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Transition day

The children enjoyed their visit to their new classrooms and getting to know their new teacher on Thursday.

This week in maths we have been problem solving using multiplication and division. In English we have been self assessing our magic key stories that we wrote last week and making some improvements. We evaluated our bread, thinking about what we liked about it and what we would do differently next time.


Kew Gardens

We have had a busy but enjoyable week! We began on Monday with our year group trip to Kew Gardens. We had lots of fun. A couple of the favourite things were, the tree top walk and the log trail. Each class also had the opportunity to participate in an educational session, to become a plant scientist.

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PTDC3479 PTDC3483 PTDC3506

 PTDC3493 PTDC3527 PTDC3517 

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PTDC3059 PTDC3072

Last we the children designed their own bread and on Tuesday they had the opportunity to make it.


On Thursday the children performed, The Three Little Pigs, to the rest of the school in French.

PTDC3581 PTDC3585  PTDC3007 PTDC3014


This week in maths we have been finding; fractions of shape, equivalent fractions and fractions of numbers. In English we have been looking at different ways of starting sentences so that we can make our stories more interesting.

Following the bread tasting last week we have been designing our own bread that we are planning to make next week.

We are looking forward to our trip on Monday. Please could you ensure that children arrive at school promptly as we will need to get on the coach as soon as possible to make the most of our visit to Kew Gardens. Children will need to wear a sun hat, sun cream and trainers. Please make sure  they have enough drink, in their backpack, to last for the day.

The Last Monster in Scotland!

The children thoroughly enjoyed performing the play ‘The Last Monster in Scotland’ to all the parents on Wednesday. They were all amazing!

This week in Maths we have been telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes and applying knowledge of time to problem solving. In English we have been retelling a magic key story.

As part of our design and technology project we have been evaluating different types of bread. The children tried different types of breads from around the world and were able to discuss their preferences.

PTDC3406 PTDC3408

Groovy shoes day

This week in English we have been writing our own magic key stories and self assessing against skills taught this year. In maths we have been looking at time facts.


It’s great to see all the groovy shoes that the children are wearing today. Thank you for your support!

Thank you for sending in the children’s costumes for the play. The children have worked hard and are looking forward to sharing it with you next week.


For the last few weeks we would like the children to read for pleasure as well as reading their school reading books. Please look on the Abacus website for maths activities.

3D shapes

This week the children have been making their own 3D shapes out of straws and plasticine and using them to describe the properties of 3D shapes. In English they have been adding correct punctuation marks to sentences.

PTDC2940PTDC2935PTDC3359 PTDC3360

The children are working hard on the preparations for the play ‘The Last Monster in Scotland’ which will be performed on Wednesday 21st June at 9:30. Thank you to all of you who have brought in the costumes. If you haven’t sent it in yet please could we have it early next week? Do let us know if you are having any difficulties finding items.

Sunny end to the half term

This week the children have created their own Horrid Henry stories and enjoyed creating puppets to help them develop their language before writing them. In maths we have explored weight and used standard units of measure to weigh objects around the classroom.

Over the holidays please could children practise and learn their lines for our play so we can focus on their performance when we return to school.

Have a wonderful and restful half term and we look forward to seeing you after the break.

Estimation and weight

This week we have been learning to estimate, measure and order non-standard units of measure, using cubes and scales.

PTDC3355 PTDC3357 PTDC3358

In English we found out about the author Francesca Simon and then identified differences and similarities between two of her stories.

We have been using our paint mixing skills to begin our own piece of aboriginal art.

PTDC3343 PTDC3347

Predictions in Science

This week in science the children have been predicting, using the conjunction because, to say where they think the cress will grow healthily.

PTDC3328 PTDC3339 PTDC3340


This week in Maths they have been giving change.

In English they have put words with different suffixes into alphabetical order and put them into sentences .


In maths we have been using directional language to program a beebot. We have linked this with giving commands in English. The children have written a set of instructions.

In phonics we are exploring different homophones. These are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have a different meaning. e.g. there, their and they’re,   here and hear, see and sea.

We are continuing athletics outside in PE. Please can all children ensure they have trainers to wear. Appropriate footwear is requested for the children’s safety. Thank you