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Sports Day

We would like to thank all the staff who helped  set up and run the events so smoothly. The children were amazing with their participation and achievements. Thank you to all the parents and families who came to support the children also.


This year, Phase Three were earning points for their colour team through participation and achievement in each event.


Year 4 earned:

Blue 386 points; Red 425 points and Yellow 451 points.


Year 5 earned:

Blue 427 points; Red 458 points and Yellow 371 points.


Phase Three champions are the RED TEAM.

(1st Red 883 points; 2nd Yellow 822 points; 3rd Blue 813 points)


Year 5 have been working hard with the new Spelling Shed! It is so pleasing to see the children excited.


The spelling rule -cious has been our focus this week. When the root word ends in ‘ce’ like ‘space’, we usually drop the ‘e’ and put ‘ious’. Some children have also been given extra lists to practice based on errors seen in their writing.


Maths homework was given today. The children will need to use their fraction equivalence knowledge to help add and subtract within these problems. This is due back on Wednesday 18th July.


Remember, the Summer Reading Challenge starts tomorrow! If you are not yet a member of a library, you can join for free. They have books, audiobooks and e-books ready for downloading to help you get started.

Summer Reading Challenge

Today, Year 4 and 5 enjoyed an assembly from St Albans central library introducing this year’s Summer Reading Challenge which starts tomorrow! The children have until the 8th of September to read or listen to 6 books from the library.


In literacy, the children wrote their explanations of why dinosaurs became extinct.


Continuing with the theme of fractions, this week the children consolidated and extended their learning about adding and subtracting fractions. The adults in year 5 have been extremely pleased with the confidence and progress seen in the children.


Remember, sports day is on Tuesday next week!


On Friday, Year 5 children were given their Spelling Shed usernames and passwords.


Spelling Shed is an interactive spelling tool that encourages the children to practise their spellings. Teachers can set homework as well as spelling lists that are personal to your child. Year 5 are trialling this tool for the next 2 weeks.


Spelling Shed can be accessed via a PC, laptop or tablet for free. Visit hub.spellingshed.com to play. If your child has lost their username or password, please speak to your child’s class teacher who can remind you.


This week’s homework is to practise the words given on Spelling Shed (the -ious rule and causal conjunctions).


It would be great to have some child and parent feedback about the Spelling Shed tool.

It’s Coming Home

Incase you hadn’t heard, football is coming home.


Amid the excitement of the football, Year 5 have been rehearsing a footballing explanation of how dragons became extinct. They will use the structure and language of the text to help write their own about another animal.


In maths we continued our theme of fractions by linking them to decimals and percentages.


We also began our study of a Victorian criminal! Is he guilty?

Homework 29/06/2018

Maths homework was given on Friday 29th July.

This is to be given back on Wednesday 4th July along with the completed world cup homework.


To reinforce the children’s learning about fraction of numbers, the children were given a range of questions including finding fractions of numbers as well as those in word problems.

Did Tristan find the viewer, or did the viewer find Tristan?

All week, Year 5 have been focusing on writing suspense stories. The children have enjoyed exploring different techniques to build suspense.


To celebrate our book day, Year 5 continued to focus on the picture book ‘The Viewer’ and created our own viewer wheels. On the back the children wrote the beginning to their own viewer stories.

In maths, the children have been exploring fractions of numbers.


Monday and Tuesday next week are Mrs Parmer’s final days with Year 5. She has been supporting Year 5 with their learning every morning for the last term. We are very grateful for her support and wish her a great summer. All the children have thoroughly enjoyed the extra challenge in their learning and are more confident learners as a result of the groupings.

“2 + 2 is 4 minus 1 that’s 3. Quick maths.”

Congratulations to Sage class with this week’s sharing assembly.


In maths, the children have been finishing extending their knowledge of the 4 operations. This week has been focused on division (4 digit numbers divided by 1 and sometimes 2 digit numbers). As usual, the week began with ensuring understanding and developing fluency before transitioning to those favourite missing digits and multi-step  problems.


Author Gary Crew (The Water Tower) is back but this time with another suspense filled picture book, The Viewer. Year 5 have been learning the story and different techniques to build suspense in their writing. Next week, the children will use those skills to write various versions of ‘The Viewer’.


There is no maths homework this week. Last week’s world cup homework continues. The children should aim to complete at least one task each week.


Across this week, the children have been completing reading comprehensions in small groups. On Monday and Tuesday next week,  Year 5 will complete two maths assessment papers. These newly created diagnostic papers (created by the Herts maths team) will examine the children’s understanding of place value, number and the 4 operations. Each question has multiple choice answers to select. Please reassure your child during this time.


Homework was handed out today.


Task 1: Maths and multiplication

Please complete the missing digits homework about multiplication.

This is due to Wednesday 20th June.


Task 2: World Cup

This week, your child randomly picked a world cup country.

Using a double page in your homework book, please complete at least 3 of these suggested tasks (although, this is not an endless list).

This homework will be shared every week but is due on Wednesday 4th July 2018.

Ideally, your child will complete their world cup homework about their chosen country, however they may chose any country to base their work on.



a short recount of a football match;

football kit design;

a short biography about a footballer or famous person from their country;

pictures of building or stadiums from their country;

a report about their country;

recipe of traditional dishes (food) from their country,

the list is endless and these are just suggestions.


Please complete at least 1 task per week and be creative with how you record your work across your double page.

“Name that body part…”

This week, both Sage and Forest had a fantastic workshop about puberty.


Although the children were a little embarrassed at the beginning, both classes quickly settled, learnt a lot about the changes boys and girls will go through and were able to use appropriate vocabulary.


The children discussed and learnt about the scientific names of our private body parts as well as the changes that happen boys, girls and both.


Congratulations to Forest Class on your comic sharing assembly. Good luck to Sage Class with yours next week.


This week the children have been learning about short and long multiplication (multiplying 4 digit numbers by a 2 digit number). In literacy, the children have finished writing their biographies about a famous person.