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Welcome back!

We’ve had a brilliant and busy start to the year. In English children have watched, role-played and written a retell of a fable, while in maths we have been looking at regrouping numbers using our knowledge of hundreds, tens and ones. Our topic this term is healthy bodies. We have started this topic by looking at the scientific names of the bones found in a human body.


We’re all going on a summer holiday …..

Wow! What an amazing year we’ve had! From our pirate adventure to the performance of ‘An Inspector Calls’ to name some of the things everyone has enjoyed. It has been a pleasure to teach this year group and look forward to see them grow in the coming year.

Thank you to all children and parents for their thoughtful words and generous gifts. We wish you all a relaxing summer holiday with lots of sunshine we can enjoy.



We are not setting formal homework over the holidays but here are some ideas of things children can do and share with their class in the first week back:

  • Summer reading challenge – library
  • Write a diary for one week of the summer holidays
  • Count forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s
  • Go on a bike ride
  • Visit a museum
  • Topmarks website – maths game


When we became bakers!

This week in English we have been looking at following instructions. In maths we have been applying strategies that help us multiply and divide. We had lots of fun on Tuesday making bread.

Please remember to come into school in PE kits for Sports Day on Tuesday 17th July.

Maybe I should…? Or Maybe I should…?

This week the children have been challenging themselves in maths with two step word problems that have addition and subtraction in them. They have spoken about the language and solved them in groups. In literacy they thought of some brilliant for and against arguments for a dilemma when reading Horrid Henry. They took part in a conscious alley and used the information to write the ending of a story.

The children loved book day, especially the DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) part!

A Call From an Inspector and a Trip to Kew Gardens!

What a busy week in Year 2!

Thank you so much for coming to our fantastic production of An Inspector Calls and for all the time spent learning lines and song lyrics. We are so impressed with the children who worked so hard and did a brilliant job.

Our trip to Kew gardens saw us up in the trees and climbing over logs with a lovely picnic in between. The children behaved brilliantly and enjoyed walking around the beautiful gardens.



And Action!

In Literacy the children have been writing explanation texts about why people go on holiday. They have used a range of sentences including, exclamations, statements and questions. In maths they have been using number facts, such as think 10 and number bonds, to estimate if a calculation is correct or incorrect.

Well done to all the children for learning their lines and all of our songs this week, our play is looking brilliant!

Thank you to the Eco Reps for our lovely class plants!

Song lyrics

Time to rehearse!

This week in English the children have been exploring the features of an explanation text while in Maths they have been looking at the properties of 3D shapes.



The children are working hard on the preparations for the play ‘An Inspector Calls’ which will be performed on Tuesday 19th June at 9:30. Thank you to all of you who have brought in the costumes. If you haven’t sent them in yet please could we have them early next week? Do let us know if you are having any difficulties finding items.



For the last few weeks we would like the children to read for pleasure as well as reading their school reading books.

Year 2 Mail

This week in English the children have been writing their own postcards in the style of Sunny from ‘Meerkat Mail’. In Maths the children have been exploring estimation and how this can support them when working out answers to calculations. In place and time the children have been comparing significant figures that have been looked at this year.


All children have been given their words for our performance. Please encourage the children to practise and learn their lines over the holidays.

Fun exploring!

This week in English we have been exploring places we would like to visit using non-fiction books and the internet to find out about the culture and weather. In maths we have been looking at time and thinking carefully about the position of the minute hand and the hour hand. We have had fun looking at the results of our science investigation which helped us answer our question:


‘What is the best environment for cress seeds to grow healthily?’