p, £1, 50p, £2

WB 1st December 2014

Find ½ and ¼ of different numbers. ½ of 10= 5, ¼ of 10=2 ½

WB 8th December 2014

This week we have been making sentences longer using these words;

After, when, before, so, which, while, since, though

Make these sentences more interesting by making them longer and giving more information.

The boy went to the shop.

The giant stamped around his castle.

The spaceship landed.

Hand in homework on Wednesday 17th December

Super Shapes!

This week the children have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. They have also written their own shape poems about train journeys. All of the children have extra reading books for the 1/2 term holiday, a French task and a book review to complete.

Enjoy the 1/2 term holiday

Wham! Bam! Splat! Year 2 are Onomatopoeia crazy!

This week we have  been learning about Onomatopoeia. We are using this to create poems. In maths we have continued to use the 100 square to subtract tens and units. At the end of the week the children will be testing their vessels to see if they float.


Amazing Adding!

This week the children have been adding units and tens using their 100 squares. They have been writing explanations about how sharks find their food and have enjoyed learning the different fruit names in French.

Wonderful Weighing!

This week the children have continued to learn about weighing. They have practised weighing items from class and ingredients using grams and kilograms. They were all very excited about making pizzas today. In literacy they have been focusing on non-fiction texts. Both Miss Hind and Miss Burke have enjoyed hearing about and tasting the baked goods from home, well done!


Awesome Authors!

This week the children have been creating their own pirate adventure stories in literacy. We have been amazed by the children’s creativity. They have all used some super words to build excitement. In maths we have been using balance scales to measure the weight of classroom items.

CIMG3770 CIMG3767

Ahoy me hearties

In literacy we have been using verbs and adverbs to help us write about our exciting pirate adventure around the school. In maths we have been learning about co-ordinates to help us create our own treasure maps.


Homework for the 1st half term:Autumn: September-October.

Week beginning 8th September 2014: Signs and Symbols: Walk around your home and local area to find signs and symbols. Find 3 signs or symbols, draw them and explain what they are for.


Week beginning 15th September 2014: Maths: Create a treasure map. Explain the route to the treasure using positional language or coordinates.( up, left, right, down)


Week beginning 22nd September 2014: Phonics: This week we are learning about the vowel sound e (ee, ea, y, e_e). How many alien names can you create using your sounds?


Week beginning 29th September 2014: Maths: Using a set of weighing scales, weigh different items from around the home and record into your book. Bake a cake with your child. Measuring the ingredients together. Miss Burke and Miss Hind are happy to taste test……..


Week beginning 6th October 2014: Citizenship and Ethics: This week we have been looking at our class rules and deciding if we are following them. Can you make your own set of rules for when you are at home?


Week beginning 13th October 2014Science and Technology: Pushes and Pulls. Can you sort objects from home that you push and pull. Record into book using pictures and labels.


Do not hand in homework journals until Monday 20th October. We will collect all six weeks in on that date.