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Back to School with a Spring in our Step!

The children were excited to share their news from the half term holidays and enjoyed becoming reporters and news readers. We have been ‘amazing adders’ and have been taking the grey mouse challenge, using different resources to support us and recording our results in a variety of ways. We have been observing the planters on the playground and have been talking about how to care for living things and what plants need to grow. We used our observation skills to look closely at a range of flowers and talked about the similarities and differences; including colours, shapes and textures.

Alban City Eco Rap

Here’s our Eco Rap that we performed in assembly today accompanied by our instruments!

Saving our planet is really cool,

You should start by walking to school.

Reduce, Recycle, re-use,

It’s always in the news!

It’s not hard to recycle card.

Bottles, paper, jars and cans,

Leave them out for the recycling vans.

Eco week is really neat,

Let’s all join the ECO BEAT!


It’s been a treat and really neat, learning during Eco week! Jump along and have some fun! Join our Eco beat!

Check out our really cool School!

What a Creative Crew we are!

The children have been really excited to share their ice creations. We’ve had lots of talk about how we made our ice creation, who helped us and what we put inside it. We made our own ice cubes and then wrote the instructions of how to make them. We also made an information map to show the process of making ice. We have been observing the effects of heat on the ice and have been using the thermometer to measure the temperature of the ice. We have been using sound buttons to identify the different sounds in words. Maybe something for you to do at home; think of a word, write it and draw the sound buttons underneath. Talk a sentence using the word.


Making Magnificent Music!

We have been linking our Maths and Music this week by composing and performing repeating patterns with the musical instruments. We recorded our pattern in a variety of ways. We looked at the materials of the instruments and wrote sentences to describe them.

We have been doing ‘terrific take aways’ using a range of resources to help us with our understanding of subtraction.

We have been using our story maps that we did at the weekend to support our sentence writing. We were able to include last week’s learning by including time connectives in our work.

Storymaps, Sequences and Take-Aways of the number kind!

We have really enjoyed finding out about the Journey of a letter with the help of ‘ Lenny the Letter’ . Ask the children about what happened to Lenny? We have been talking about sequencing the events of our day and have been using the language of time: first, next, then, finally. We’ve been making Storymaps to show the Journey of Lenny the Letter. Perhaps the children could draw a Storymap to show what they’ve been doing at the weekend. We’ve had great fun working practically solving take-away problems in maths and recording our findings. Ask the children to show you what they’ve been learning. Try some at home! Mini Kickers was great and we were learning how to control the ball and sang a number song whilst being active!


Thoughtful Thinkers!

This week we have been developing our Mathematical thinking to estimate, balance and compare the weight of different objects, we had to check our estimate by counting how many objects we used and then we recorded our findings.

We wrote a letter to Mrs Goddard about what we like to do at school and looked at the schools address to write on the envelope.  We used our phonics and tricky words and sentence reminder cards to make sure that we had used capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

We have used the IPad’s to support our learning and we have been involved in setting up our outside area.

Happy New Year!

What a happy return to school we’ve had! This week our new topic People who help us has created excitement in our Post Office role-play areas. We’ve enjoyed the Jolly Postman story, designed stamps and wrapped parcels. We’ve been learning our letter names and have been singing the alphabet song to help us. Madame Annis came and taught us French; we are learning greetings, counting and the colours red, blue and white.




We were delighted this week to perform our Christmas Play. We all looked amazing and sang so beautifully. We remembered to say our words clearly so that you could hear the story of Mary’s Knitting. Thank you all for coming. We also enjoyed a visit from Fiona who works at the Museum. She dressed some of us in old clothes and talked about what sort of toys children would have played with one hundred years ago. We liked the Wax Doll and the Clockwork Policeman. We enjoyed drawing the Knitivity that came from St. Albans Abbey.


























Busy Busy!

Well what an exciting week we have had. Our Toy Museum opened on Wednesday and it was lovely to welcome so many people to view all of our hard work. We hope that you liked our pictures, drawings and bags that we made. We have enjoyed making and creating during our child led activities. Apple Class enjoyed sharing their Assembly.




Apple and Lime have got talent!

We have been very impressed with how quickly the children have been learning the songs and words for our Christmas production.

During the week we have been creating number stories to support our knowledge of addition, learning to read and write our tricky words and have been using and applying our phonics to support our reading and writing. Wow!