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I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff !

Story writing has been our focus this week and we have retold the story of  The Three Little Pigs using actions. This has really helped us to sequence it  and has been great fun.

We have also been giving directions to the Beebots in Maths. Keep practising your left and right at home.


Umbrellas with a difference!

The children have been working hard to finish their last art work piece based on the painting The Umbrellas by Auguste Renoir. The children have been using the weaving technique to redesign umbrellas. We have also been looking at the properties of 3D shapes during our Maths lessons. 

Perfect Punctutation!

This week we have enjoyed hearing about all the adventures the children have had during the Easter break. The children used their holidays to practise writing sentences with correct punctuation. We have a busy term ahead! Our topic this term is Homes.

Easter Time!

Wow time really does fly! We cannot believe it is nearly Easter. The children have enjoyed making cards with Miss Dean and Miss Celik and learning Easter vocabulary in French.

Miss Novell and Miss Burke hope you all enjoy your Easter break.

Let’s get Musical!

This week the children have impressed us by their use of commas in Literacy and  Aqua class wowed us with their singing voices during their class assembly. The children have been using numberlines within our Maths lessons to solve subtraction problems and tested the strength of paper in Science.

Water Fun!

The children in Year 1 have been learning about capacity this week They have been reading and measuring ml and l. On Wednesday we all participated in a water run challenge. The children had to decide which container would be best to transport water, using their knowledge of capacity. They thought about the size, surface area and how much the container could hold. Everyone had great fun including Miss Burke and Miss Novell.


This week we have been learning about capacity during our Maths sessions, report writing in Literacy and weaving during our Art and Creativity lesson. Don’t forget Sky’s class assembly on Thursday 20th March!


Today we have been producing African sounds. The children have impressed us by their skills on the djembe drums and joining in with tribal songs. What a musical day!

What’s that mysterious object?

The children in Sky class had a great afternoon at St Albans Museum. They transformed into detectives and investigated mysterious objects from the past. As part of their investigation they thought about what the objects are made out of. Our new topic this half term is all about different materials.

Eco Week!

Here’s our Eco Rap that we performed in assembly today accompanied by our instruments!

Saving our planet is really cool,

You should start by walking to school.

Reduce, Recycle, re-use,

It’s always in the news!

It’s not hard to recycle card.

Bottles, paper, jars and cans,

Leave them out for the recycling vans.

Eco week is really neat,

Let’s all join the ECO BEAT!