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International Week

This week the children have enjoyed a range of different workshops and visits as part of international week. They have taken part in Brazilian art using lentils and black beans to create pictures, a Spanish workshop tasting a traditional cold tomato soup, a Russian workshop finding out about clothes worn and tasting some bread and a visit to M&S where we learnt about food miles and costs.

In Year 2 we have been exploring the continent South America and as a result made Empanadas which originate from Argentina.


We are looking forward to the Guatemalian cooking demonstration.


PTDC2782 PTDC2785 PTDC2786


PTDC2791  PTDC2815 PTDC2819


PTDC2828 PTDC2831

Summer term (1) Homework – Year 2

Homework will be posted on the blog every half term showing you the day it will be discussed with the children and the task.

Children are expected to read at home on a daily basis and practise their spellings from the spelling lists that have been provided.


Friday 21st April 2017

Find out information about South America. You might like to find out about food, clothing, population, names of countries and capital cities, special places etc…


Friday 28th April 2017

Exclamation marks can be used in different sentences to show expression. However, exclamation sentences start with what and how, for example:

What big eyes you have Grandma!

How heavy that bag is!

Write your own examples of exclamation sentences.


Friday 5th May 2017

Choose a plant in your garden or near your house. Find out the name of the plant. Look carefully at its shape and colour. Then draw it in your book.


Friday 12th May 2017

Giving change in maths

You buy sweets for 12p

How much change do you get from 20p?

You buy a pen for 26p

How much change do you get from 50p?

You buy a drink for 72p

How much change do you get from £1?

You could play shops at home, practising paying and giving change or go to the shops with your parents and pay for items.


There will also be one or two tasks set on Abacus.


Please bring the homework books back on Friday 19th May 2017


Thank you

Maths focus


The children have enjoyed participating in a variety of maths activities this week. They have; made pizzas focussing on fractions, painted symmetrical patterns,   made amounts using coins, completed maths investigations and revised the 4 different methods of calculations.

PTDC2729 PTDC2732 PTDC2723 PTDC2718

This week in English they have written a character description on a character in the book, Mr Wolf’s Pancakes. They were including expanded noun phrases.

In PE they have started athletics. This week they focussed on short distance running, so watch out if they challenge you for a race!




Happy Easter!

This week in English the children wrote a poem using description. In maths they have been looking at balanced equations and solving money problems.


The children have been given a login bookmark for Abacus. It has maths tasks the children can do over the holiday.


We wish you a happy Easter and a restful break.

Red Nose Day!

This week in maths we have been looking at a fraction wall, exploring equivalent fractions. In English we have been performing one of Roald Dahl’s revolting rhymes. Children have thoroughly enjoyed listening and performing their jokes to support red nose day. Year 2 were lucky enough to plant a variety of plants in two of the planters in the playground.


PTDC3185 PTDC3186 PTDC3196


PTDC3209 PTDC3210 PTDC3213

Finding the difference

This week in maths we have been finding the difference between numbers while looking at data.

PTDC2625 PTDC2627 PTDC2628

In English we have written another story ending trying to including adverbs, conjunctions, words that use suffixes and different sentence starters. With so much to think about both Mrs Freer and myself were pleased with everyone’s writing. In computing children have been looking at moving an object by swiping the screen and then stopping it with a tap.


Next Friday will be Red Nose Day, children will have an opportunity to show case their talent with a one minute stand up routine i.e. jokes, funny stories, singing. This is optional.

Who did it?

Wow, what a lot of clues we had to think about! All children thoroughly enjoyed piecing information together to try and work out the mystery of the missing Royal diamond. We are glad it has been found. In maths we have been investigating how to work out the missing numbers in division and multiplication calculations.

PTDC2606 PTDC2607


Story endings!

This week in Maths we have been looking at dividing using a number line and applying it to word problems. In English we wrote our own ending to the story ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne. In D&T we have started practising our folds ready to make a pop up card.


Well done Scarlet Class for a brilliant sharing assembly, you have been working on projecting your voice.

Welcome back!

This week in English the children have enjoyed writing their own rainforest animal riddles. In maths we have been multiplying using a number line or numicon. In PE we have started to think about the skills needed when playing Hockey.

PTDC3105   PTDC3110   PTDC3111

Spring term (2) Homework – Year 2

Homework will be posted on the blog every half term showing you the day it will be discussed with the children and the task. This half term there are a mixture of tasks related to the children’s learning that week or skills that they need to be practising.



Practise writing numbers in words to 100 or beyond.

e.g.     6 six      17 seventeen       24  twenty four        156 one hundred and fifty six

Extension: Write 3 one digit numbers, 3 two digit numbers and 3 three digit numbers.



Rewrite the sentences below. Underline any nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. You could colour code them for example: Nouns-red, verbs- green, adjectives-blue and adverbs-yellow.


Floppy swam quickly in the rough sea to save his friends.

Rose took her swimming bag to the pool.

The stripy tiger went to Sophie’s house unexpectedly and ate all the delicious food.

Ext: Write your own sentences identifying the nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.



Count in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s

Write some multiplication and division number sentences and show your working out. Here are some examples:

2 x 5 =        3×3=         4×10=          5×5=          8×2=

12 ÷ 3 =      15 ÷ 5 =      50 ÷ 10 =     24 ÷ 2=     10÷2=

You could show your working by drawing arrays or a number line.



Write a number of different types of sentences:

A command – Put your coat on. (The verb is found at the beginning of the sentence.)

A statement – An elephant has a trunk and tusks. (Facts and information)

A question – What does a Macaw eat? (Starts with a question word)

An exclamation – What big eyes you’ve got! (starts with what or how, includes a verb and exclamation mark)


Extra activities

  • Daily reading
  • Work on Year 2 spelling patterns. Root words ending with the suffixes: ly, ness, less, ment, ful

e.g. quick – quickly  still – stillness  home – homeless      content – contentment       care – careful

  • Practise adding and taking away 2 digit numbers e.g. 24 + 17 =       28 – 15=


Please bring the homework books back during the week beginning 20th March 2017 to be marked.