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Playscripts and Electricity

We have been having fun experimenting with testing a range of circuits to check if our predictions were correct.  In literacy, our playscripts have been developing well and we look forward to performing them next week.  In maths, we have been converting different units of measure and exploring different ways of setting out our work to support our calculations.

Ancient Egypt’s got Talent!

After a gloriously sunny long weekend, the fun continued as each class investigated and voted on the best Egyptian God/Goddess. In Literacy we have begun exploring the features of a playscript and taken part in a performance. In maths we have been converting units of measure – for example length, mass and capacity.


Time to write some Ancient Egyptians stories!

This week has involved writing out our dramatic Ancient Egyptian stories. We used short sentences, questions and fronted adverbials to create mystery and drama.

Our time telling skills have vastly improved as we have practised both reading an analogue clock and converting between 12 and 24 hour time.

Also, our topic has led us to learning about when hieroglyphics were first discovered. We have been practising writing our own names in hieroglyphics which we will carve into clay soon.

Ancient Egyptians and Area


This week we have carried on our work on perimeter whilst also learning about area. The trundle wheels were very useful for measuring long distances in the playground. We have started planning our own Ancient Egyptian stories and look forward to working on them more next week!

Welcome to Ancient Egypt!

Welcome back to our Summer term. Our new topic is the Ancient Egyptians. We’ve already started looking at events on the Ancient Egyptian timeline and how they link to the Romans. Literacy has involved exploring a mysterious story entitled ‘The Scarab’s Secret’.

In Maths, we started looking at calculating perimeter. This will be followed by calculating area and looking at different measures.

We look forward to exploring and learning more this term.

Pop-ups and co-ordinates

The last week of term has consisted of exploring and making pop-up stories and plotting and translating co-ordinates. We used our ICT skills when typing our short animal-themed pop-up stories and enjoyed discovering and translating shapes on a grid. Our biomes are growing nicely and we have plotted our results on a bar graph.

Enjoy the holiday and we look forward to seeing your adventures in your homework. HW is due in on Wednesday 25th of April.

Reach for the stars… oops we mean sky…

A massive to congratulations to year 4 on their wonderful performance of ‘Reach for the Sky’. Thank you also for all your support at home with learning lines and gathering costumes. We hope you enjoyed the amazing and enthusiastic singing!

Pop-up books

Just a reminder that we will be exploring different pop-up books tomorrow and it would be wonderful if anyone could bring one in from home to show. Thanks.

International Week

International week was extremely arty and creative. We explored artwork from around the world including aboriginal art, Russian spoon painting and Chinese stamping. As our focus was western Europe we created a Lowry landscape scene and re-created the London skyline using lots of different materials.,

We had more art fun when building our habitat shoe boxes, which are currently on display in the classrooms. Come and take a look if you have time.

We look forward to seeing lots of familiar faces at our year 4 performance next week! We have been practising lots.

International Week so far!

We have enjoyed a fabulous week learning about different countries around the world.  The workshops have included: aboriginal art, Canadian totem poles, Russian painted spoons and Chinese stamping.

We have also been busy creating our artwork and structures for Friday’s exhibition in the hall (at 3.30pm) as well as rehearsing for our play.