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Ready, teddy, go!

This week the children have listened to the story of ‘The Night Pirates’. They have continued work on character descriptions and have been practising writing a sequence of sentences. In Maths we have been thinking about time. At the beginning of the week they used sand timers, clocks and stop watches on the i-Pads to complete challenges using different time restraints.


The children look forward to their visit from Paddington Bear tomorrow. Don’t forget they can bring in a teddy for the day and a donation for the scooter wash!



Taking Flight!

We thought we would share an extra post about our butterflies. Look how beautiful they turned out! The children were super excited about holding them, having watched them grow from caterpillars.

CIMG7644 CIMG7639 CIMG7646 CIMG7647 CIMG7650 CIMG7653


The children have had an active week. They have painted pirates, created sea creatures, made observational drawings, explored sharing in Maths and written about Captain Purplebeard in Literacy. OOO…..arrrr! That’s a lot of hard work!


CIMG7573 CIMG7578 CIMG7577 CIMG7612

The sun is out for summer!

This week not only have the children enjoyed the sunshine, but they have also been enjoying doubling and halving activities in Maths. In class we are exploring pirate stories and discussing the characters, setting and story lines. Tomorrow we are going to be thinking about rhyming words.



As part of the summer term, we will also begin to get the children ready for Year One. Ways in which you can help the children do this include activities that support them in being independent as possible, but also practising skills such as handwriting and digit formation. The children are always learning new information and sometimes their minds can be occupied with new facts! So we will spend some time revisiting learning and practising basic skills. This will ensure they can secure their knowledge and develop independence ready for Year One.

Around the world in five days….

International Week has been fantastic and the children have been really enjoying it. As part of our class based work, the children have had fun learning lots about different countries in Africa, including having a go at reading and writing ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic numbers. The workshops based on different countries from around the world that the children have experienced as part of ‘International Week’ include; Indian dancing, African tribal drumming, traditional New Zealand action songs, Italian and Brazilian story telling, Castanets and origami. Thank you for all your continued support this week. The children also enjoyed the yummy international food stalls after school.


CIMG7451 CIMG7448 CIMG7430

Money, money, money…

This week in Maths the children have been adding the value of coins together to pay for items. They have been reading and writing letters to Jim Lad the pirate from our story; The Pirates Next Door, in Literacy. Thank you for supporting the children’s communication and language development, by sending in objects from your Easter break for ‘Show and Tell’.

CIMG7332 CIMG7333

Little Scientists

This week the children have enjoyed investigating during Science and Maths week. They have been using the following skills; observing, classifying and sorting, fair testing, and pattern seeking. The children also had fun baking cookies as their class treat.

We hope you enjoy your Spring holidays!

CIMG7211 CIMG7184


Weighing it all up…

This week the children have been exploring and comparing weight in Maths. They have been developing their investigation skills and use of language whilst using the balance scales. In Literacy we have continued to work on our comprehension skills focusing on non-fiction. We have also been exploring different interesting pictures in class and then thinking of our own sentences we could write for them. We are super proud of the progress they continue to make with their independent writing!


DSC08092 DSC08100

What’s it all about?

This week we have continued to develop the children’s comprehension skills, focusing on the use of questions. We have been thinking about how we can start questions, i.e. using words such as what, where, who, when, how, why, and also responding to questions using ‘because’. The children had a go at transferring their programming skills from the iPads to the Beebot robots and have been practising coin recognition in Maths.




Busy Bees

This week we have been focusing on reading comprehension in our Literacy lessons. The children have been exploring stories in small groups. During Maths we have been working on the days of the week, and developing their use of language such as; yesterday, today, tomorrow, weekend, weekday. The children have also been exploring basic  programming on the iPads, by using a ‘Beebot’ app, as part of their work in ‘Understanding of the World.’