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When I Grow Up!

What a fun week we have had! The children enjoyed dressing up as what they would like to be when they grow up. They produced some lovely writing using connectives when describing the jobs they would like to have. The children have also responded to our shop survey by creating maps of the high street. Have a look at Aqua’s 3D map! Don’t forget to use the rulers given out during the Maths talk. You can use them to help with the ‘counting on’ method when solving addition. Why not try an interactive number line by using the i-Pad application; Teaching Number Lines by Little Monkey Apps.


In the City!

This week we took advantage of being a city school and visited the high street. We carried out a shop survey as part of our topic work on our local area. During our Maths lessons we have been solving addition calculations using the counting on method. In our Literacy lessons we have been exploring nouns.

Story writing and Abbey visit

Wow! Miss Burke and Miss Novell have been very impressed with the children’s story writing. The children cannot wait to show you their writing and new displays in the shared area.

We visited the Abbey this week to do some observational drawings and members of the public were also impressed with the children’s behaviour.

Measuring, singing and sharing.

We have been busy bees in Sky and Aqua class! We have been finding out the different lengths of objects during our Maths sessions, singing about a few of our favourite things when creating poems in Literacy and sharing ideas about what helps us learn during circle time.


Shape hunting and Doctors

What a busy week we have had! Miss Burke made plenty of use of the Doctors Surgery! In Literacy we have been impressed with the children’s extended writing about themselves. In Numeracy the children hunted for shapes around the school.


Our Hospital and Doctor’s Surgery


Welcome back Aqua and Sky Class.

Our topic for this term is Ourselves.

The children have been busy finding out about their bodies. We were particularly impressed with the children’s self portrait art work and the dramatic scenes in our hospital and doctors surgery!

Welcome Back!

Welcome Year 1 to your new classrooms – Aqua and Sky.