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Lights, Camera, Action!

We really enjoyed performing our play ‘The Litter Muncher’ to our families. In Literacy we have been identifying nouns and proper nouns. In Maths we have been using the clocks to read and write half past times. The Grey Mouse Challenge was to read and write quarter past times. In French we sang a song about decorating the tree. Tomorrow we will be following instructions to make, bake and decorate biscuits.



Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

In Maths we have been reading and writing o’clock times and we have been sequencing our day. In Literacy we have been writing stories and we have been focusing on using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. In Art we painted our clay creatures. We enjoyed looking at our baby photographs and writing about how much we have changed.



Sustainable St Albans Week

This week we made food people using recycled objects and tomorrow we will be making fruit based dishes using the left over fruit from our classes. We had a visit from Godfrey’s Fish and Chip shop; they taught us about overfishing and how they sourced the fish they sell in the shop. In Literacy we have been identifying verbs and we have been writing sentences using the verbs. In Maths we made Numicon number lines and explored the relationship of numbers. In Art we made our creatures using clay.



Whistle While You Work!

In Maths we have been writing two-digit numbers and ordering them on a blank number line. In Literacy we watched a clip about a bird who couldn’t whistle. We built up vocabulary, made a story map and then wrote a narrative for the clip. In Art we explored pattern and shape.

Shop Survey

We have been retelling the ‘Gunpowder Plot’ story. In Maths we have been collecting data in the form of a tally chart. We did a shop survey of St Albans High Street. We then used the information to answer questions. In Art we started our ‘Take One Picture’ project by creating and describing our own creatures.



The Long and Short of It

In Literacy we used a plan to support the writing of a recount. In Maths we have been using the rulers to measure the length; we then ordered the objects from longest to shortest. In Art we took inspiration from Picasso and made our own style portraits.


Above and Beyond

In Maths we have been using positional language to describe the position of objects. In Literacy we have been using the thesaurus to find adjectives to do descriptive writing. Today we walked to St Albans Cathedral and did an observational drawing.


And, But, So…

In Maths we have been exploring measurement using non- standard and standard units of measure. In Literacy we have been identifying conjunctions and adding them into sentences. We introduced the ‘Take One Picture’ project to the children this week and they were fascinated by the creature that looks like a mixture of animals!

School is Cool!

We have been exploring 2d shapes and their properties. In Literacy we have been continuing our work on rhyming words and we have been using the words to write poems about school. We have been using the beebots to give directions. We used the mirrors to draw self-portraits. We are looking forward to making soup tomorrow to celebrate the Harvest.



Children are starting to learn about wild animals in French

Wild animals – vocabulary





Happy learning and singing,

Madame Annis