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An Umbrella Of Problems!

This week the children have been very busy in maths problem solving and using number patterns to help them solve the problem. In Literacy, we have started working on the book “The Great Paper Caper”. The children have described the main character and pretend to be him writing a diary entry. In Art and Creativity they enjoyed using water colours to recreate Renoir’s Umbrella painting.

Measuring Madness!

We hope you had a restful break. In Maths we have been measuring objects using grams; we placed the object in the weighing scale and read how heavy the item was, and then we recorded the amount. In Literacy we have been writing reports for ‘The Great Storm of 1987’. The children have enjoyed exploring this historical event and have produced some lovey pieces of writing.

DSC07907 DSC07911

Lovely Leaves

In Literacy we have been looking at verbs; we used the verbs to write instructions. In Maths we have been estimating amounts and grouping objects. We found that we can count quicker when we have grouped the objects. We used the leaves to make leaf collages in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

CIMG6642 CIMG6628


Fact or Fiction?

In Literacy we have been looking at Non-fiction texts. We visited the library to gather information to create a fact file. In Maths we have been identifying the properties of 3d shapes and making 3d shapes using nets. We loved having the opportunity to share some of the children’s favourite books this week.

DSC07568 DSC07567 DSC07566 DSC07563



Sharing Our News!

What a fantastic week! The children have been working hard in Maths learning to divide by sharing items into groups and solving division number sentences. In Literacy, Year One have been writing brilliant weather reports; describing the type of weather and offering advice for the different weathers people might encounter.

DSC07538 DSC07528

Tens and Units

In Maths we have been looking at place value. We read the story ‘The Highway Rat’ and wrote character profiles using adjectives. The children continue to look at Andy Goldsworthy and amazed us with their own interpretations of leaf designs.

DSC07497 DSC07510

Money, Money, Money!

In Maths we have been ordering coins and solving addition using money. In Literacy we read the Jolly Postman. We have been planning and writing thank you letters. We have enjoyed visiting the library to do our guided reading sessions. The children have been looking at Andy Goldsworthy’s artwork and have been practising drawing natural materials to later interpret.

DSC07451 DSC07452

Wow! What a Wonderful Week!

The title was a hint of what we have been doing in Literacy; we have been adding words to nouns to form alliteration. In Maths we have been reading and writing the time for o’clock, half past and quarter past. We described pieces of art work created by Andy Goldsworthy. In PE we have started to learn the skills for badminton.

DSC07436 DSC07438

Oh No It’s Not!

What an exciting week! Christmas activities, Winter paintings, Christmas cards, Christmas lunch and the Pantomime today. The children have been fantastic and really enjoyed the pantomime.

We hope you all have a wonderful break and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

DSC07419 DSC07427 DSC07432

All Singing, All Dancing!

This week has seen the children working hard to identify and use nouns in our Literacy lessons. In Maths the children have been reading word problems and deciding what they need to do to solve them. They have used a hundred square very well to do this.

Miss Mawhood and Miss Hesketh are so proud of all the hard work the children put into their Christmas production! We hope you enjoyed watching it as much as they enjoyed performing it.

DSC07365 DSC07370 DSC07368 DSC07378 DSC07380 DSC07386 DSC07373