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The Little Red Hen and Harvest

The Little Red Hen story linked well with our harvest celebrations and gave us the opportunity to draw, write and paint pictures. We have been learning the letter sounds and formation for: d,g,o,u,l and had great fun exploring the contents of the glittering gold and green tray. We have been very creative making some amazing models and pictures. Look at this fantastic moon with thirteen different rockets all around.

Happy Hat making

This week Reception have had a great time sharing their favourite books with their friends. We have been learning our phonic sounds: c/k, e, h, r, m and had a Helping Hand during our Happy Hat making session.


Welcome Class of 2013!

Reception classes have been settling into school life well.  Out topic for the term is Stories. This week we have been learning Rosie’s Walk. Children have been learning how to sequence the story and tell the story with the help of actions. Emphasis has been on positional language: across, around, under, over and through.

We have been learning to write our names. We printed our names and used them as name cards. We have also been using our phonics to help us learn new sounds and start to blend them together to make words. So far our focus has been on s, a, t, i, p, n. We like the actions and songs to help us learn the sounds of the letters.