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Little Scientists

This week the children have enjoyed investigating during Science and Maths week. They have been using the following skills; observing, classifying and sorting, fair testing, and pattern seeking. The children also had fun baking cookies as their class treat.

We hope you enjoy your Spring holidays!

CIMG7211 CIMG7184


Weighing it all up…

This week the children have been exploring and comparing weight in Maths. They have been developing their investigation skills and use of language whilst using the balance scales. In Literacy we have continued to work on our comprehension skills focusing on non-fiction. We have also been exploring different interesting pictures in class and then thinking of our own sentences we could write for them. We are super proud of the progress they continue to make with their independent writing!


DSC08092 DSC08100

What’s it all about?

This week we have continued to develop the children’s comprehension skills, focusing on the use of questions. We have been thinking about how we can start questions, i.e. using words such as what, where, who, when, how, why, and also responding to questions using ‘because’. The children had a go at transferring their programming skills from the iPads to the Beebot robots and have been practising coin recognition in Maths.




Busy Bees

This week we have been focusing on reading comprehension in our Literacy lessons. The children have been exploring stories in small groups. During Maths we have been working on the days of the week, and developing their use of language such as; yesterday, today, tomorrow, weekend, weekday. The children have also been exploring basic  programming on the iPads, by using a ‘Beebot’ app, as part of their work in ‘Understanding of the World.’



Watch Out!

Today the children enjoyed learning about road safety with Mrs Carey and Mrs Garcia. They have thought about how to keep safe and practised in the playground! In Maths we have been working on number; counting and ordering multiples of 10. We have also been counting on a 100 square and looking at the positioning of numbers. Now that we are becoming great writers we are paying closer attention to our handwriting. road safety



These are the letter families we are looking at:

long ladder letters: l,i,t,u,j,y

one-armed robot letters: r,b,n, h,m,k,p

curly caterpillar letters: c, a, d, o,s,g,q,e, f

zig-zag monster letters: v,w,x


A warm welcome….

What an exciting start to the new half term! We all enjoyed our visit from our local fire fighters! The children and teachers had lots of fun with Blue Watch from St. Albans fire station.
















This week we have been practising identifying digraphs within words and our digit formation.  We have also been ordering non-consecutive numbers as part of securing basic number skills. The children are trying hard to keep their letters and digits the right way round too!!


Beep Beep!

The children have been busy making emergency vehicles… many are still works in progress! They enjoyed their visit from the police this half term and will be welcomed back with a visit from the fire brigade! The children wrote some fantastic sentences about search and rescue dogs. They are continuing to remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and fullstops. We are encouraging them to use their ‘sound mats’ and trying to spell words independently. We have also been revising number work daily with activities that have allowed us to practise; counting, reading, writing and ordering numbers to 20, pattern, shape and measure.




Book Week!

This week the children enjoyed sharing their favourite books in class and during Family Group time. Each class also learnt a poem that they performed in our whole school assembly this morning. Apple class’ poem was about the fire brigade and Lime’s poem was about policewomen. During Maths the children watched a video of some traffic and helped the police make a tally of the different types of transport that passed by. In Literacy we are continuing to practise writing sentences, encouraging the independent application of their phonics.


STOP….it’s the police!

The children started the week with an exciting visit from the police. The policemen were called off to a car chase just as they were getting ready to leave! In Literacy they have written about the police. In Maths the children have now been counting back on a number line to solve subtraction.


Tricky and high frequency words; no, go, I, the, to , he, she, we, me, be, was, is, it, in, at, and, my, you, they, her, all, are


Over the next two weeks we are going to be introducing the following tricky words: said, have, like, so, do, some, come, were, there

CIMG6510 CIMG6507

Reading Buddies!

We started the week by spending time with our reading buddies in Year One. The older children read stories to us from their book corner. We will be having reading time with Year One, every other Monday alternating with Family Group time. The children completed some tricky weaving that was inspired by emergency vehicles in Art. In Maths the children have been using different methods to solve addition and in Literacy we have been writing about fire fighters.

CIMG6385 CIMG6410 CIMG6386 CIMG6404




















We are currently looking at non-fiction books about the emergency services.


In phonics we are revising all of our sounds and tricky words.


Please now focus on the following digraphs; qu, sh, th, ch, ng, ai, ee, or, ar (car), ie (tie), oa (goat), oo/oo (foot/moon), ou (ouch), oi (coin), ue (rescue), er (mixer), ow (town), ur (fur), or (fork). Our trigraphs; ear (hear), air (hair), igh (light), ure (manure!)


Tricky and high frequency words; no, go, I, the, to , he, she, we, me, be, was, is, it, in, at, and, my, you, they, her, all, are