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What Day Is It?

In Literacy we have been writing questions. In Maths we have been finding the difference, using a range of models to record our work. We sequenced the Easter Story. We located places around the World that have extreme weathers.  We hope you enjoyed our exhibition from International Week.



Creative Cultures!

We have had a very busy but fun week celebrating International Week. Our focus continent was Asia. We recreated ‘The Golden Pavilion’ that is in Japan. We looked at the artist Hokusai and made a representation of his famous work ‘The Great Wave’. We used marbling ink to make Asian fans. We had some amazing workshops from parents; we made Chinese buildings using stamps, painted Russian spoons, made our own Picasso art work and we are looking forward to the Arcimboldo Workshop tomorrow.


Save The World!

In Place and Time, we have been looking at Global warming and the effects of climate change. We have been using our problem solving skills to explore different possibilities and outcomes. In Literacy we have been reading the story ‘The Great Paper Caper’.


Solving Problems

In Maths we have been reading and solving word problems. We used the cherry model and bar model to record the answers. In Literacy we watched the clip ‘Lily and the Snowman’; we gathered vocabulary, sequenced the clip and will be writing the narrative. We had a visit from Affinity Water and Mad Science; they taught us how clouds are formed and how we need to save water.

Link for our Literacy learning clip: https://www.literacyshed.com/lilyandthesnowman.html

Handwriting Joins

Our focus this term is to use neat handwriting and to start to use joins within our writing. We have introduced the joins: at, all, th, ch, in, im this week. In Literacy we have been gathering language from weather reports. In Maths we have been finding the parts that make up a whole number using the cherry model:

We have also been looking at the relationship between the numbers using + and -.

Next week we will be making our boats to test if they float or sink. Please collect the materials the children need. In Art we will be creating the sticks/leaves sculpture that we have designed. Please collect leaves and sticks over the weekend.

Balancing Act

In Maths we have been making amounts using two or more numbers. We explored equality and balancing by finding different ways of making an amount. In Literacy we have been imagining we are in a storm. We have been gathering language to use in a diary entry describing the weather. In Science we have been using our knowledge of materials to plan how we will make our boats.

Wonderful Windy Weather!

We have been looking at place value within Maths. In Literacy we have been using alliteration to describe a storm. We have been focussing on our handwriting. In Art and Creativity, we designed leaf collages.

Hey, Big Spender!

In Maths we have been exploring money. We ordered the coins and added different amounts. In Literacy we have been writing letters. Our focus artist this half term is Andy Goldsworthy; we have been enjoying looking at natural art. In Science we have been sorting materials and looking at the properties of the materials.


“Oh, no it isn’t… Oh, yes it is!”

Last week saw the exciting outing to the Alban Arena to see this year’s pantomime, Aladdin. It was great fun and the children enjoyed every minute of it whilst being on their best behaviour. In Literacy the children were working on their understanding of pronouns before being able to transfer their learning into interesting sentences. In Maths, the children were building on their number skills by solving both addition and subtraction number sentences with the support of a hundred square.

We hope you have a lovely and well deserved break.  Thank you for your continued support throughout the first term in Year One.

Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Mrs Boothby and Mr Wanless


That’s a Wrap!

We are so proud of the children in Year One; they used beautiful singing voices and amazing acting skills to perform our play ‘Eddie The Penguin Saves the World.’ In Maths we have been solving addition and subtraction calculations. In Literacy we have been identifying nouns.