Clever Caterpillars!

The children this week have been working on ordering numbers and completing number sequences. The children ordered numbers consecutively and non-consecutively. They also became grey mice and had a go at counting in twos and tens. To ensure children thought about the process they counted both forwards and backwards from different starting points. They also had to work out the different numbers they needed from a selection given.

We have used our Literacy time to formally introduce the handwriting scheme. They are now familiar with Long Ladders, One Armed Robots, Curly Caterpillars and Zig-Zag Monsters. The letter family is distinguished by how you initially form each letter, i.e. the movement of your hand, remembering to start at the top.

Long Ladders: i j l t u y

One Armed Robots: b h k m n p r

Curly Caterpillars: a c d e f g o q s

Zig-Zag Monsters: v w x z


CIMG9694 CIMG9661 PTDC0022 PTDC0031


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