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Making history!

What an action packed first week back at school! We have been having fun problem solving in maths and putting our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills to the test when completing word problems and bar models!

We have enjoyed solving and performing riddles in literacy and had some very expressive performances! In Place and Time we have started to look at the Roman Numerals and look forward to working with them in maths very soon!

Gold class worked with St Albans Museum this week as they gave them ideas about what to put in the Time Capsule discovered in the old museum building. 5 enthusiastic members of Gold class were lucky enough to help bury the time capsule – they did Alban City School proud and made history!

Be careful what you wish for…

We had great fun reading “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” by Doctor Seuss last week, in which the King wanted something different to fall from the sky… Is oobleck a liquid? Is is a solid? We had a messy time trying to find out and discovered that it’s properties change as you apply different pressure.

In Literacy, we have been practising the rules of speech and our editing skills, which has linked to our text “Escape from Pompeii”. Maths has brought us more times tables practise and problem solving challenges.

After half term, the school will be using a new spelling programme. Spelling activities will be sent home along with homework and these will be linked to each child’s needs. Have a wonderful half term!

Roman Cooking!

After researching the food the Romans used to eat, we made a list of vegetables that we could make into our very own Roman soup. This afternoon, we worked hard to bake bread and make soup and you will be getting your goodies to take home tomorrow!

In maths we have been revising how to tell the time on an analogue clock in words and have been solving some tricky time problems. We have produced lots of descriptive setting descriptions in Literacy and enjoyed using similes, fronted adverbials and our senses to extend our writing!

Dynamic diaries

This week in maths we have been exploring subtraction with regrouping.  The children have worked on a variety of problems including some missing digits problems!  Today we wrote some fantastic diary entries about the life of a Roman soldier using some specific key vocabulary as well as emotive language.

We have been busy completing our Roman mosaics this week using coloured paper.

Marvellous Myths

Welcome to the new term!  We are very excited about our new topic, the Romans, and we are just finishing putting together our class book of myths.  Come in and read them sometime!

Maths has involved lots of addition problems and methods this week.  Do have a look at the back of your homework book to check the column and regrouping method we have been learning.

Here are some pictures of our mosaics which we created using glass tiles.

Reminder: Homework was issued today and is due back on Wednesday 10th October.


Thank you

Thank you so much for all the kind words, cards and gifts from the Year 3 team. We have had a great year! We wish you all a great holiday. All the best in Year 4.

Home work for the summer from the Year 4 teachers

Over the holidays we would like you to practise your times tables up to 12×12. We look forward to seeing your strategies and speed in September.

Please also bring along a picture or postcard of somewhere you visited or something you did during the summer. We look forward to getting to know you all in September!

From year 4.

Sports Day

Thank you to all of you who came and supported us on sports day. The children participated well and enjoyed the activities.

In Maths we have been making, naming, describing and sorting 3D shapes.


In English we have been writing our own versions of the poem, ‘The Sound Collector’ by Roger McGough.


Recorder Concert

This week the children have completed their recorder lessons with a performance to Year 2. They sounded wonderful and performed a number of different pieces. I’m sure they were an inspiration to the current Year 2 classes.

Digital art

This week in maths, we have been exploring place value with decimal numbers, regrouping decimal numbers and comparing numbers with 1 decimal place.



In English we have been writing in the present perfect tense.


As part of our Computing curriculum, we have been looking at Quentin Blake style illustrations after reading the ‘Magic Finger’ together and producing our own illustration using digital art. Here are some examples.



The children were set challenges to develop their skills, in collaborating to achieve a goal. They had lots of fun and they worked well together.