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Take one!

This week we have been using the ipads to film. We created a set of rules for making a good recording and then practised filming our friends. The children have also been learning to tell the time and enjoyed watching a short film to inspire creative writing.

Next week is Eco Week! If you have any spare newspapers, we need them! Please bring them to school by Tuesday.






Marvellous Muesli!

After last week’s weighing success, the children learnt to weigh items in grams. This morning we all enjoyed sharing breakfast together after weighing the ingredients.  The children loved having muesli for breakfast , here is the recipe if you would like to try it at home;

150g Oats

100g Bran flakes

50g raisins

Keep an eye out for the childrens’ work on display.




A Balancing Act !

Measuring weight has been our focus in Maths this week. The children have been investigating heavy and light objects. They have learnt to use balancing scales and cubes to measure weight. Next week we are going to be learning how to weigh using grams. If you’re cooking this weekend get the children in the kitchen!







On Monday the children in Aqua class visited the St Albans Museum. They found out about washing in the past. The children handled real artefacts and they really enjoyed miming the ‘washing story’ to music.

Dont worry Sky class you will be visiting the museum in a few weeks!

Starry Night

This week the children have impressed us with their artistic skills during our Art and Creativity lesson. They have been looking at Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ painting and talking about line, colour and shape. In our Maths lesson the children have wowed us by finding Hundreds, Tens and Units within different numbers.




We’re Back!

Happy New Year!

This term our topic is Weather. We have all been very busy talking about and watching the weather forecast.







The children have also been putting mixed up numbers back into the correct order from smallest to biggest. They have had great fun with this using large numbers to create a human number line.


He’s Behind You!

WOW! What an exciting week! We enjoyed our Christmas dinner and Cinderella was amazing…. Miss Novell and Miss Burke were particularly impressed by Prince Charming’s performance. Mr Edwards became part of the show helping out the ugly sisters. Maryam also found the golden key to save Cinderella from the locked cellar.

Enjoy your Christmas break.

We are all very proud of the children’s progress this term.

Happy New Year!











Lights, Camera, Action!

What a fantastic performance from the children on Thursday! We are all really proud of their singing and acting skills. The children were very excited to have their family in to watch – thank you for coming. 🙂



Sharing is caring!

This week the children have been sharing when learning to divide. They have worked with a partner to solve a division number sentence. Look out for next week’s maths homework challenge.

We are all very excited about our Christmas production next week!


This week we have launched our class ‘Alban Bears.’ They will be visiting you at home during this year. Please keep them in their yellow Alban City bags. Inside you will find a book for the children to write in and a message from Alban Bear. The children are very excited to take them home for the weekend. Enjoy!

Story Time!







This week we have opened our school library and celebrated the opening by having a story teller in. Sky class went to their ‘story time,’ with Maple Primary School’s Year One class, from down the road! We all had so much fun. In class we have been practising using the laptops. We used them to create meal choices for our new cafe role play areas.