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Home Sweet Home

In Literacy we have been drawing ourselves and our families. We then labelled the pictures and wrote sentences describing ourselves and our families. In Maths we have been looking at more and less. We talked about where we live and who we live with. We have been naming the bones in Science. In P.E. we have learning throwing and catching skills. We have also been working with a partner to balance and travel.

Me, Myself and I

The topic this term is Me, Myself and I. We have had such a busy week! In Literacy we have been looking at using capital letters and full stops in sentences. In Maths we have been ordering and writing numbers. We have been matching the quantity to the number. We used the mirrors to do self-portraits. We used our senses to touch, taste, smell, see and hear different things.



Not long left to go….

We are sad to be wrapping up the children’s first year at school, but extremely proud and happy to see how much they have grown and learned.

The children have been practising for sports day next week, we look forward to seeing you all on the field!

We are trying to keep the children on their toes with some mental maths! In Literacy we have explored story writing. We will send some ideas home at the end of the year to support their continued learning throughout the summer and ensure they are ready for year one.

CIMG7984 CIMG7986 CIMG7994


As part of our topic we have been learning about creatures from dinosaurs and monster to dragons. The children are continuing to listen to different stories in Literacy and responding with some writing. This week we read Dragon Stew and the children thought of their own stew ingredients. As part of our Faith and Belief lessons we are now talking about important people. The children have had opportunities to write thank you letters to people that are important to them. In Maths we recapped the properties of 2D shapes and are learning about 3D shapes.

What ‘Wild Things’ they are!

This week the children have been exploring distance in Maths. The children measured out different distances in metres, as targets for when throwing beanbags. In Literacy we have been writing speech bubbles for the narrative; ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’ This week we have also introduced formal handwriting sessions to get them ready for Year One. We have been writing our tricky words as extra spelling practice.

CIMG7926 CIMG7933 CIMG7936

What an eventful week!

The children are excited to celebrate Alban City School winning Primary School of the Year 2016. Thank you for all of your continued support for our school. We are proud to teach your children.


This week already started with an exciting (despite the drizzle) trip to the Natural History Museum in Tring. The children were amazed by the size of some of the animals and learned lots of information about fossils. They were able to understand how we find out about dinosaurs and other species. We wrote about our trip in Literacy and in Numeracy we have been thinking about distance. We are developing their vocabulary and the concept of things that are near or far.


CIMG7874 CIMG7822 CIMG7823 CIMG7834 CIMG7845

Tapping away!

This week we got the laptops out to practise the children’s typing skills. If they have access to a keyboard at home then please have a go at home too! The children have been typing their names. We will move on to having a go at typing sentences. In literacy we have been giving the children’s tricky word spelling a real push. We sent home the tricky word list to help at home too! We are also focusing on their handwriting, ensuring letters are formed and presented correctly. In maths we have been solving subtraction by counting backwards along a number line or 100 square.

CIMG7766 CIMG7765

Summing it all up…

This week we have been writing about sea creatures in Literacy. In Maths we have revisited ‘counting on’ to solve addition. The children have used number lines to jump along. Tomorrow we will use 100 squares to solve addition. We will look at the different ways you can quickly move along it to find the answers. For example jumping down in tens. In PE we have started to think about Sports Day. The children are practising the different skills they will need for the various games.

Time flies when you’re having fun…

Wow…. so the academic year is nearly complete and what fun we have had! The children have been learning about time in Maths. We have played What’s the Time Mr Wolf to practise making the times correctly on individual clocks. In literacy the children have been writing sentences. We have been writing narratives, using capital letters, finger spaces and fullstops. We will be sending home some activities that you could complete during the half term!

Hopefully we can enjoy some sunshine! 🙂


CIMG7708 CIMG7709

Ready, teddy, go!

This week the children have listened to the story of ‘The Night Pirates’. They have continued work on character descriptions and have been practising writing a sequence of sentences. In Maths we have been thinking about time. At the beginning of the week they used sand timers, clocks and stop watches on the i-Pads to complete challenges using different time restraints.


The children look forward to their visit from Paddington Bear tomorrow. Don’t forget they can bring in a teddy for the day and a donation for the scooter wash!