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International week

As part of International Week, Year 4 have been studying Western Europe.

Some fantastic parent helpers have given up their time to come in and talk to the children about food grown in their countries. We have also been lucky enough to sample food from many of these places and enjoyed a trip to Thai Rack in town.


Homework was sent out today and is due back on Wednesday 10th May. Maths is on Active Learn and the English piece is a spelling task.




Ancient Egyptians and geometry

Welcome back to the new summer term.

Our topic this term is the Ancient Egyptians and in English we have begun by reading ‘The Scarab’s Secret’ by Nick Would. It is a delightful text which lends itself to many literacy activities and today the children especially enjoyed taking part in drama to retell the story.

In Maths, we have revisited perimeter of shapes and used our measuring skills to calculate the perimeter of various parts of the school playground!



Quick reminder: Homework is due back next Wednesday 26th April.

Have a good weekend.

Talented Performers

The children thoroughly enjoyed performing ‘Let Loose’ to you all this week.  It was lovely to see them on stage performing with confidence and style.  Thank you all for the kind words shared with staff about the production; it’s lovely to have such supportive parents.


Homework was sent out on Wednesday this week and is due back in school on Wednesday the 26th of April.  We have given an extra week to support those families that are away on holiday during the Easter break.


Have a wonderful Easter!

Co-ordinates and shapes

This week in maths we have been plotting co-ordinates on a grid to create and identify a range of 2D shapes. As part of our literacy work, we have written a report for our science investigation on biomes.

We have also been busy rehearsing our play and the children are looking forward to our performance of ‘Let Loose’ which takes place next Tuesday 28th March at 09:30.

Homework will be sent home next Wednesday 29th March for the holidays. Have a lovely weekend!

Biome in a Bag

This week, the children have planned, written, edited and improved their newspaper reports about the missing jewel. They have also planned a budget for a holiday in citizenship and explored lines of symmetry in maths.


In science, we have started a ‘biome in a bag’ investigation. The children are testing, via simulation in the classroom, how plants might grow in different environments.  So far, the children have all made predictions and are looking forward to (hopefully!) having some results over the next two weeks.


Finally, a quick reminder that we requested that all costume for our play was brought into school this week.  If any costume has yet to be brought in, could it please be in school on Monday next week. Thank you all for your support.

Shapes and Shocking News!

As part of our creative writing activities this week, the children have been investigating a crime scene linked to the stolen jewel. They have been learning about newspaper reports and will be writing one next week about the event that took place in school.


In Maths, we have continued to look at the properties of shapes. In Faith and Belief, the children have simulated a visit to a Sikh gurdwara and enjoyed sampling different foods.


Homework was sent out today and is due back in school on Wednesday 22nd March. There is an activity on Active Learn to complete and a newspaper task in their homework books.


For the forthcoming play, would all costumes please be brought in by Tuesday 14th March. Thank you for your support and have a lovely weekend.





Poetry and perimeter

This week the children have been filming themselves performing poetry and evaluating their performances. They have also looked at measuring and calculating perimeter and all pupils have created a page of information for a class book about biomes.

Just a reminder – homework is due back in school by Wednesday 8th March. Have a lovely weekend.

Play Practise

The children enjoyed their first rehearsal for the Year 4 play this week. It was great to have so many of them already confident with their lines.


In class we have looked at narrative poetry, decimals with measures (converting and rounding), pop-up mechanisms and the different biomes on our planet.


Homework was sent home today. One part is a spelling task, based on the -que spelling pattern. There is also a maths task related to measure and converting units of measure. Both pieces are due back in school by Wednesday the 8th of March.


We have also sent home lyrics for the different songs in our play. As part of their homework, we would like the children to read and become more confident with the lyrics for the songs, in addition to practising their lines for the play.

Visitors and Stories

The children have been lucky enough to have two visitors in school this week.

On Monday the children were shown a presentation about food waste and got to take part in some food waste discussions. Some of the information shared by our visitor was surprising for both pupils and staff.

On Wednesday we had a visitor come to share Sikh artefacts with the children, as well as information about the Sikh religion. The children enjoyed exploring and discussing the artefacts.

In maths this week, we have continued to look at decimals, including a challenge involving money.  In Literacy, the children have been using their descriptive skills to plan and write an engaging short story.

Homework was sent home today.  For English, there is a short spelling task.  In addition to this, we would like the children to learn any lines they have been given for our play.  For maths, a ‘balloon pop’ challenge has been set on active learn.

The link to Active-learn is as follows:  https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/login?c=0


IMG_0624 IMG_0625 IMG_0613 IMG_0615


Decimals, Settings and Living Things

The children have spent the week describing a range of settings in Literacy, as well as converting, ordering and adding decimal numbers in Maths.

In science we explored the Alban City School grounds as a habitat, identifying and recording the living things on our site. The children really enjoyed this and were surprised by the variety of animals found here.


Some pupils have requested a link to the coding gallery, to show off their apps.  Click here: http://apps.espressocoding.co.uk/?site_id=43267

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