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The Long and Short of It

In Literacy we used a plan to support the writing of a recount. In Maths we have been using the rulers to measure the length; we then ordered the objects from longest to shortest. In Art we took inspiration from Picasso and made our own style portraits.


Above and Beyond

In Maths we have been using positional language to describe the position of objects. In Literacy we have been using the thesaurus to find adjectives to do descriptive writing. Today we walked to St Albans Cathedral and did an observational drawing.


And, But, So…

In Maths we have been exploring measurement using non- standard and standard units of measure. In Literacy we have been identifying conjunctions and adding them into sentences. We introduced the ‘Take One Picture’ project to the children this week and they were fascinated by the creature that looks like a mixture of animals!

School is Cool!

We have been exploring 2d shapes and their properties. In Literacy we have been continuing our work on rhyming words and we have been using the words to write poems about school. We have been using the beebots to give directions. We used the mirrors to draw self-portraits. We are looking forward to making soup tomorrow to celebrate the Harvest.



Children are starting to learn about wild animals in French

Wild animals – vocabulary





Happy learning and singing,

Madame Annis

United We Stand!

We have been identifying and writing rhyming words in preparation for poetry next week. In Maths we have been recording and solving number bonds to ten and twenty. We worked with a friend to trace the United Kingdom and we then labelled the countries. In Phonics we have been revising the tricky words; please continue this at home.

cimg8305 cimg8284


Chers Parents!

I hope you have all had a good summer. Year 1 children have been revising numbers and colours and our vocabulary topic this week was farm animals. Here are some links to some videos to help your child practise these topics at home whilst having fun


Forever Friends!

In Literacy we have been labelling, writing captions and describing our friends. In Maths we have been using a range of resources to solve addition number sentences. We learnt the vital organ names and labelled a picture of the body. We painted a picture and described our favourite places to go in St Albans.

cimg8197 cimg8211


Home Sweet Home

In Literacy we have been drawing ourselves and our families. We then labelled the pictures and wrote sentences describing ourselves and our families. In Maths we have been looking at more and less. We talked about where we live and who we live with. We have been naming the bones in Science. In P.E. we have learning throwing and catching skills. We have also been working with a partner to balance and travel.

Me, Myself and I

The topic this term is Me, Myself and I. We have had such a busy week! In Literacy we have been looking at using capital letters and full stops in sentences. In Maths we have been ordering and writing numbers. We have been matching the quantity to the number. We used the mirrors to do self-portraits. We used our senses to touch, taste, smell, see and hear different things.