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What a Colourful Week!

We had a lovely week this week celebrating all of our different cultures. For International Week Lime class were given the continent South America and Apple class were looking at The United States of America, Canada and the Caribbean. We made flags for the different countries in the continent. We then used the shape names, colours and positional language to describe the flags. In Literacy we made poems around our continents. We were creative this week, we made: masks, maps, collages, spoke different languages, tried food from around the world and many more fun activities!

DSCF9775 DSCF9880 PTDC0028 PTDC0042

Mmmmmm Dragon Stew!

In Literacy we read the story ‘Dragons Stew’ and wrote our own set of instructions to make Dragon Stew. We made a jam sandwich and wrote our own set of instructions using bossy verbs and time connectives. In Maths we started to look at time and sequenced our day. We enjoyed sharing our books and learning with our families on Open Evening.

DSCF9710 DSCF9717 PTDC0002 PTDC0004


The Pirate Cruncher!

We read the story ‘The Pirate Cruncher’ which featured lots of poems. In Literacy we have been forming and writing rhyming strings. We used our rhyming strings to support writing our Pirate poetry. In Maths we looked at coins; we added amounts to find the total and explored equivalent amounts using various coins. We have been using various media to create maps to support our role play.

DSCF9646 DSCF9667 PTDC0007 PTDC0012

Message in a Bottle

In Literacy we wrote our own message in a bottle. In Maths we have been exploring capacity by going on a bottle hunt and recording the amount of liquid in each bottle. We have been using the words: empty, half full and full to describe the capacity. We predicted what objects would float and what objects would sink. We recorded our predictions through drawings of the objects. We then carried out our experiment by dropping the objects into the water and recorded the results by drawing the objects in the correct box. We then discussed why the objects sank/floated and said if our predictions were right.

If you have any wood (small) that you no longer need, please could you bring it in for us to build up our woodwork supplies, thank you.

DSCF9606 DSCF9635 PTDC0003 PTDC0025


This week we have been very busy on our pirate adventure. We have found buried treasure, built pirate ships, created: pirate paper using teabags, hats, maps and painted pirate ships. To continue our creativity can you please bring in small plastic bottles and egg boxes to make our messages in a bottle and treasure chests.

We have also been writing letters and exploring money. We talked about the different coins, looking at their colour and each value. Please talk to your children and give them the opportunity to explore coins and their value. This can be done when out shopping for small items.

DSCF9535 DSCF9543 PTDC0003 PTDC0007

What an EGGciting Week…

When we made our chocolate nests we followed the numbered instructions, measured the ingredients and shared the eggs equally. We went on an egg hunt around the Library trying to find the egg that matched our number card. We have also been writing lists for the Spring objects and have participated in many creative activities. We hope you have a restful break!

DSCF9479 DSCF9484 DSCF9494

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce!

We have had an action packed week! In our Eco Week workshops we made penguin pencil pots, planted grass heads, made a school logo collage, made newspaper bags, built a house and created our own games! In Literacy we wrote about our week and in Maths we measured the height of the plants and the width of the recycled boxes. We had a visit from the Paper Mill; they showed us how to make our own recycled paper!

DSCF9333 DSCF9336 DSCF9377 PTDC0017

Vets and Pets

Our focus this week has been the Vets; Carrie from Little Robins came to visit us with her pet Tortoise called Rainbow. In Maths we have been challenging ourselves with take-away number sentences. In Literacy we have been making lists for the animals and we wrote a recount of the visit we had from the Vets last week. We hope to see you at the Hop Along tomorrow. Let’s HOP our way into the Guinness Book of Records!

DSCF9249 DSCF9267 PTDC0001 PTDC0012



Visit From The Vets

We had a visit from the Vets; they told us what they do for their job. We talked about the pets we have and the pets we would like. They told us how to care for animals. We asked the vets questions that we wanted to know the answer to. They introduced us to their hamster ‘Herby’, we were allowed to carefully stroke him if we wanted to and we watched him do his exercise in his ball that was shaped as a car!

DSCF9164 DSCF9168 DSCF9188 PTDC0045 PTDC0049


This week our focus has been Firefighters; we discussed how to work as a team and played a range of games that required team work. In Literacy we wrote a list of the Firefighter’s equipment and wrote the question we would like to ask the Firefighters when they come to visit. In Maths we used a range of shapes to draw the Fire Engine, and we ordered, measured and recorded the heights of the ladders.

DSCF9111 DSCF9138 PTDC0009 PTDC0021