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Problem Solving

A maths problem solving company have been into school to give the children a chance to experience a variety of maths problem solving activities, which they enjoyed and benefitted from.

creating code

This week in computing the children have been using the hopscotch app to create code to make shapes, which involved learning about 90 degree angles as a quarter turn. . They have learnt that they need to give clear instructions in the correct order.

In art and creativity they have completed their rainforest pictures and they are on display in the classroom for you to look at.


Rainforest art

The children have been working on their rainforest pictures. Last week they used water colours to paint the background. This week they have been adding trees.

In computing they have been giving instructions to make shapes, making sure they give the correct instruction in the right order.

This week in English they have been finding features of non-chronological reports and adding subheadings to paragraphs.

Super Stories!

The children have finished their stories and written them up in neat for display. You are welcome to have a look when you are next in the classroom.



In maths the children have been finding fraction of shapes and numbers. They have linked fractions with division.


This week in computing they have been building simple code to move a character. They are learning that the instructions have to be correct and in the right order. A few games at home around identifying left and right would be useful because some of the children are finding it tricky.


Story writing and multiplication

This week in English  the children have been writing their own versions of a story, using expanded noun phrases, conjunctions and different types of sentences.

In Maths they have been multiplying using repeated addition and arrays and used these methods to solve word problems.

This term in computing they are finding out about coding and algorithms. This week they played a maze game, which involved giving each other instructions.

A visit from Animal Man

We were delighted to welcome Animal man to year 2. We found out more about animals from the rainforest and the children either had the opportunity to stroke or hold the animals.


In English we have been planning our own version of the story, ‘How The Leopard Got His Spots’.

This week in maths we have been practising addition using a think 10 method.

Sentences and Sorting!

In maths the children have been sorting shapes and other information. They have discussed the categories they would like to sort them and set the criteria for each category.

We have been looking at different types of sentences in Literacy. The children have learnt the difference between; questions, statements, commands and exclamation. They have identified the different words and punctuation used in them. They have also been looking at expanding their sentences using conjunctions correctly. We have been using; and, so, but, because to write sentences about characters from the story ‘How the Leopard got his Spots’ by Shoo Ryder.

Train spotting!

On Tuesday the children went on a trip to watch the trains at Clarence park . They were delighted when the train drivers beeped their horns and waved at them! While they were there they used their senses and wrote down ideas for a poem, which they came back to school to write.


On Wednesday the children wore their Christmas hats that they made, when they had Christmas dinner.


In French the children have been learning Christmas vocabulary and today they practised listening and saying words and phrases as they  pretended to decorate a Christmas tree.

Thank you so much for all the kind words, cards and gifts that the year 2 team have received.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas. See you in the new year!

A trip to the pantomime!

It has been a busy week. Some of the Year 2 children took part in the crib service at St Peter’s Church by putting characters into the nativity scene or reading parts of the nativity story.


Yesterday, the children had a great time at the pantomime watching Cinderella.


Our maths lessons have involved, using money to find amounts, which they have enjoyed.


Our literacy this week has been developing our skills for reading comprehension.

Newspaper Reporters!

The children have been newspaper reporters and have been writing about Grace Darling and how she became famous. They used the computers to type up their report.

In Maths they have been using the inverse to find missing numbers in addition and subtraction number sentences.

As a joint PE and Science lesson they investigated the effects of exercise on their bodies.