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Day 1

Had a great first day! Adults are very tired and children are excited.

Some of us have had raft building, aeroball and Jacob’s ladder.

This evening, we enjoyed songs and stories around a camp fire.


The children enjoyed writing instructions this week for their own games. It gave them a chance to improve from last week’s practice with Jumanji.


In maths, we looked at timetables and duration. Although we found it tricky at times, using a number line helped us find missing values, calculate how long something lasts and work backwards.


Forest class enjoyed their trip to St Albans School for their first coding lesson! We enjoyed the challenges and most of us managed even managed to solve level 10.

In The Jungle You Must Wait…

This week, we launched our instructions unit by reading Chris Van Allsburg’s wonderful picture book, ‘Jumanji’. The children have written instructions on how to play the board game.


In maths, we re-visited area and perimeter and progressed further by finding missing dimensions.


We used the iPads and studied the work of Michael Paul Smith to create forced perspective. Here are some of our excellent examples!


This week we have been learning about fractions: how to find equivalent fractions as well as adding and subtracting them. On finishing their week of learning about fractions, the children used a new website called Learning By Questions. It intelligently adapts and quizzes the children about a chosen topic, like fractions, and provides immediate feedback to teachers who can provide extra support to those children when they need it.


We’ve also started working in smaller groups with the help of Mrs Parmer who works with us in the mornings for maths, guided reading and literacy.


The children have worked extremely hard to write incredible voice overs and recounts to perform alongside ‘The Piano’.


Don’t forget: the school journey meeting at 8:15am on Wednesday 2nd May.

The Piano

This fortnight’s literacy week is all about the animation ‘The Piano’.

You can see it here: https://www.literacyshed.com/piano.html


The children discussed the: emotions, camera angles and sounds used in the animation.


In maths, we’ve been refreshing ourselves with the formal written methods of the four operations.

The children have made an incredible amount of progress since September!

All the adults in Year 5 are very proud.

Pottery Madness

On the last week before Easter break, the children explored Greek pottery.


Here are some examples of the wonderful pottery made by the children.

WhoLetTheGodsOut and STAHS

A huge congratulations to Year 5 on creating their playlet interpretations of Greeks myths. Thank you to all the adults at home who helped with learning lines and sending in costumes.


To top the week off, we were invited to St Albans High School for a science show. The children thoroughly enjoyed their time whilst enjoying the whizzes and bangs of chemistry and physics. A big thank you to STAHS for our invitation.

Who Let the Gods Out?

This week, the children have been working hard learning and creating their Greek mythical playlets.

Some children helped design and create the props needed whilst others were busy rehearsing their lines and performance. It has come together really well! The children are very excited to share their hard work with the school and parents on Monday and Tuesday mornings.


In Literacy we have been learning the myth ‘Perseus and the Gorgan Medusa’. To help them learn and re-tell it, they created podcasts and picture mapped the story. Next week, the children will edit the details of this myth to help them created their own.

International Week

It has been a very busy week indeed!


The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed learning about North American history and an American artist.


We looked at the work and style of Helen Frankenthaler (an American abstract painter) to inspire our body abstract work.


A fantastic talk about Canada helped us understand how, who and why totem poles were made. The children thought of an animal to represent them and their story.


We also enjoyed talks and workshops about other artists, buildings around the world and a messy time with felt!


If you didn’t manage to see our work at the exhibition, here is a glimpse.


Maths – Do you know your multiplication facts up to 12×12? Do you know your division facts? Choose a times tables to practice. Use pictures, objects and play games to help you learn them.


Literacy – We’ve been looking at including extra information in our writing using subordination. Here are some subordinate conjunctions: whereas, although, if, though, because, until, since. Write a new introduction to a story you know. Remember to include subordination. Challenge: Can you use any of the sentence models we tried out in class?