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Roooooooaaaaaaaaar! What a School! What a Trip!

What an action packed week we have had; first winning School of the Year and then the Reception trip to Whipsnade Zoo. Thank you to our helpers who came along and thank you to the children for being so well behaved.

The Award Goes To…

Apple class had a visit from Bessie’s dad; he brought in the BAFTA he won! The class made their own BAFTA’s. We have been exploring capacity; we went on a bottle hunt and recorded the amount of liquid in each bottle. We programmed the Beebots to move around the mats. We enjoyed sharing our learning journeys with our friends and writing our reports.

Lights, Camera, Action!

We hope you enjoyed our sharing assembly; we loved working as a team to come together and perform our assembly with the other Reception class. Some children from year one came to share a story with us. We have been thinking about what we couldn’t do when we started school in September and what we can do now! We have achieved so much this year! We hope you have a lovely relaxing Father’s Day!

Who’s Been Eating My Porridge?

We did some amazing independent writing about our half term holiday. Our book of the week has been ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We have used this to support our Literacy and Maths learning. We made puppets for the characters, used rulers to measure and record their height, worked out the difference in height. We made our own story maps for the Beebot to move around whilst sequencing the story. We enjoyed acting out the story.


We did a group read of the story ‘The Moon Jet’; we amazed our teachers by writing our own adventures. We had trips to Space, Frozenland, Superhero world and many, many more. We have been focussing on time, clocks and ordering the clocks. We have enjoyed the one minute challenge area, perhaps you could think of your own challenges at home. We hope you enjoyed looking through our Learning Journeys and books; we have been very busy in Reception this year! Have a great week’s holiday!


What’s The Time Mr Wolf?

We were introduced to the concept of time and completed practical work within our Maths lessons; we made a paper chain using the days of the week, made our very own clocks and used them to help us answer some tricky questions all about clocks and time. We read the story ‘Cleversticks’ and have been thinking about what we like to do at school. We helped Mrs Goddard to pull the vegetables out of the planters and then planted new seeds and plants. Last week we looked at the life cycle of a Butterfly, this week we were fortunate enough to get our very own tadpoles and we will be watching them grow!

Beautiful Butterflies

This week we read the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar and made creepy crawling Caterpillars and beautiful bouncy Butterflies. We made repeating patterns and added the amounts of two pieces of fruit to find a total. We learnt the life cycle of a Caterpillar and looked at the different stages. We used our reading skills to read a book as a class and added sound buttons to words using our phonics to help us. Practice using your tricky words in a sentence like we did this week.

Food Glorious Food!

What an exciting week we have had! We read the story Oliver’s Fruit Salad and had our very own Market in the classroom! We used our knowledge of coins to add two pieces of fruit together and paid for our purchase using a range of coins. We then had a fruit salad for our snack; we tasted a range of fruits and used our senses to describe each fruit. We wrote all about the story and our own experiences of the Market and the fruit salad we tasted. We used the Beebots and the Laptops to support our learning.

Money! Money! Money!

Welcome back! It has been great to hear all of the holiday news. This week we have been learning all about money; where it comes from, the value and ordering the coins based on their value. We added coins together to find the amount we had in the piggy bank. The topic this half term is Food! We talked about our favourite food and where it comes from. We read the story Oliver’s Vegetables. He wanted chips! In his quest to find the potatoes, he needed to try the vegetables that he found in his Grandpa’s garden. We sequenced the story and we did some realistic observational paintings of the vegetables.

Hop Hop Don’t Stop!

We have had a crazy creative week; making chocolate nests and baskets for our Easter treats to go in. We went on an Easter trail where we had to help the Easter characters to be more like Grey Mouse by accepting challenges! We used our Maths knowledge to solve the clues to get us to the end of the trail; we did doubling and halving, measuring and problem solving using addition and subtraction. Lime class amazed us all with their assembly especially their very realistic Emergency Service role-play! Check out the St Albans Review Newspaper as we celebrate our Ofsted report.

We hope you have a fun filled Easter holiday!