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A Fruity Week!

CIMG4253This week the children really enjoyed making their fruit salads in our new food technology room. We hope you enjoyed eating them at home too! We have been telling the time in Maths. Please practise reading o’clock, and half past times. The children also enjoyed watching a story video clip to help inspire some creative writing during our Literacy lessons.

We’re Surveying in the Rain… what a wonderful feeling….

Today we bared the drizzle and carried out our local shop survey. The children were well behaved and looked for the different types of shops. In Maths we have been measuring length using rulers. The children have been story writing during our Literacy lessons.

We look forward to making our fruit salads next week.


A Heroic End to the Week

So many exciting things! The children really enjoyed their Pudsey surprise visit. The outfits were fantastic and we hope the children enjoyed their day!

This week in Maths the children have been very practical, weighing lots of items and using great math vocabulary. In Literacy we have been looking at writing stories about their own magical objects. We also had the opportunity to try some different fruits; pineapple, mango, pomegranate and passion fruit! All the children enjoyed looking at and trying these, ready to make their own fruit salads soon!


102_5774 CIMG4137

A Busy Week Back

The children have been learning their number bonds to 20 in Maths. During Literacy we looked at ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ story and the children retold it using their own story maps. Next week the children will be writing their own stories. The children have enjoyed playing ‘Phoneme Spotter’ in our Phonic lessons, they needed to find words that have split-digraphs.


Hanging Around!

This week the children have made moving skeletons, which we hung in class. The children made them as part of our Science lesson in which they named the different bones. During Literacy they have been writing sentences using adjectives and in Maths the children have been solving  subtraction using a numberline.


What can you see?

This week Year One took a lovely walk to St. Albans Cathedral where all the children sat beautifully to make observational drawings of the Cathedral. The children identified lots of detail and used lovely shapes in their drawings which impressed all of the adults.

In Literacy this week the children have been working hard to use connectives in their sentences and in Maths we have been learning our number bonds to 10.


Picasso Picasso!

This week year one have created their own Picasso style self portraits; Miss Novell and Miss Hesketh are very impressed! Lots of attention was paid to different shapes and patterns. Leading into our maths this week, we have been describing and sorting 2D shapes and Literacy has seen us start to gain an understanding of the use of connectives in writing.



Where on Earth!

This week the children have been using Google Earth on the iPads to search for where we live. In Maths the children have been ‘counting on’ along a number line to solve addition. The children have been following instructions during our Literacy lessons. The children then wrote instructions using bossy words like; first, second, third, then, next, finally.


A Work of Art

This week the children have completed self portaits, which are on display outside their classrooms. In our Maths lessons the children have been ordering days of the week and months of the year. Literacy has developed some lovely describing and sentence writing skills using ‘because’. The atlases really interested us and we were able to find lots of different places in the world. CIMG3797 102_5580

Busy Bees….

We have been busy in class this week. During our Literacy lessons we have been writing sentences, making sure we remember our capital letters and full stops! In our Maths lessons we have been finding one more and one less than a given number. Today we have been using algorithms in ICT, using the Bee-bot app on the iPads.