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Our school adventure continues…

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Welcome back to our final term of school! Time is definitely flying by…we must be having fun!

This week the children have revised their knowledge of 3D shapes. We have practised naming and describing them. The children had a go at sorting 3D shapes using their properties. In Literacy we have introduced our new topic called ‘Adventure’. The children have started thinking about this topic by first considering the different ways we can travel in order to go on an adventure. They have also thought a little about an adventure that they would want to go on. It has been lovely hearing about all your mini adventures during the Easter holidays.

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Have an egg-cellent break!

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Happy Easter!
This week the children have listened to a story about a police officer. They then responded by writing a sentence about what the police force do for us in the community. In Maths the children have been; naming, hunting for, describing and sorting 3D shapes. Our PSED this week has been linked to National Autism Awareness Week. We have been talking about how it is OK and good to be different. We have been thinking about the Christian celebration of Easter during our Faith and Belief sessions. We thought about how we can learn from the Easter story and Easter symbols, i.e. looking at the meaning of the celebration.
During the Easter holidays we will send home some information on how you can continue to support your children’s learning. As always reading is a priority, so we will send some tips and support for developing children’s reading comprehension and fluency. We will also send home some activities or ideas that will support the children master basic numeracy skills.
Enjoy your break!
From us all in the EYFS team!

A message from our French teacher…

Chers parents,

The children have been learning about Easter (Paques) and here are a few links which I hope they will enjoy.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiqzBdd5Jng (Easter song)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEpZlj4T9U0 (the story of the Easter bells)

La légende des cloches de Pâques – Easter in France … (Une vidéo simple pour expliquer d’où viennent les oeufs de Pâques en France. In Frankreich kommen an Ostern die Glocken und bringen die Ostereier – ein einfa…)

Bonnes vacances et Joyeuses Paques
Madame Annis

France flag animated gif

Talking Out Loud

This week the children worked on the laptops using an art programme. They had to put their fine motor and coordinating skills into force to complete the task of creating an emergency vehicle. In Maths we have been learning about money. We have been recognising coins and understanding the value of each coin. In Literacy we have continued to work on forming sentences. In order for the children to focus on segmenting skills (for spelling) we have been using ‘talking postcards’, that allow the children to verbally record the sentence they want to write. In doing this we have also seen a big improvement with their independence when writing. Please continue to support the children to orally segment words and recognise digraphs and tricky words when reading, so that they can apply these skills when writing.

CIMG9861 CIMG9857

Is the glass half empty or full?

This week in Maths we have been focussing on halving. The children used counters to share half of a quantity. Mealtimes are a perfect opportunity to continue developing this understanding though halving fruit, pizza, etc.

In Literacy we read the story ‘Spots!’ This has linked in with our topic ‘People Who Help Us’. We have continued to develop our sentence writing skills by writing sentences about how dad helped the family while they were unwell. Please continue to encourage your children to help around the house too.

Children have started learning about food in French (le sandwich) and here are a few links to help your child practise at home.


J’aime la Galette. Cmptine pour bébés et petits enfants. http://www.lespatapons.fr/ PAROLES: J’aime la galette, savez-vous comment ? Quand elle est bien faite Avec …


http://www.mondedestitounis.fr Voici une petite vidéo pour apprendre aux enfants les nombres de 10 à 20 en s’amusant. ***** RETROUVEZ-MOI ***** Tous les mercredis …

Collecting the evidence

This week we have been investigating the crime of the missing jewel. The children visited the evidence room to collect information. They have been describing the jewel and what they think the suspect looks like.

In Maths we have been learning about doubles. The children used ladybirds, dice and dominoes to explore doubling quantities.

Please continue to support your children with their reading, reminding them to use their sound cards and tricky word lists to develop their knowledge.


Clever Caterpillars!

The children this week have been working on ordering numbers and completing number sequences. The children ordered numbers consecutively and non-consecutively. They also became grey mice and had a go at counting in twos and tens. To ensure children thought about the process they counted both forwards and backwards from different starting points. They also had to work out the different numbers they needed from a selection given.

We have used our Literacy time to formally introduce the handwriting scheme. They are now familiar with Long Ladders, One Armed Robots, Curly Caterpillars and Zig-Zag Monsters. The letter family is distinguished by how you initially form each letter, i.e. the movement of your hand, remembering to start at the top.

Long Ladders: i j l t u y

One Armed Robots: b h k m n p r

Curly Caterpillars: a c d e f g o q s

Zig-Zag Monsters: v w x z


CIMG9694 CIMG9661 PTDC0022 PTDC0031

Keep on reading…

Welcome back! We hope you have had a lovely break. This week we have linked our phonics and Literacy closely together. We have been working on identifying digraphs within words and recognising tricky words. This is to support their reading development. Thank you to all the families that read over the half term. Reading is really important and supports their academic progress in all areas. It is just as important to encourage a love for reading too!! The children really enjoy listening to stories in class. In Maths we have focused on the correct digit formation. In PE we have also been impressed by some dodging, coordination and spatial awareness. Some have even thought tactics…. great team work!

Hanging around….

This week in P.E. we have been using the apparatus in our gymnastics lessons. We have been travelling under and over obstacles. We thought of interesting ways to move through, between, over and around apparatus. We have been negotiating space, balancing and building confidence.

In Maths we have been working on our next steps and practised recognising different operations. In Literacy we have been developing our reading comprehension and have continued to develop our sentence writing skills.


CIMG9558 CIMG9585

Never mind the elephant in the room!

This week we have made impressive progress with our elephant….

CIMG9509 CIMG9515 CIMG9511










The children have been working in small teams since before Christmas! They are excited about the size of the elephant we have achieved and can now see how their hard work and patience has paid off. All will be revealed at the Take One Picture Exhibition next week, information to follow.

In Maths the children have been solving subtraction using the numicon and jumping back on a number line. A way in which you can help with their literacy skills is to practise oral blending and segmenting of polysyllabic words or words with clusters. For example; chicken, sandpit, or windmill and street, train, or lamp.