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Saints Go Marching in!

In Maths we have been using rulers to measure and order objects. We have been writing a recount of what we did in the Half Term. We used Picasso as an inspiration for our art work. We retold the story of how Alban became a Saint.

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Amazing Adjectives!

We read the story ‘The Gruffalo’ and we have been using adjectives to describe the different characters. We walked to the Cathedral to do observational drawings. In Maths we have been using positional language. We hope you have a lovely break!


The Long and Short of It!

In Literacy we have been using conjunctions to join sentences. In Maths we have been using different resources to measure the length and height. We used the Beebots and the Ipads to complete algorithms (a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer).

Caption This!

In Literacy we have been labelling a picture, writing captions and descriptions about our friends. In Maths we have been using different resources to solve addition number sentences. We have been talking about special places and why they are special to us.

CIMG1058 CIMG1066 CIMG1044 CIMG1041



Welcome Back!

Our topic this term is ‘Me, Myself and I’. We have been using capital letters and full stops in our writing. In Maths we have been ordering and writing numbers. We have been matching quantity to the number and have been looking at more and less. We used our senses to explore a range of things. We identified natural objects.


So long, farewell….

What an amazing year! We are so SO proud, I know we have said it before, but we truly mean it. Each year the children we teach continue to inspire us and bring us smiles in their own ways.

All of us in the EYFS team are humbled by your kind words and generous gifts. Your words mean a lot to us all. Thank you for all your continued support.

Have an amazing summer and we know that some of us (staff included) have new adventures on the horizon. Good luck to you all.

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From acorns to oak trees…

This week has been an eventful week, with the main event being transition day. We hope you have enjoyed reading the children’s reports. We are all so pleased with the children’s progress both as individuals and academically. Seeing them grow in many ways is such a wonderful privilege for us. The children spent yesterday in Year One with their new teachers in Aqua and Sky class. They had a ‘whale of a time’ and realised that ‘sky’s the limit’! Reading books will be collected in next week and we will send home a summer pack of ideas to support the children’s learning over the holidays. Don’t forget that there is also the ‘reading challenge’ held at your local libraries.

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Making Bonds

This week we have been practising our number bonds to 10. The children completed number sentences presented in different ways.

In Literacy the children have continued to work on their extended writing. We have been encouraging the children to write a sequence of sentences to ensure punctuation is consistent.

Please continue to support your children with their reading and writing by practising tricky word recognition.


The children have made positive relationships with their peers this year and we are looking forward to Transition Day next week where they will get to meet their new teacher.




On your marks…..

This week the children have been story writing in Literacy. During phonics we have been focusing on polysyllabic words and tricky words to give their spelling a push ready for year one. They have been using their problem solving skills in Maths. Last week we drew the outside of our local church and this today we got to visit inside. The children impressed us with their questioning skills and knowledge during our visit. In PE we have been completing races to get ready for sports day. The children also made space rockets ready to launch into journeys and adventures.



Feeling hot, hot, hot!

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This week in Literacy we have thought about dragon adventures. We have also drawn and labelled different mini beasts that we may encounter on our own mini adventures. In Maths we have been problem solving. We went over recalling our number bonds and solved word problems using our knowledge of sharing. The children have continued to work hard this week despite the heatwave.