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Half term comers to a close…

Brilliant ‘Bikeability’ – during the week, some Year 6 have had the opportunity to participate in this course where they put into practice all the skills needed to be road safe on their bikes. The 4 instructors were very pleased with each group; their listening skills and teamwork.

Across literacy we have been editing  and consolidating our understanding of the various structures and features of non-chronological report writing. The children learnt all about the hard work which the NHS carry out each week, including how it has developed over the last 70 years. They were able to successfully use semi-colons, colons, modal verbs and use of the passive voice.

In Maths, we have been developing our knowledge of multiplication and division using some extremely large numbers. It’s fair to say it’s been pretty tricky, but we’re getting there.

It was great to meet with so many of you this week during parent/carer consultations to discuss your children’s progress so far.

A quick reminder that designs/models of Mayan masks are due back that first week back.

We hope you all have a wonderful half term break and look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 6th November!


The Year 6 Team

A chocolate delight

This week has been another action packed week for Year 6.

On Thursday, we enjoyed our Mayan day. Here we became expert chocolate connoisseurs as we learnt how to eat chocolate “the real way”. We indulged our taste buds in chocolate all the way from Venezuela before having the opportunity to make some chocolate candies to take home. We hope you managed to try a few at home! We also made Mayan hot chocolate with one not-so-secret ingredient – chilli! We promise it wasn’t too spicy.

In Maths we have been continuing to develop our knowledge of fractions and have been working hard to identify common multiples and denominators. We will be building on this knowledge after half-term.

In Literacy we have brought together our writing skills and Science knowledge to write a fact page about the very talented William Harvey. In case you didn’t already know, he was the first person to identify the circulatory system and how the heart pumped blood around the body.

Hopefully the children have been singing our Mayan song we have been learning in Music as it has some really useful information about their history. This week we have moved onto identifying the chords of the song and how they are used repeatedly to form the basis of the tune.

Finally, in P.E. we have applied our knowledge of basketball to create some rather interesting games which we taught to the other children in the class.

An inspirational week

Greetings from Year 6!

We really enjoyed learning T.S Eliot’s Macavity poem and exploring the different poetic devices he utilised. We were then challenged to create a Wanted poster as well as a Haiku, Cinquain and Acrostic poem of our own.

In maths we have been developing our mathematical vocabulary to describe numbers in a range of different ways.

We had great fun drawing an image from the Mayan creation story, inspired by Dan Fenelon – his use of colours really make his artwork pop!

We have made some great improvements in our Science knowledge over the last few weeks. We now know how the blood travels around the body and all of the useful components inside of our blood.

Welcome back!

What a super start to the new term!
We have been reading ‘Pig Heart Boy’ as part of our literacy, creating informative writing and discussing the moral dilemmas around xenotransplantation. We had great fun putting our debating skills to the test.
In Maths, we have been developing our knowledge of mental strategies and place value. This is really important to help us with our other areas of Maths.
During Topic, we have begun to learn about the Mayan civilisation. We were able to retell the story of The Hero Twins through a comic strip and even use their number system.
We are in the early stages of Science, however we have been able to learn about the circulatory system and the role the heart plays in keeping us alive. We have combined our Science knowledge with our artistic talents to complete a scientific drawing which was painted using water colours.

That’s all for now but we’ll keep you posted.

My Summer Holiday Bucket List Challenge

How many can you complete over the summer holidays?

Please bring in a photo of you completing one of these activities on the first day back. This will be placed on display in the classroom. Be prepared to talk about your photo and the activities you completed.


  1. Build a sandcastle.
  2. Read a book in a unique and interesting place.
  3. Have a picnic.
  4. Have a water fight.
  5. Make lunch for someone else.
  6. Make your own ice lolly.
  7. Visit a museum.
  8. Complete the Summer Reading Challenge.
  9. Build something as tall as you.
  10. Make your own ice-cream sundae.

Sports Day

We would like to thank all the staff who helped  set up and run the events so smoothly. The children were amazing with their participation and achievements. Thank you to all the parents and families who came to support the children also.


This year, Phase Three were earning points for their colour team through participation and achievement in each event.


Year 4 earned:

Blue 386 points; Red 425 points and Yellow 451 points.


Year 5 earned:

Blue 427 points; Red 458 points and Yellow 371 points.


Phase Three champions are the RED TEAM.

(1st Red 883 points; 2nd Yellow 822 points; 3rd Blue 813 points)


Year 5 have been working hard with the new Spelling Shed! It is so pleasing to see the children excited.


The spelling rule -cious has been our focus this week. When the root word ends in ‘ce’ like ‘space’, we usually drop the ‘e’ and put ‘ious’. Some children have also been given extra lists to practice based on errors seen in their writing.


Maths homework was given today. The children will need to use their fraction equivalence knowledge to help add and subtract within these problems. This is due back on Wednesday 18th July.


Remember, the Summer Reading Challenge starts tomorrow! If you are not yet a member of a library, you can join for free. They have books, audiobooks and e-books ready for downloading to help you get started.

Summer Reading Challenge

Today, Year 4 and 5 enjoyed an assembly from St Albans central library introducing this year’s Summer Reading Challenge which starts tomorrow! The children have until the 8th of September to read or listen to 6 books from the library.


In literacy, the children wrote their explanations of why dinosaurs became extinct.


Continuing with the theme of fractions, this week the children consolidated and extended their learning about adding and subtracting fractions. The adults in year 5 have been extremely pleased with the confidence and progress seen in the children.


Remember, sports day is on Tuesday next week!


On Friday, Year 5 children were given their Spelling Shed usernames and passwords.


Spelling Shed is an interactive spelling tool that encourages the children to practise their spellings. Teachers can set homework as well as spelling lists that are personal to your child. Year 5 are trialling this tool for the next 2 weeks.


Spelling Shed can be accessed via a PC, laptop or tablet for free. Visit hub.spellingshed.com to play. If your child has lost their username or password, please speak to your child’s class teacher who can remind you.


This week’s homework is to practise the words given on Spelling Shed (the -ious rule and causal conjunctions).


It would be great to have some child and parent feedback about the Spelling Shed tool.

It’s Coming Home

Incase you hadn’t heard, football is coming home.


Amid the excitement of the football, Year 5 have been rehearsing a footballing explanation of how dragons became extinct. They will use the structure and language of the text to help write their own about another animal.


In maths we continued our theme of fractions by linking them to decimals and percentages.


We also began our study of a Victorian criminal! Is he guilty?