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Visitors from the community!

This week in maths we have been continuing to work on multiplication and division and in English we have been writing Kenning poems, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed.

We have been delighted to welcome a number of visitors to Year 3 this week. We began with a Money Sense workshop by NatWest Bank, where children learnt about some of the different family expenses.  They were quite surprised to find out that you have to pay for the internet at home! They did an activity which involved them thinking of what they would need to buy, if they had a pet. We also had a visitor from the ‘Open door charity’, who talked about how they helped the homeless in the community and a Christian leader who talked about how they support the community locally and nationally.

Thank you to all the parents who supported Amber Class’s sharing assembly. I’m sure you’ll agree that they all did an amazing job!

Homework has not been set today but we will be sending it home next week.



‘The Tunnel’ stories

This week in English the children have been continuing their version of ‘The Tunnel’.

We began the week with a conscious alley, so that the children could understand the meaning of a dilemma, and they used the vocabulary in their own stories.


In maths we have been learning about division and the link between division and multiplication. They found fact families which consists of two multiplication and two division number sentences, that all use the same three numbers.



Multiplication Madness

This week the children have really impressed us with their understanding of multiplication. They have used arrays and counting in multiples to find answers to times table number sentences.

In literacy the children have been writing the beginning of their stories using a story map.

The Tunnel

This week the children have been using their imagination to describe and draw a place that a tunnel could take them too. They have read the story of the tunnel and rehearsed it as a class using words and actions.

It’s been lovely to see all the children after the Christmas holidays.  We would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you for all your generosity at Christmas Time.

It’s Christmas!

The children have enjoyed a number of exciting Christmas activities this week, which included; the crib service at St Peter’s Church, the pantomime, instrumental concerts, hat making and Christmas dinner.

In Maths they have been learning about perimeter and in English they have been writing a character description about the Robin from the book, ‘Coming Home’.


This week in English the children have been reading and performing a play, looking at the different features.

In maths we have been learning about different types of lines including; horizontal, vertical, perpendicular and parallel lines.

The children completed their final piece of art work based on a bowl of fruit by Cezanne.

Amazing Angles

This week the children have been learning about different angles. They have really enjoyed looking at angles within Kandinsky’s art work. In literacy the children have been planning a newspaper recount based on the time capsule find.

Time capsule visit

This week in maths the children have been reading and interpreting bar graphs. In literacy they have been learning about newspaper recount texts. The children also had a visit from St Albans museum. They brought the time capsule artefacts found in the museum next door to our school.


This week the children have been learning how to use the Bar Model to solve word problems. They have been very successful and it has helped them to understand what to do with the numbers to find the answer. In literacy we have been continuing with subordinate clauses. The children have really enjoyed art this week and have been using shade to help create 3D drawings.


Welcome back to a new half term. We hope you all enjoyed the half term break.

This week in maths we have been taking away using a hundreds, tens and ones grid to help us.

In English we have been learning how to add extra information to sentences to make them more interesting,  by adding subordinate clauses to the beginning, middle or end of a sentence.

We have been using pencils to create tone in art.