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Welcome back!

We’ve had a busy first week back and have settled in nicely. In English we’ve begun looking at the story ‘The Tunnel’ and created our own description using similes and expanded noun phrases. In maths we’ve looked at statistics focusing on bar charts while in topic we’ve begun our new unit looking at dinosaurs.

Eco writing

This week in maths we have been subtracting using the column method and regrouping hundreds and tens, while in English we have been writing our own fables linked to the environment. In topic we have retold the story of St Alban and in faith and belief we have continued to explore the story of Noah.

Christmas homework

Friday 07th December 2018

Design and make your own ‘Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar’. Remember to think about how many days there are for the Christmas advent and make sure each day has something different for someone in your family to do.

Here is an example:


Tell someone you love them today.


Make someone laugh with a joke.


Play with somebody who looks lonely.


Help make lunch or dinner.


Do some yoga.



Friday 14th December 2018

Create your own word problems. Miss Gardiner and Miss Hind would like to be able to use the bar model to be able to solve them.


Please bring homework books back week beginning 17th December 2018.

What a week for crazy socks!!

This week in maths we have been regrouping ones and tens when adding two 3-digit numbers. In English we have been writing our own play scripts using a range of punctuation marks including brackets and colons while in PE we have been developing the skill of being able to pivot quickly, with a ball, so we can apply it to a game.


Thank you for all donations to help the PTA with the Christmas fair.

Learning about play scripts

This week in maths we have been looking at a formal written method to add with no regrouping and regrouping. In English we have been reading and performing plays while in place and time we have started to find out about St. Alban.



Friday 16th November 2018


Subordinating conjunctions and clauses.

Subordinating conjunctions: because, who, while, where

Subordinating clause: She saw the rare bird, while walking in the forest.

Read your book and list the subordinating conjunctions/clauses. If you can’t find any choose one or two pages to edit and add subordinate conjunctions/clauses.


Maths challenge: Have a times table race with an adult. Who can answer the most in one minute?

2s, 5s, 10s


Friday 23rd November 2018


Create a fact file about your perfect friend. Describe their personality explaining how and why they are such a good friend.


Maths challenge: Create your own rhyme for the two times tables.

Welcome back!

This week in English we have been looking at using subordinate conjunctions to create subordinate clauses. In maths we have identified fact families and used this knowledge to solve missing number operations. As a class we have begun to discuss the internet and how to use it safely.

Homework will be set next week.

What a great first half to the Autumn term!

We have achieved so much in the last eight weeks, from exploring a new coding app ‘Hopscotch’, where we got to use inputs to create an algorithm for a character, to writing our own limericks. In maths we have been exploring mental strategies for addition and subtraction while in science this week we looked at how we could answer a scientific question.




Over the holidays we would like children to continue to develop some of these skills by keeping a food diary for a day or two. They can present their work in any way they like i.e. report style, pictures and explanations. We talked about identifying some of the nutritional content in the items they eat and using the traffic light system.


Please can we ask that homework is returned the first week back.


Have a lovely break and we look forward to seeing you all after half term.

Maths help!

Here is a learning story to hopefully help you and the children complete their homework from last week.


Due to the photos being blurred each child has been given one to take home too.

A visit from Warburton’s

This week in English the children have been looking at features for a set of instructions and have been focusing on imperative verbs while in maths they have been using the strategy ‘think 10/100’ to support their mental addition. All children enjoyed their visit from Warburton’s and know a lot about healthy foods.