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Fun for some but not all

This week has been extremely busy!


Congratulations to Forest Class and their sharing assembly today. The dances were great.


Earlier in the week, 4 of our children represented Alban City with  year 5 maths challenge at Garden Fields JMI School. The boys were credit to the school. The questions were extremely difficult and needed not only fantastic mathematical skills but also communication, memory and team work.


This week, we started making models of the solar system.

Emily and Lily in Forest Class also wrote fantastic persuasive texts with lovely handwriting.


All of the children completed a reading comprehension and are showing good progress with their reading. Next week, we will complete another arithmetic test. Since the previous arithmetic test, we have been practising adding fractions with different denominators as well as long multiplication.


Homework was sent today.

Should we have homework everyday?

The children had very strong views to the question “Should we have homework everyday?” which introduced our persuasion unit in English. After looking at an example text, the children have been planning their own persuasive essays based on something they feel strongly about.


In maths, we have been looking at how to multiply fractions by whole numbers. Using bar models helped us visualise what this looks like.


In arithmetic we have been re-visiting long multiplication (e.g. 2,473 x 24) and adding/subtracting fractions with different denominators (e.g. 2/3 x 1/4).


Due to the snow, Forest Class’ sharing assembly will be re-scheduled.

Why now?

Following the excitement of ‘The Water Tower’ in literacy, we spent last week thinking about what might happen in Gary Crew’s sequel: ‘Beneath the Surface’. We read reviews, the blurb and watched a trailer to help us gather clues before writing the beginning. We continued to concentrate on using our suspense techniques. Set in the future, we gathered that Spike (now named Spiro) had returned to Preston. But like the ending of The Water Tower, we were full of questions: why had he changed his name; why was he returning now; what happened to Bubba; were aliens involved? Thankfully, the wait is over and next week, we will read Beneath the Surface.


In maths, we have been practising different techniques to help us solve problems, such as working backwards; interpreting information; drawing bar models.


Next Friday (1st February) is Forest Class’ sharing assembly.


This week we enjoyed a visit from the Astronomy Roadshow. We were treated to a show of lights, stars and some space history.


In maths we have been adding and subtracting fractions as well as using out knowledge of calculating equivalent fractions.


We finally read the end of The Water Tower by Gary Crew. Typically, the ending left us asking more questions than were answered. Luckily, however, we are looking at the sequel Beneath the Surface next week.

Welcome back

Year 5 have been working super hard this week and have come back with their batteries fully charged.

Suspense is our focus on Literacy this week and we have been looking at a fantastic suspense story called The Watertower. We have spent time predicting, looking at different writing techniques used in suspense stories, discussing characterisation and started to read the story. As this is a suspense story, we thought we would only read half of the book…leaving the year group thinking ‘what’s next’ over the weekend.

Our new topic this term is Ancient Greece. This week we have focused on Greece as a country ; the children have located Greece on the map and even plotted on the lines of longitude, latitude and the Prime meridian. Next week we will be looking at Ancient Greece and its place in History.

Maths this week has all been about fractions. We have been working especially hard to compare fractions with different denominators. We started off using manipulatives (cuisenaire) and then moved to drawing visual representations. Finally, we used a more formal method to convert the chosen fraction so they have the same denominator.


Please remember to complete your homework, including your spellings.

We have the visiting planetarium on Wednesday.


Homework was handed on Friday 14th December.

It is due back on Wednesday 19th.


Task 1: Continue to practise the spellings sent home. We suggest a little each day.


Task 2:  Make a 1 page poster showing what you know about Earth and space (our Spring topic). There is no need to complete any research. Just show what you already know through writing and pictures. Include 1 question which you would like to learn the answer to during our topic.

It’s behind you!

This week, we are revisiting biographies; practising our vocabulary and language skills; and completing research. Some of us have become fictional astronauts; some of us are writing about superheros; and some of us are choosing a famous or inspirational person. Next week, we will write the biographies showing off our new writing skills.


In maths we have been learning about fractions. Do you remember what proper, improper and mixed number fractions are? We have been use bar models to help us convert between them and find equivalent fractions.


We enjoyed our tips to the church and Alban arena. Our behaviour was fantastic!


Remember, next week our biscuit companies will be selling their creations on the playground after school.


Homework was handed on Friday 7th December.

It is due back on Wednesday 12th.


Task 1: Continue to practise the spellings sent home. We suggest a little each day.


Task 2:  Complete the grammar task.

You’re Hired!

Just like Father Christmas, our biscuit companies are ready to go. The lists have been written and everything has been checked twice! In the final week, our companies will be on the playground selling what they’ve created.


In maths, we have been finishing learning about the final operation: division. At first, we reminded ourselves about how to use short division. By the end of the week, we were able to leave any remainders as fractions or decimals.


Did you ever wonder how honey was made? This week we learnt about how bee’s made honey then used our knowledge of causal conjunctions to write explanations.


Next week is very busy. We have volunteers coming from Natwest to help us with another business problem. We also have a trip to the church for the Carol service on Wednesday. Finally, on Thursday, we have our trip to pantomime.


Homework was sent: 30/11/2018

Hand back: 05/12/2018


Task 1: Practise your spellings every day.


Task 2: Complete your Viking art work.


Task 3: Practise using the formal multiplication methods practised in class this week.