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Fun with habitats!

This week we have been researching climates around the world and discussing and drawing the habitats of different animals.  However, we have also been investigating the numerous categories of invertebrates as well as vertebrates!

Having completed our work on persuasion, we have begun a new English topic on settings and description.  We are looking forward to some exciting writing emerging in the forthcoming weeks.  In maths, we have continued to work on fractions and decimals including partitioning and ordering decimal numbers.



Fractions and persuasion!

After an exciting trip to the pantomime and an enjoyable holiday, we are back and very busy! We hope we can persuade you to love fractions over this half term!

As we have learnt, you need to use lots of persuasive features when creating an engaging advertisement. Some of these include: rhetorical questions, amazing alliteration, rhyme and humour, as well as facts and figures.

Our work with fantastic fractions have included equivalence, comparing and simplifying this week.

Our new topic is habitats and links well with our science work, which we will be exploring more over the next few weeks.

Symmetry and oobleck!

The past week has involved exploring with oobleck – Is it a solid or a liquid? In maths we have completed symmetrical shapes and found lines of symmetry. Also, we hope the Romans enjoyed our thank you cards (where we also gave them some advice!)

Time for some newspaper reports…

After an exciting visit from the Premier League and Watford football club last week, the children have been perfecting their journalistic writing skills to create a newspaper report of the event. Read all about it very soon. Talking about time, in maths we have been reading and writing the time as well as converting units of time.

Delightful division!

In maths this week we have been working on our skills of division and learning written methods to help us. In literacy we have begun a new module on reports which has enabled us to read several newspaper reports, locate their features and compare fact and opinion.

Our swimming lessons began with a splash and lots of fun for all the children.

Have a lovely weekend!

A 9km stroll!

Year 4 had a wonderful trip to the Verulamium Museum and outside theatre on Monday. As well as our very long walk, we discovered about Roman life (coins, clothes, food, pottery etc.) through browsing the museum and visiting a Roman market.

Another Roman Feast!

Just before half term each class attended a marvellous Roman banquet where we learnt how the Romans ate and what they ate! This week we have been looking at Roman numerals and represented them using… ourselves! Literacy has involved trying to solve and then performing riddles. Try this riddle: What gets wetter as it dries?


Multiplication madness

This week we have been writing adventure stories using all of our descriptive techniques to describe the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Make sure you take a look at our fabulous writing on display. We’ve taken multiplication a step further through working on a variety of word problems – some involving several steps. Class treats were enjoyed by all – despite the weather.

All things Roman

Over the past few weeks we have been studying Roman myths and stories and performing our own pieces of drama. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this and been very enthusiastic. In art we have been researching, designing and then creating our own Roman mosaics (with real tiles!). Maths has involved collecting data and presenting it in bar graphs.


A Roman Feast!

In literacy this week, we have been working on our use of descriptive writing techniques to add interest and drama to our story writing. In maths we have been working on multiplication problems and times tables.

As part of our Science topic on solids, liquids and gases we carried out a fair test and recorded the results. The children have also had an enjoyable time making bread and Roman soup.