Day of the Dead continues

This week we have continued our South American topic exploring Day of the Dead in more detail.

In Literacy we have been learning how to correctly use inverted commas complete with all the very tricky punctuation that is also needed. Over the week, we have written conversations, used formal and informal language and tried to integrate both story and speech together.

We have also been completing our design sheets in Art, using the same styles as Day of the Dead. Our additional criteria was to try and incorporate harmonious colours – these are colours next to each other on the colour wheel.

Area has been our focus in Maths. We have learnt the formulas required to calculate the area of a rectangle, triangle and parallelogram (it’s easier than it sounds)! We have had the opportunity to complete some investigation work and then solve real life problems requiring area.

Finally in R.E. we have been learning about objects used by Christians and Buddhists. We completed some detailed drawings and then wrote a couple of sentences explaining each one.


Just a quick reminder:

  • Maths SATs Buster is due in on Wednesday
  • SPAG SATs Buster is due in on Friday

It’s really important that the books are brought in on these days as we mark the books as a whole class and discuss how each question is solved. This will help to address any misconceptions which the children have.